Strings of love Starlife update Monday 17 June 2024

Strings of love 17 June 2024: Sahiba tells Angad that it sounds weird, but it’s a first gift they got as a couple. She doesn’t know whether to keep it or reject it, it’s god’s sign to give their relationship another chance. Angad says she didn’t respect their relationship earlier and left him, he can’t forget that she got ready to sign divorce papers to end their relationship and now want to revive their relationship, she is acting as caring for him by serving him soup, etc.

Sahiba says she really cares for him and has feelings for him. Angad asks what her feelings say about this relationship and him. Sahiba stands still. Angad says she doesn’t have any answer, so it’s better they don’t talk about it.

Seerat requests a mysterious man not to force her to steal at home as her position is very weak there and she will be kicked out of the house if she is caught. Man refuses. Seerat gets out of hotel room. Jasleen reaches hotel to meet Yash and sees Seerat there.

She walks behind Seerat when she gets Yash’s message and stops to check it. Seerat leaves by then. Sahiba recalls Seerat’s question if she started loving Angad. She calls Seerat. At the training institute, Keerat’s trainer looks staring at her. Keerat picks calls and asks how is it going with her and jiju. Sahiba describes what just happened. Keerat says she should have told jiju what she feels for him when he questioned her, she should plan something romantic and express her feelings for jiju.

Angad gets a mail that he can pick passion of heart diamond from a given address. He feels happy and thinks of sharing it with Sahiba, but then stops recalling what happened just now. Sahiba thinks she should plan something to express her feelings to Angad. Jasleen calls Seerat and asks where is she. Seerat in a cab lies that she is at her parent’s hosue.

Jasleen asks her to give phone to her parents. Seerat says she is on the way. Jasleen asks if she will reach her parent’s house from Fandom hotel. Seerat gets nervous and says she didn’t go to any hotel, what is she doing there. Jasleen says that is none of her business. Seerat disconnects call saying she can’t hear her. Jasleen gets more suspicious on her.

Keerat’s teacher touches her inappropriately in lieu of teaching her wrestling moves. Keerat senses it and confronts him. He says he was just training her and walks away. Angad doesn’t find Sahiba in room and searches for her. A few small girls give him flowers and a note. He reads Sahiba’s note to reach beach. Yash reaches restaurant and takes a table. Jasleen says looks like this hotel’s food is not good as it’s empty at lunch time.

Yash says he booked whole restaurant for their lunch as he doesn’t want to feel awkward while they talk. Jasleen says she thought he wouldn’t come, sees him wearing an old watch she gifted him. He says his time changed, but his watch didn’t change and he is still the same. Jasleen says they both have lost their sons and are in sorrow, so they should support each other. She holds his hand and says she will not leave it again.

Angad reaches beach and asks who is making her feel special. Jhanak Raina from Jhanak serial promotes her character as a florist in her new serial Jhanak and sends him further. A girl leads Angad to a canopy. with a table. Angad enters and reads a note welcome my gabru sardar.

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