Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 25 May 2024

Strings of love 25 may 2024: Angad hears door bell and thinks who must have come. Veer says let us not open the door. Angad says if it’s from inspector’s police station, they will get suspicious. He frees inspector Gagan’s wife Madhu and asks her to go and check without making any drama.

Madhu opens door and finds subinspector who asks about inspector as he didn’t return to police station after having lunch and his phone is also switched off. Gagan tries to shout. Angad shuts his mouth. Madhu says Gagan is feeling unwell and is sleeping. Gagan tries to tap a chair.

Angad stops him. Subinspector gets a call. Madhu tells him that Angad is here, but he doesn’t listen to her and leaves. Angad asks Veer to lock Madhu in a bathroom and apologizes her. Veer locks Madhu in a bathroom.

Dani gets more afraid and asks Gagan when will these people go. Angad says she need not worry as he will not harm her and ties her to a chair. He then asks Shamim to get Rumi’s house’s landline number. Gagan acts as asleep to divert Angad’s attention.

She walks aside and calls Rumi’s l andline and lies to a maid that he is from a resort and Rumi has booked a room in his resort. Maid says Rumi is not at home and he didn’t inform her about any booking. Angad says it’s in Rumi and Natasha Baweja’s name. Maid says Natasha is dead. Angad acts as shocked and asks if she died recently. Maid says she died 3 years ago in a plane crash. Shamim finds wrecked plane’s location via old news articles. Gagan crawls to Dani and says he will free her hands, she should run away from a window, reach a neighbor, and inform him whatever is happening here. Dani falls down and gets injured. Angad gets tensed seeing Dani bleeding, frees her, and asks Veer to bring Madhu. Veer does same.

Rumi pesters Sahiba to marry him. He takes her to his imaginative mother and tells his mother that she should accompany them to mandap and watch their marriage and then bless them. He drags Sahiba towards mandap and then shows each stuff he stole from Sahiba and the kerchief he gave her when he was hiding in her room. Sahiba sits tensed seeing his psychotic behavior…

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