My desire update Monday 17 June 2024

My desire 17 June 2024: Kaashvi comes Arjun’s house to take Nayantara’s photo. She enters Arjun’s room. She cries recalling the moments she shared with Arjun. She talks to Arjun’s photo. She apologizes to him. She feels that she failed to save their relationship. She asks him to stay happy with the person whom he loves. She tells Bijli to take care of Arjun.

She takes Nayantara’s photo. She writes a timetable for Arjun ( Title song plays in the background ). She tells servant to give the timetable to Arjun.

She finds Dadaji’s post office locker key. She thinks that Nitya is behind the attack. She decides to collect the evidence against Nitya. She opens the locker and sees pendrive and letter. She goes to her car and plays the pendrive.

Arjun asks Bijli that if the latter missed him. He feels that Kaashvi came there and he tells about it to Mahima. Servant gives the timetable to Arjun. He tells him everything. Arjun tells Mahima that Kaashvi cares about him that’s why she prepared timetable for him. He says that he still feel Kaashvi was inside the cold storage with him.

Mahima asks him that if he think she lied. He tells her that he just said what he felt. He says that he realised life is short and they should not give importance to hatred and fight. He informs her that he will give one more chance to Kaashvi. He decides to confess his feelings to Kaashvi. Mahima thinks that Arjun will flop her plan. She tells him to eat before going. She convinces him to drink soup. She goes to the kitchen and says that she won’t let Arjun meet Kaashvi.

Kaashvi tells herself that Nitya is real culprit and Nitya killed Samrat because he got to know her truth. She decides to tell Nitya’s truth to Arjun. She calls Arjun but Mahima disconnects the call. She sends message to him. Mahima gives soup to Arjun. Arjun feels dizzy. Mahima tells him that he should take rest because doctor gave heavy medicine to him. He loses his consciousness. She recalls that how she mixed something in the soup. She smriks.

Later, Kaashvi meets Arjun and tells him that he should know the truth. She informs him that Nitya is the real culprit. She says that it’s Nitya who killed Dadaji. And Samrat got to know Nitya’s truth that’s why Nitya killed Samrat and Nayantara. She reveals that Nitya and Shehnaaz used to take bribe. She tells him that she found evidence against Nitya in Dadaji’s locker. She asks him that why he is not saying anything.

She gets shocked when Nitya turns around. Nitya tells Kaashvi that she is not fool to let the latter tell the truth to Arjun. She recalls that how Mahima showed Kaashvi’s message to him. She decides to kill Kaashvi. She destroys the evidence. Kaashvi scolds her.

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