My desire update Tuesday 23 January 2024

My desire 23 January 2024: Arjun waits for Mahima at the wedding mandap. Panditji asks to bring the bride as auspicious muhurath as arrived. Arjun says he will go and bring Mahima. Nitya stops him and asks him to have some patience. Romila says she will go and check why Kashvi is taking so much time to bring Mahima down. She goes to Mahima’s room and find it locked from outside.

She thinks of creating a drama and informs everyone that both Mahima and Kashvi are locked themselves in a room, she fears they must have eloped. Guests discuss that only inauspiciousness is happening this marriage, earlier bride’s mother’s affair news and now bride’s elopement. Daadi warns Romila to stop spreading fake news and goes to check on Mahima and Kashvi.

Samrat with Kashvi reaches Pradyuman’s car location via live tracker and finds it in a bus stop. Kashvi asks why would Pradyuman and Mahima come here. Sam says he didn’t leave any money for Pradyuman and hence he must have brought Mahima here to elope in a bus. Kashvi finds Pradyuman and informs Sam. Sam walks to Pradyuman. Pradyuman breaks down hugging him and says he was right about Mahima, she dumped him when he learnt that he doesn’t have any money.

Sam says he warned him from day 1 and tried to protect him from a heart break. Kashvi refuses to believe that her girl is selfish and behind money. Sam says Mahima wanted to leave Arjun as he is not rich and wanted to marry Pradyuman for money. Pradyuman says its true as Mahima wanted Nayan to break her and Arjun’s wedding and even called Pradyuman and acted as being in bed with him, but Daadi saw them instead and didn’t let the news come out.

Sam says Daadi took promise from him to keep Pradyuman away from Mahima until Mahima and Arjun’s wedding finishes and hence he locked Pradyuman in a room, but Mahima got him out via Monty. Pradyuman further reveals how Mahima forced him to elope with her and when she learned that he doesn’t have money, dumped him; Mahima wants to leada luxurious life and doesn’t love anyone. Kashvi says maybe the are mistaken. Sam says they are not and asks her to get out of her sister’s blind love and accept truth. He sends Pradyuman home and rushes back towards Nayan’s house.

Nayan with family knocks Mahima’s door and finds it locked. Daadi recalls catching Mahima with Pradyuman and hopes she hasn’t eloped with him. Mahima cab breaks down and she decides to walk. Driver warns her that its a secluded area and dangerous for her. Mahima refuses to take his advice and walks on street. A few goons see her and try to rob her jewelry. She runs. They hit her head from behind with a wooden plank. She falls down unconscious. Goons steal her jewelry and escape. Nayan and family break Mahima’s room door open and doesn’t find Mahima and Kashvi there. Sam returns home with Kashvi and asks if Mahima returned home. Nayan asks what happeend.Sam informs that Mahima eloped with Pradyuman.

Kashvi says Sam is right and describes how Mahima eloped with Pradyuman and dumped him when she learnt he is not rich and headed towards home to marry Arjun. Sam says that is why he asked them if Mahima returned home. Nayan panics and asks what will she answer Nitya, should she inform her that her would be DIL eloped with Pradyuman. Nitya hears that and asks if Mahima really eloped with Pradyuman.

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