Imlie starlife update Tuesday 23 January 2024

Imlie 23 January 2024: Imlie searches for Kairi and notices her crying sitting in a corner, wearing Atharva’s jacket. Imlie asks what is she doing here. Kairi says she doesn’t get sleep without monkey paa, so can she take his clothes along. Imlie gets emotional.

Her inner voice emerges and says she is playing a game and thinks if she will win over Atharva, Imlie herself deprived of her parents and is depriving Kairi of her parents even though when both are alive, she is doing a same mistake which Atharva did for 5 years. Keya wanders in her room anxiously. Akash asks her to relax. Keya says they are relaxing here while family wants to keep Imlie and Kairi at home.

Akash says they are adopting a child. Keya says adoption agencies didn’t reply them yet, soon family will snatch their rights and will make Imlie and Kairi as legal heirs. Akash asks her not to worry as he has planned something.Atharva’s condition continue to deteriorate. Doctor checks him and informs family that Atharva must be having internal bleeding, so they should shift him to hospital soon.

Keya tells Akash that his family always ruins her peace of mind, they convinced Imlie to stay back. She says she has replaced Atharva’s nurse with a struggling actress and instructed her to kill Atharva. Akash rejoices hearing that. Imlie realizes that she forgot to give medicines to the nurse and returns tto Atharva’s room. She notices nurse giving injection to Atharva and stops her. She asks which injection she gave to Atharva while the medicines are still with her. Nurse says it’s a vitamin injection. Imlie says doctor didn’t inform her about prescribing any multivitamin injection. She calls doctor and asks if he prescribed any injection to Atharva.

Doctor says he didn’t write in prescription, but sent one with other medicines and informed her family. Nurse recalls doctor calling on landline and asking a servant to inform Imlie about multivitamin inclusion. She thinks she wanted to give a poison injection but had to replaced it with multivitamin hearing Imlie’s footsteps.

Imlie gathers family and informs them that she will stay at Rana house only if she is allowed to pay rent. Devika asks if she wants to deprive them of their rights. Imlie says she will not deprive them of their right to love and pamper her, but she wants to be self-dependent like she has been since her childhood.

Keya asks her to stop her drama of paying rent when she has agreed to stay at Rana house. Imlie says it means a lot to her and convinces Devika and Rudra with her emotional speech. Keya fumes that Imlie easily convinced family, now she has to instruct nurse to kill Atharva ASAP. Nurse injects poison in Atharva’s drip. Atharva wakes up calling Kairi, removes his drips, and panics. Nurse thinks he wasted a poison dose, Keya will not spare her. Imlie rushes in and scolds nurse. She calms down Atharva and reminds how he saved Kairi and she is safe now. Atharva says it means their team work worked, why don’t they continue their team work forever.

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