My desire update Wednesday 24 January 2024

My desire 24 January 2024: Nitya asks Nayan if Mahima really eloped with Pradyuman. Nayan says yes. Nitya says Mahima herself came to her house and proposed to marry Arjun, it means Mahima had an affair with Pradyuman and Nayan knew about it and kept her in dark even after her warning not to hide anything from her. Nayan stands silent.

Sam says Nayan didn’t know what was happening, they learnt about Mahima’s elopement when Kashvi found Mahima’s door locked from inside, they even went in search of her and found her left even Pradyuman.

Nitya says Sam bought up Pradyuman since childhood, that means greedy Mahima dumped poor Arjun and wanted to marry rich Pradyuman to lead a lavish life. Nayan says there is some confusion and Mahima will return. She says she doesn’t care if Mahima returns and will not let Arjun’s life ruined by marrying selfish Mahima, she will reveal truth to Arjun and let him decide if he wants to marry Mahima or not.

Kashvi tells Sam that she understood what Mahima is and can’t let Arjun marry greedy Mahima and ruin his life. Sam says if Arjun and Mahima’s marriage doesn’t happen, both families’ dignity will be ruined. Kashvi thinks Sam is right, but she can’t see Arjun’s life being ruined. Nitya shows Mahima’s letter to Arjun and reveals that Mahima eloped with Pradyuman. Arjun stands heartbroken. Nitya blames Nayan’s family for ruining their family dignity. Romila argues with her. Jagdish asks them to keep fighting if Mahima can return back and says both families’ dignity are at stake, but Nayan’s family will be shamed more if baraat returns back without a bride.

Argument continues. Daadi requests Kashvi to marry Arjun and save their dignity. She describes how it’s a god’s wish that Kashvi performed jago rituals, had haldi ritual with Arjun, and sangeet with him. Nitya says even Kashvi kept them in dark. Daadi says Kashvi did that on her request. Kashvi refuses to marry Arjun and says they are just friends and Arjun always saw her as a friend and nothing else.

Jagdish keeps his pagdi/turban on her feet and requests to save his dignity as he is a civil service officer and earned only respect. Kashvi refuses again. Sam says he can understand Jagdish’s situation, but he can’t let his daughter Kashvi pay for Mahima’s mistakes. Nitya requests Kashvi next, but Sam gets adamant. Drama continues…

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