Unfortunate love update Tuesday 23 January 2024

Unfortunate love 23 January 2024: The Episode starts with Malishka asking about Lakshmi. Karishma tells that her mind is shaken up. Sonia tells that she has gone mad and says cuckoo in her mind. Virender shouts Sonia. Sonia says her mental condition is unstable and that’s why she is called mad, and says whatever term you use, it is mad. Virender shouts enough.

Dadi asks if there is a treatment. Virender says ofcourse, modern science is developed and there must be some treatment for it. He says he will find out after reaching there. Neelam says you don’t need to go there, and says you have only said that Lakshmi has gone mad.

Malishka smirks. Neelam says there is no guarantee that she will be fine. Sonia says Lakshmi has done wrong with us, and this is her karma which is giving her back, and says it is good that she is not here, else we would have gone mad. Virender tells that Lakshmi will be fine, and tells that she was very understanding before the accident. He says he has to go. Neelam says I am not stopping you, and tells that she don’t think that there is any treatment for it. Virender says he will go and talk to doctor. Dadi says she will also come. Virender says he will go alone. Dadi prays for Lakshmi.

Rishi tells Doctor that she told that there is no guarantee that Lakshmi will be fine, but he wants her to be fine completely, and requests her to make her fine. Doctor says any doctor will give her same treatment. He asks Lakshmi to go with the doctor. Lakshmi refuses to go. Rishi convinces her to go and tells that she has some problem in her head which needs to be fine. Doctor says we can’t do the treatment until we get permission. Rishi says he will sign and asks them to give the form.

Rano is worried. Neha asks what happened to Lakshmi. Rano says she doesn’t know. Rishi asks Lakshmi to go inside. Lakshmi goes inside the ward. Virender comes there and asks about Lakshmi. Rishi hugs him and says everything was getting fine, and Mom had accepted us. He says he don’t know what is happening, her operation is going on and asks if she will be fine? Virender says this is life, you both have faced many challenges, this is the new challenge which you both shall face. He asks where is she? Ayush says in the OT. Virender says so treatment is possible. Shalu says but there is no guarantee. Virender says may be she will get fine and come. Rishi goes inside to see. He sees through the window pane, as Doctor begins the treatment. Lakshmi says she is feeling pain. Doctor gives her injection. She gets unconscious. Rishi comes out and cries.

Neha calls Shalu and asks what happened to Lakshmi, if she is getting treated. Shalu says she is getting treated. Rano takes the call and asks her to say clearly. Shalu tells that Lakshmi di’s mind is affected and treatment is going on. Rano says Lakshmi needs to be fine, and says she has to be fine for herself, Rishi and their future. Shalu says yes.

Sonia asks if Lakshmi is coming back here. Dadi says this house is of Lakshmi also, so she will come here. Sonia says she has gone mad, how can we let her stay here. Dadi says she will be fine after the treatment. Karishma says if she don’t get fine. Dadi asks them to think that she will be fine. Malishka says only few patients get fine and not all. Dadi says Lakshmi will be in the few and will be fine. Karishma asks what if she doesn’t get fine. Dadi asks them to be quiet until some news come from hospital. Malishka thinks everyone has question in their heart, that what will happen if she don’t get fine. She says Lakshmi shall never get fine, and she shall get chance to make Rishi hers, and thinks who spends life with mad person. Rishi hears Lakshmi shouting and runs inside. He looks at Lakshmi through the window pane and sees her tears flowing out, while she is crying as the shock treatment is given to her. Ayush comes there and takes Rishi out. He says if we get scared with treatment then how she will be fine. Rishi says she is so weak, and asks how she will bear. Ayush says don’t see. Rishi says shock treatment is given to her, she can’t bear. Ayush says we have to bear this, and tells that gold has to be heated to become kundan. He tells that when Lakshmi comes out, then she might be fine.

 Rishi hearing Lakshmi shouting in pain and cries. Ayush tells him that Lakshmi needs to be treated. The Doctor tapes her mouth and continues to give her electric shock. Rishi looks at her through the window pain, and sees her in pain. Lakshmi looks at him and cries. Rishi also cries looking at her.

He gets inside the shock treatment room and takes off all the equipment from her head and frees her hands and feet. He recalls their moments while doing so. Doctor asks him to go out and says they are doing her treatment. He opens the tape from her mouth. Lakshmi hugs him and cries. She says they are bad, and giving me so much pain. She cries and says you said that they will not do anything, but they have given her pain. Rishi says we shall go home. Doctor says treatment needs

to be done. Rishi says he don’t want to get her treatment done. He says he will take her home. Lakshmi asks him not to leave her. Rishi says I will not leave you and hugs her and cries. Doctor says Mr. Rishi, you can’t take her from there. Rishi takes Lakshmi outside.

Rano tells Neha that she was not worried for Lakshmi before, but now she is worried. Neha asks why? Rano says if Lakshmi doesn’t get well then who will take care of her. Neha says Rishi loves her a lot. Rano says people back off from responsibilities, says may be Rishi will take up the responsibility, but what about neelam, if she will accept her in this condition. Neha says yes, even she gets worried.

Doctor comes out. Rishi says he will not get the treatment done here. Virender asks Doctor if she is treated. Doctor says he didn’t let her treatment complete. Rishi says whatever treatment is needed, will happen in the house. Virender asks him to take Lakshmi. Sonia taunts and calls Lakshmi inauspicious. Malishka asks her to be quiet. Karishma asks Dadi if she thinks that Lakshmi will be fine. Dadi says she is not hopeful, but trusts that she will be fine. She calls Virender and asks him. Virender tells her that the treatment is not done. Dadi tells everyone about it. Sonia says Lakshmi has become gone case. Dadi gets angry and says she will slap her hard. Malishka asks Sonia not to say anything and tells dadi that Sonia is her grand daughter. She goes to room and thinks her enemy is mad now. She calls Abhay and tells that Lakshmi is mad case now, and tells that Rishi took her to hospital, but it is of no use as she has gone mad for forever. Abhay asks really? Malishka says Lakshmi has gone mad for forever, and I have been saved for forever. Abhay says thank god and asks her to come back home.

Malishka tells that she will be here to see the drama and the storm which Neelam will bring now. Abhay says ok and asks her to take care. Sonal comes there. Abhay tells her that Lakshmi has gone mad fully. Sonal gets happy and says it is a good news. Abhay says Lakshmi is a free bird now.

Virender is driving the car. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Virender thinks he couldn’t give her happiness. Lakshmi asks Rishi to open the window. Rishi opens the window. Lakshmi feels the fresh air and smiles. Bani collapses and is about to fall being shocked. Ayush holds her and asks what happened? Bani hugs Shalu and cries. Shalu asks her not to cry and says if you cry then even I will cry too. Ayush asks her to talk to him. Bani says why this thing happens with Di, and asks until when baba ji will take Di’s test. Shalu says why baba ji has written this for her, and the real enemy is the person who had done her accident. Bani says once I find her, I will not leave her and will hit her to death. Shalu says even she will do the same. Ayush says even I am feeling so much pain, and says I trust destiny and tells that he trusts Bhabhi’s destiny, and says many troubles come to her, but she overcomes all troubles and pass all the tests. He says she will be fine and asks them to hug him, if he don’t want him to cry. They hug Ayush. Rishi looks at Lakshmi and smiles.

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