My desire update Monday 22 January 2024

My desire 22 January 2024: Arjun tells Samrat that he feels Samrat is a good man and he doesn’t mind if he will keep Nayan happy. He says nobody should be bothered if they are happy together. Nitya says society will not accept it. Arjun says she is a civil services employee and should have a broad mind, like Kashvi said Nayan also has right to be happy.

Jagdish backs him and says every girl should have a progressive thinking like Kashvi. He tells Samrat that they will discuss about it later and first finish the task they are here for. Nayan apologizes Daadi. Daadi asks her not to make her feel guilty and says she lived a lonely life due to fear of the society, but Nayan will not live a lonely life. Nayan and Kashvi hug her emotionally.

Nayan then pampers Kashvi.Panditji asks to call the bride for jaymala ceremony. Kashvi thinks she should inform them that Mahima is not opening the door and walks to bring her.

Nitya apologizes Nayan for her cheap thinking and says she didn’t realize what Samrat means for Nayan. Nayan hugs her and says she is happy that her bestfriend is back.

Nitya says her bestfriend will get them married after Arjun and Mahima’s marriage. Nayan thanks her for thinking about her and Samrat. Samrat takes Mahima to a bus depot and says they should leave the city via bus as his car has a tracker and Sam will find out their location. Mahima says they can hire a cab and board a flight for somewhere. Pradyuman says he doesn’t have money as Sam handles all the accounts and he blocked all his bank accounts and credit cards. Mahima panics and asks how will they manage without money. Pradyuman says he has 50000-60000 rs left and can manage for a few days. Mahima asks what will happen with just 50-60000 rs and continues to panic.

Sam’s servant frees himself via another servant and over phone informs Sam that an obese boy named Monty tied him up and took Pradyuman away. Sam takes Monty aside and confronts him for illegally entering his house and helping Pradyuman escape and threatens him to call police. Monty says he just followed Mahima’s orders and reveals that Mahima eloped with Pradyuman. Sam asks him to keep his mouth shut and never let anyone know that Mahima has eloped or else he will send him to jail. Monty agrees. Sam panics thinks there would be more drama if guests learn about it and Nayan will be defamed, so he has to bring her back with Kashvi’s help.

Mahima says she has to work if he is not rich, then why she is eloping with him. Pradyuman says he will work hard and save some money and start a business. Mahima says his love doesn’t matter to her when he doesn’t have money at all. Pradyuman is shocked to hear that. Mahima says every girl dreams of a lavish life and she can’t lead a poor life with him; it’s better she chooses Arjun now as he has a house and parents with a government job. Pradyuman asks if she loves money and not him. Mahima accepts that her first love is money and she was with him for money, she will return to Arjun and marry him. Pradyuman says she can’t betray him and pleads to not leave him. Mahima pushes him away and walks away.

Nayan finds Mahima’s door still locked from inside and thinks of seeking someone’s help. Samrat informs her that Mahima is not in her room as she has eloped with Pradyuman. Kashvi panics thinking about Nayan’s dignity and people will question Nayan’s upbringing. Sam says they both will search for Mahima as he can’t let Nayan’s neck bent in front of people because of Mahima. Kashvi asks how will they find them. Sam says he has blocked Pradyuman’s cards and there is a tracker in cars, so we can find their location easily. Arjun gets restless and asks to call Mahima soon. Nitya taunts that he is so eager and looks like he himself will go and bring her. Romila thinks if Mahima has eloped, she will qustion Nayan’s upbringing and character.

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