Imlie starlife update Tuesday 19 December 2023

Imlie 19 December 2023: Imile fights with Reyansh and his goons. Reyanshh and Mehta catch Chini and she calls Imlie for help. Imlie sprays aerosol spray on Reyansh and Mehta and asks Chini to take Kairi from there as she can’t stop them for long. Kairi holds Imlie tightly and refuses to go. Chini forcefully takes her away. Reyansh catches Imlie and sends goons to stop Chini from reaching police. Chini speeds away in a car. Reyansh tells Imlie that he will take her to Atharva and take their final decision. Imlie struggles to free herself. Anu walks to Rana house with ash pots with Atharva, Chini, and Kairi’s names on them and breaks them.

Shivani asks what is she doing. Anu says she is performing last rights. Rudra asks her to stop her drama. Anu says Imlie will kill 3 of them. Devika says they all 3 are alive. Anu says Devika was performing her son’s shrad each year, they are all sitting here calmly and let Imlie kill them all.

Rudra warns her to stop her nonsense. Anu asks when Atharva accepted Chini and divorced Imlie, then why didn’t they kick Imlie out of the house and instead Rudra gave her a a property share; Imlie got more greedy now and wants both house and Atharva, she kidnapped them and will kill them. Shivani asks her to stop it as Dhairya has gone in search of Atharva and Kairi. Anu says Dhairya snatched Atharva’s rights and can do anything for money, how can they trust him. She provokes Devika saying she made badluck as her daughter and now should pay for it. Devika stands worried while Anu grins thinking her plan is working.

Imlie searches for Atharva and finds him unconscious in a glass chamber. Reyansh spreads toxic gas in the room and on a TV screen challenges Imlie that she can never take Atharva from there and would die soon. Imlie ties a cloth over her nose and tries to break glass chamber assuring Atharva to get him out of here soon. She picks her phone to call Chini and finds no network, she hopes Chini reaches soon with police. Mehta asks Reyansh what will they do with Atharva and Imlie. Reyansh says let them die. Mehta says police will arrest them in murder charges, so they should free them and lie to police. Reyansh says police will not spare them, so they should stop Chini from reaching police first. Imlie breaks glass chamber and gets Atharva out of glass chamber.

Devika says she made a mistake by trusting Imlie. Chini calls her and informs that she rescued Kairi from kidnappers and is bringing her home, but Atharva is still in kidnapper’s grip and she has informed police to go and rescue Atharva. Devika blesses her and asks if Imlie was also there. Chini says yes. Kairi says she wanted to be with princess mamma and rescue monkey paa, but BFF dragged her away. Chini asks her to stop and disconnects call. Mr Mehta refuses to help Reyansh anymore and leaves. Reyansh thinks Imlie is a bigger problem to him now, he will kill both Atharva and Imlie today. Imlie breaks door lock, ties her leg to Atharva’s leg and tries to get out of the place. She pushes him out of the window. Reyansh reaches her.

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