Imlie starlife update Monday 18 December 2023

Imlie 18 December 2023: Dhairya waits for Imlie in his car. He notices Reyansh’s car passing by and thinks when did he return. Reyansh’s goons captivate Kairi. Kairi pleads to let her return to her fmaily. They threaten her to shut up. Dhairya rushes to hut and finds Imlie locked inside burning hut. Kairi asks him to go behind Reyansh as he has kidnapped Kairi. Dhairya says they both will save Kairi first, he will save her first. Imlie feels suffocated, recalls Kairi pleading to save her, and collapses. Dhairya rescues Imlie out and wakes her up by sprinkling water on her face. Imlie wakes up worried for Kairi and says she needs to rescue Kairi from Reyansh’s grip. Dhairya says goons will kill her if she goes behind Reyansh.

Chini worries for Kairi and cries. Devika tries to comfort her. Reyansh calls Chini and lies that Imlie has kidnapped Kairi and when he tried to stop her, she hit him on his head and escaped with Kairi in a car; he is sure that Imlie has kidnapped Atharva and Kairi. Devika yells that Imlie didn’t even spare her baby granddaughter. Divya says Imlie was acting as loving Kairi all the while. Shivani warns her to stop badmouthing about Imlie. Chini recalls Anu’s words that Imlie is boring and sacrificial type and would never harm the people she loves, especially Atharva and Kairi; she is sure Reyansh is misleading them. She walks out saying she will get Atharva and Kairi back home.

Reyansh wearing a clown mask tries to frighten Kairi. Kairi laughs on him. Mehta walks in wearing a clown dress and tries to frighten Kairi again. Kairi says her monkey paa taught her to be brave and not get afraid of dogs, rats, or any animals and shouts at Mehta. Mehta falls down afraid. Imlie and Chini walk in next wearing clown attire and say his boss sent them. Metha asks if Reyansh sent them, actually he is the boss. Chini recalls finding Imlie in her car who informs that she didn’t kidnap Atharva and Kairi.

Chini says she knows as Imlie can’t harm even ants. Imlie says Reyansh and Mr Mehta have kidnapped Atharva and Kairi and when she tried to save Atharva and Kairi, they tried to burn her alive. Chini says Reyansh called her and put blame on Imlie. Imlie says she needs Chini’s help to save Atharva and Kairi from Reyansh and Mehta. Chini agrees. Out of flashbach, Imlie and Chini beat Mr Mehta and take Kairi away.

Reyansh returns and learns that Imlie and Chini escaped with Kairi. He orders his aides to lock the main gate and catch 2 girls trying to escape with a kid. He and his goons surround Imlie, Chini, and Kairi.


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