Unfortunate love update Tuesday 19 December 2023

Unfortunate love 19 December 2023: The Episode starts with Neelam seeing Virender upset and sitting on the bed with his face turned over. Dadi recalls Neelam’s words that she will stay back if they will throw Lakshmi out of the house. Malishka recalls Rishi’s words that he can’t forget Lakshmi even if he marries Malishka. She recalls Vikrant’s words that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other a lot. Rishi looks at the moon and says don’t know what tomorrow’s sun will bring.

Lakshmi also looks at the moon and says sun and moon blossom for each other. He thinks he never thought that Mom will do this, and says if he chooses Lakshmi then has to leave Mom and viceversa. He thinks this is agnipariksha. Lakshmi thinks Rishi wants her to come, but many don’t want her to come. He thinks lets see what destiny has written for tomorrow. She thinks the same.

Next morning, Shalu prays to Baba ji and asks him not to let Di separate with jiju. Bani asks God to make Lakshmi and Rishi’s destiny one, and unite them. Lakshmi comes and does the aarti. She prays to God to give her strength to walk on the right path and nobody gets hurt because of her. She prays that she will bear anything, and asks God to be with her as her courage, as Rishi was her courage, but he was becoming of someone else, so you please be with me. Virender comes to the room and asks why you are doing this? He says everyone is worried. Neelam asking if I am not worried and says I am in tension and thinking if I will be able to attend my son’s ring ceremony or not, if that inauspicious girl comes there. She says she is worried to know about her value and place, to whom she has given her life. She says she is worried thinking if she will win or lose, and asks him to say who is more worried.

Malishka comes to Rishi and says today is their lives biggest day. Rishi asks if Mom agreed. Malishka says yes. Rishi says Mom will not leave the house and Lakshmi can stay here. Malishka says I thought you are talking about our marriage. Rishi says I was asking if Mom agreed not to leave house. Malishka says she didn’t talk to her about this. He asks her to talk to her and says if Lakshmi would have been here then Mom would have agreed. Malishka says Aunty will not change her decision. Rishi says if Mom said that she will leave the house, then she will leave the house. She says then also you are happy. Malishka thinks she is sandwiched between Neelam and Malishka. She says she gave permission for Lakshmi to stay here for his happiness, and tells that Lakshmi is the reason for all the problems. She asks him to throw Lakshmi out of the house, and if he wants Lakshmi to stay, then throw your mom out, who has given you birth. She says I will be with your decision, as I will be your wife. She asks him to remember.

Lakshmi is leaving. Shalu says I will come with you. Lakshmi says no. Rano tells her that she wishes that Rishi and her divorce wouldn’t have happened, as their Jodi is best. She says people used to look at her as Oberoi’s samdhan, but now nobody looks at her. Shalu tells Lakshmi that she will come with her. Bani asks Lakshmi to take her. She prays to God to make Lakshmi and Rishi’s Jodi.

Karishma thinks Mom and Virender shall throw Lakshmi out. She sees Lakshmi coming there with Shalu. She stops her, and says you are not needed here. Lakshmi says I was called here. Karishma says we don’t need you, and asks her to come. Rishi tries to stop Karishma. Virender asks Karishma to talk peacefully. Karishma says peace has broken because of her. She tells Lakshmi that fight starts here due to you, and asks her to go. Rishi says Bua, please. Shalu asks Ayush, what is happening, if jiju called here for the insult. Ayush asks her to be silent for sometime. Karishma tells Lakshmi that she is and will be always inauspicious. Shalu stops her and says don’t say such things about my sister. Karishma says how dare you to talk to me like this. Shalu says just like you dare to talk to my sister. Rishi says Bua, whatever you are telling is baseless. Sonia comes there angrily and tries to push Lakshmi out, holding her hand.

Rishi and Virender shout Sonia. Sonia asks if you came to snatch our happiness. Neelam says you will not stop Lakshmi. Sonia says you said that you will leave the house if Lakshmi comes here, and asks Lakshmi to leave, as her mom will leave. She says she will do something which she don’t want to regret.

Neelam says Sonia…you will not throw Lakshmi out. Virender says Lakshmi is also my daughter. Sonia says you would have see her standard before making her as your daughter. Virender shouts at her. He asks Neelam to leave her stubbornness. Neelam says I have told my decision and now you shall tell your decision. Lakshmi tells Virender that Bau ji please, and says she didn’t want to come here. Rishi says Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she didn’t want to come, and she didn’t feel bad about anything, and tells that it was better if she had not come. Neelam says Lakshmi…you will not go. Lakshmi says no Mummy ji, and says Neelam aunty. She says she don’t want to stay here and will go. Neelam says you will not go. Karishma asks what you are doing? Malishka asks what? Karishma asks if you have changed your mind.

Kiran tells Sonal that today that house might have become battle field. Sonal asks her not to take stress and says that house and family is of Neelam aunty and they will not let her go. Kiran says if Neelam leaves, then the house will be shattered, and says I have seen Neelam setting up the house, and says Virender is successful because of Neelam’s support. Sonal says when you knows all, then they will also not forget and will not let her go.

Lakshmi asks Neelam to let her go. Neelam says you will not go, when I am saying. Dadi comes there and asks why so much noise is coming. Neelam says Lakshmi has come. Dadi says Lakshmi and gets happy. Karishma asks if you will do her aarti. Dadi says yes, and asks her to bring aarti thaali. Karishma says I will never bring aarti plate for Lakshmi. Dadi asks her to keep her mouth shut.

Kiran says they all support Lakshmi, and Neelam must be fighting with them. She says if they don’t let Lakshmi go. Lakshmi tells Dadi that she has to go. Dadi asks her to stop. Sonia says so you are not throwing her out of the house. Dadi says I can’t throw her out.

Sonal tells Kiran that she wants to talk about Vikrant. Kiran says how did you know about him? Sonal says Malishka told me. Kiran says he tried to kill Rishi and says if something had happened to Rishi then Malishka would have died. Sonal says Malishka told her. She tells that when they went to have coffee, Vikrant met them there and offered help. Kiran says you are believing him and asks if Malishka asked for our help. Sonal says we will not trust him, but will use him to reach our aim. Kiran says we shall not do anything, just Lakshmi is the thorn. Sonal says Lakshmi will leave from that house today. Kiran says I pray that this shall happen. Sonal says this will happen.

Dadi says I will not let her go. Sonia says then Mom will leave the house. Dadi says so what? Lakshmi tells Dadi that Neelam aunty is the foundation of the house and this house will be shaken up if she leaves, and asks her not to stop her. She asks Shalu to come and is about to leave, when Dadi stops her.

 Malishka thinking what Dadi has done, she has stopped Lakshmi. Karishma says you have stopped Lakshmi, and this means you will let Bhabhi go from home. She asks why you are giving her so much importance, plus Bhai…he is not stopping Lakshmi and Rishi what to say for him. She says lakshmi has made relations with Rishi and Bhai, as she calls him friend and Bua ji respectively. Virender says she is my daughter and our relation is not forced. Karishma asks what to say to open your eyes and asks do you all want Neelam Bhabhi to go from here. Sonia says Dadi…you used to tell us what Mom has done for us, and today I can’t understand that you are letting Mom go from this house. Lakshmi says Dadi and Bau ji please, I don’t want Neelam aunty to go from here, and says please

let me go. Neelam says I don’t want your favor, sympathy or pity. Virender asks Neelam to calm down. Neelam says I am calm only, and says I am leaving the house, and after I leave there will be peace in the house. She says I accept your decision. Virender says I don’t want you to leave and says you are taking it wrongly. Neelam says I am wrong always in your sight. Rishi says you are perfect Mom, and you was never wrong, and asks her to change the decision. Neelam says you are late and asks Mukesh to bring her bag. Shalu says sorry to Neelam and asks her not to leave house. Ayush says mami, please I will not let you go and sits downstairs. Neelam says my decision will not change.

Karishma says Lakshmi is saying that she will leave. Neelam is leaving. Everyone tries to stop her. Malishka asks why you are leaving, Lakshmi said that she will leave. Neelam goes out of the house. Malishka goes to side and thinks what to do now, who will get my marriage done, as Neelam aunty left.

Sonal calls her and asks who has thrown Lakshmi out, she must have gone crying from here. Malishka says nobody and says Lakshmi is still here, and tells that Neelam aunty has left. Sonal says this can’t be truth and asks her if she is dreaming. Malishka says dream, and sees Neelam still in the house asking Mukesh to bring the bag. She tells Sonal that Neelam aunty is here. Sonam says Lakshmi will be oust and Neelam aunty will stay back. Malishka ends the call and thinks please God, don’t let Neelam aunty go. Karishma asks Dadi, if you will not leave Lakshmi’s hand even now, rather than throwing her out, you are throwing Bhabhi out. Sonia says I can’t see her here, throw her out right now. She tells Virender, that they are forcing her Mom to leave. Virender says Neelam is stubborn. Sonia says my Mom is saving the house and family from Lakshmi’s bad sight. Virender shouts at her. Karishma asks why we shall not speak. Shalu asks her to say the truth. Ayush asks Karishma to say if Lakshmi has done wrong, and says if she has done wrong then tell me, I will scold her. Rishi says Lakshmi has never done anything wrong, if anyone has done wrong then it is Bua, Sonia and also Mom.

Sonia argues with him. Rishi says I was silent when you was speaking to Dad. He says if you say anything against Lakshmi then see what I do with you. Lakshmi shouts Rishi, please stop it and says this is happening because of me, all this fight and argument, and says everyone was happy when I was not here, and asks them not to fight or argue. Dadi leaves her hand.

Lakshmi asks her to let her go and says I always got happiness in the house. Sonia says we all got pain. Rishi shouts Sonia. Lakshmi says I am leaving. She comes inside and apologizes to Neelam for the pain, and says I can’t stay back and will leave. Neelam says you shall not leave after doing a favor on me, and asks Virender to tell his decision. Virender says you don’t go. Neelam asks Dadi about her decision. Dadi says she is my daughter, how can I let injustice happen with her. Neelam says I understood and asks Mukesh to keep her bag in the car. Ayush tries to stop her, along with others. Neelam is about to walk out of the house. Dadi holds Neelam’s hand and says I told that she is my daughter and I can’t let injustice happen with her, and says even you are my daughter and I can’t let injustice happen with you both. She says if I throw her out today, then my heart will break and if you leave then my heart will break only. She says you made this house and Lakshmi has put soul in it, and says she has saved this house’s heir many times.

She says you both have done so much for the house, and your comparison can never be done. She says you both are my daughters and a mother likes all her children. She says if injustice happen with one then I will die being alive. She says I can’t throw her out and can’t let you go from here, until I am alive, I will not let injustice happen with anyone. She asks Mukesh to do what she had said. Mukesh says ok and goes.

Malishka says aunty…Karishma asks Dadi, what she asked Mukesh? Dadi says if your heart is clear then shall ask. Virender asks what she is going to do? Mukesh brings bag. Rishi asks if you are leaving house Dadi. Dadi says I am not going alone, but going with Neelam. Neelam says you can’t go. Virender says what is happening, everyone wants to go. Karishma and Sonia blame Lakshmi. Lakshmi says nobody will go anywhere, and says I will leave. Dadi says I am listening since a long time and says you will stay here, but we are leaving, Neelam and I…Neelam says you can’t go out of the house. Dadi says you have never left me alone, so how can I let you alone. Neelam says you are forcing me now. Dadi says you have right on this house, more than me. Dadi says I will come with you, even if you say.

Neelam says I can’t let you go from here. Everyone smiles. Neelam says to stop you here, I will bear anything, will change my decisions, but can’t let you go. She hugs Dadi. Everyone smiles. Rishi tells Lakshmi that you shall not go now, as Mom is not leaving and that means she has given you permission to stay. Dadi says I have warned to slap you (Lakshmi). Karishma says Mom? Dadi says Neelam said that I am the head of the family, so let me decide who will stay here. She says Neelam decided to leave from the house, without thinking how much I will be hurt. Neelam says I can’t think of hurting you and apologizes to her. Virender tells Lakshmi that everything is fine and asks her to stay in the house. Lakshmi says she don’t want the peace of the house to go because of her. Dadi asks her to agree to her sayings. Lakshmi says you have put me in dharm sankat. Dadi says I was in dharm sankat. Neelam says she can stay here, but if she does anything wrong then I will throw her out, and then you will not say anything, and will support me. Dadi says I will not interfere. Neelam, Karishma and Sonia go inside. Rishi apologizes to Lakshmi and says you have to be scolded always because of me. Ayush says sorry to Shalu. Shalu apologizes to Dadi if she has crossed her limits. Dadi says no. Virender says no, and says there is no limit in love, and says if we don’t support our loved ones, then whom we will support.

Malishka says it is good that Lakshmi came, and asks Rishi if he is happy. She asks Lakshmi to start the work for what she has come, for what Dadi has called her. She says today is Rishi and my engagement and it shall be memorable. She says I have waited for this marriage since years, so it is your responsibility to make it memorable. She says every day is memorable, and you have to make it memorable. She goes from there and thinks Lakshmi is the markesh dosh of my kundali, she doesn’t know and has returned to put her bad sight on me.

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