Imlie starlife update Wednesday 20 December 2023

Imlie 20 December 2023: Imlie frees Atharva and gets him out of Reyansh’s den via a window. Reyansh shoots at her, and the bullet hits her shoulder. She gets out and locks door from outside before Reyansh reaches here. Police arrests Reyansh. Chini brings Kiara home. Rana family pampers her. Anu asks Chini if she left Arto with Imlie to let him get impressed with her and return to her. Chini says what she could have done, she had to think about her and Kairi’s safety, anyways she informed police about the goons.

Anu says she will do whatever she has to, she will not let Imlie return to Arto’s life. Imlie removes mask from Arto’s face. Arto opens his eyes, looks at her, and then closes it back. Imlie thanks Seeta maiya and says she fulfilled the promise made to Kairi. Atharva murmurs Imlie subconsciously.

Imle thinks he hates him now and its okay for her if he is happy by staying away from her, she will not let him know that she saved him. She notices police and hides. Police takes Atharva along. Imlie thinks Atharva is safe now and thanks Seeta maiya.

Ginni takes Kairi to have pizza. Shivani tells Devika that they need to have doctor’s checkup for Kairi as they don’t know how kidnappers treated her. Anu says they should directly take Imlie’s name. Rudra says he just spoke to the police commissioner and learnt that Imlie was not present at the kidnapping venue.

Anu says Imlie is very intelligent, she would have hidden herself and made her puppets Reyansh and Mehta as scapegoats. Devika backs Anu. Rudra says she is always against Imlie, asks if she has any proof. Anu says Imlie’s absence is the proof, she is just avoiding arrest. Atharva returns with police. Devika emotionally hugs him and says she got her breath back with his return. Atharva says she is too filmy and thanks officers. Policemen leave. Atharva says Devika is happy with her son’s return. Shivani brings aarti thali. Devika performs Atharva’s aarti and feeds him laddu.

Atharva asks about Imlie. Devika says she doesn’t know. Kairi asks Devi ka to perform even her aarti. Devika performs aarti and feeds her laddu. Kairi asks if she can have one more laddu. Devika says she will get her whole Delhi’s sweets.

Kairi says she is just 5-year-old and can’t have somuch sweets. After some time, Kairi informs Atharva that kidnappers had made her unconscious and kidnapped her, princess mamma and BFF dressed as jokers fought with kidnappers and saved her. Anu says she saw Chini fighting with kidnappers and not Imlie. Kairi says Anu wasn’t present there at all, she saw princess mamma fighting with kidnappers. Chini says Imlie was fighting with her and not kidnappers and she was the kidnapper instead. Kairi says she is sure Imlie saved her. Atharva says even he saw Imlie there. Chini says Imlie was the kidnapper who with her puppets Reyansh and Mehta kidnapped him and Kairi.

Imlie feels sad hearing that and thinks Chini never changed. Dhairya joins her and says she always trusts her wicked sister. Imlie says she always thinks Chini would change, but Chini never changes. Chini convinces Atharva and Kairi that Imlie had kidnapped them. Dhairya tells Imlie that she may forgive her sister, but he will follow his friendship towards Imlie and expose Chini. Imlie stops her. Chini tells Anu that she had changed in 5 years, but is back to her normal self again. Anu says if she doesn’t change, she will lose Atharva to Imlie then. Imlie disguises herself as Paty again with Dhairya’s help and says she needs to reach Kairi to clear her confusion. Dhairya says he will reveal truth to the family. Imlie says nobody will believe her. Dhairya asks why is she letting Atharva be with Chini. Imlie says for Kairi’s sake as Kairi thinks they are her parents, she will fight for Kairi and will not accept defeat.


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