Imlie starlife update Thursday 7 December 2023

Imlie 7 December 2023: Devika and Rudra’s retro themed wedding anniversary party starts. Guests ladies are shocked to see Arto alive and discuss that they had attended his fake funeral. Devika and Rudra thank them for coming. They say they are shocked to see Atharva alive. Keya says Atharva was leading an unanimous life in Goa for 5 years and didn’t want to return to them. They laugh on Atharva. Atharva says he didn’t want to return to the people who don’t care for him. Imlie walks down wearing a beautiful dress. Lagjaa Gale Ke Phir Ye Haseen Raat Na Ho.. song plays in the background. Arto walks to her and extends his hand. Guests discuss that Arto and Imlie look good together. Arto gets conscious, pulls back his hand, and walks away.

Ginni hosts a couple compatibility game and says they will blindfold all couples and and if they identify their partner, they will win the game. Rudra says let the kids play, but agrees on children’s insistence. Divya asks Manish if he will find her. Manish says he can identify her via her smell. Devika gives blindfolds to Atharva and Chini and asks them to participate. Imlie tries to leave. Rudra gives blindfold to her and says what if she finds her partner today. Shivani gives blindfold to Dhairya. Game starts. Manish catches some other lady instead of Divya and loses a game. Keya and Akash lose the game next. Chini notices Atharva and Imlie about to bump on each other, cheats and walks between them. Devika says Ginni was right that true love identifies its partner. Dhairya bumps on Imlie. Everyone clap for them. Shivani says let us cut the cake now.

Devika thanks Atharva for giving her the best anniversary party after years. Kairi calls Rudra and Devika as grandparents and asks them to cut the cake soon. Guests asks why is she calling them grandparents, who is her father. Kairi shows Atharva. Guests comment that Atharva even lived a secret life in 5 years. Kairi says she will cut the cake if they don’t. Guest asks if she cuts her parent’s anniversary cake. She says no as her paa is not married. Guest asks who is Chini then. Kairi says her best friend. Chini handles situation and says she is not a strict mother and is a best friend to Kairi instead. Atharva also nervously says same. Ginni says they are loving parents.

After cake cutting, Ginni asks couples to pick a prop and click a pic together. Athharva picks I love you prop and then keeps it back. Imlie asks why did he keep it back, he should say I love you to Chini in front of everyone. Guest says they thought Atharva and Imlie are cute couple. Imlie says she divorced Atharva when he left her 5 years ago, now he loves Chini. She insists Atharva to say I love you to Chini. Atharva hesitates. Guests discuss that Rudra’s son married Imlie and loves Chini instead. Atharva says I love you Chini, he looks at Imlie in a mirror and tells her that controlled himself for 5 years but couldn’t reveal it to her, he truly loved only her since 5 years and says I love you again. Chini feels happy thinking he is proposing her.

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