Imlie starlife update Wednesday 6 December 2023

Imlie 6 December 2023: Kairi thinks of a mischief and hides in Imlie’s room to frighten her. Chini switches off lights and frightens her with a monster mask. Chini shouts in fear and calls princess mamma, monster paa, daadi for help. Chini runs away from a window and her mask falls down. Imlie, Atharva and others rush to her. Kairi says this room is really bad, she will never return here. Chini thinks she had to do this to stop Kairi from visiting Imlie’s room, recalls Anu suggesting her to make Kairi believe that Imlie’s room has a monster, and takes Kairi from there saying she shouldn’t come here. Kairi shouts there is a monster in this room.

Imlie finds a monster mask and recalls Kairi talking about monster. She walks to Kairi and says she wants to play, but Imlie’s monstrous room is on the way. Imlie shows mask and asks if she saw this. Kairi panics again. Chini gets tensed seeing Imlie finding the mask and scolds Imlie not to bring the mask in front of Kairi when she fears it so much. Imlie thinks she needs to find out who brought this mask to her room.

After some time, Imlie gives menu to the caterer Aman and asks him not to include mashroom in the dishes as Atharva is allergic to it. Atharva hears that and thinks Imlie still remembers his likes and dislikes. He orders Aman not to include mashroom in any dishes and asks Imlie why is she is taking care of arrangements even after a stern warning. Imlie says its also her papa’s anniversary party and asks Aman to include mashroom in all the dishes. Their nok jhok continues. Atharva leaves fuming. Imlie notices Chini taking food to her room and asks reason. Imlie says Kairi is very afraid and doesn’t want to step out of the room. Imlie thinks she needs to get Kairi off her fear.

Atharva takes Devika, Divya, and Chini to temple. Chini hopes Imlie doesn’t do anything in her absence. Imlie devises a plan with Dhairya, Ginni, and Shivani’s help to ward off Kairi’s fear. She disguises as both monster and Seeta mamma. Dhairya shows her to Kairi. Kairi fears first seeing a monster and feels happy seeing Seeta mamma. Dhairya asks her to watch Seeta maiya killing a monster. Imlie dances as both Seeta maiya and monster and wards off Kairi’s fear. Atharv returns and accuses Imlie of frightening Kairi with a monster makeup. Dhairya, Shivani, and Ginni say he is mistaken and tries to explain, but he stops them and continues to accuse Imlie.

Kairi says until Seeta mamma had not done monster’s makeup, how would she have ward off her fear. Atharva says he can’t understand. Kairi turns Imlie and shows her both seeta mamma and monster makeup and says she doesn’t fear anymore now. Shivani thanks Kairi for clearing her monkey paa’s confusion. Imlie tells Kairi that both good and monster stay within them and if they do good thing, monster within them runs away. She tells her she will recite her monster Mahishasur’s story tonight in her room. Kairi happily agrees. Imlie thanks Shivani and Ginni for their help. Atharva says thank you to Imlie, then says he means Ginni and Shivani. Chini frowns seeing her plan failed.

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