Twist of fate update Tuesday 5 December 2023

Twist of fate 5 December 2023: Ashok asking Prachi where is Khushi? Prachi says she is in ICU? Ashok calls Ranbir and asks him, how is he? Ranbir says he is fine. Ashok says he is very proud of him and also of Prachi and Khushi. Ranbir says we haven’t done anything, but that little girl has done it. He says he is thankful to God that Khushi came in his life.

Prachi says in our lives. Ranbir says even Akshay and Rhea helped us and appreciate them. Ashok says don’t know why today’s children don’t understand the depth of love. He says Rhea came running to you, just as she came to know about you, and Akshay….He says leave it. Ranbir says Akshay loves Prachi a lot, I have seen it, he has left everything to save Prachi. He says Akshay and Rhea risked their lives for us, and says thanks. Akshay says you are welcome. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Prachi sees Nurse coming out and asks her. Ranbir also asks the other Nurse.

Nurse says she can’t tell now. Shahana says Doctor said that Khushi is critical and her condition is weak. Prachi runs to Khushi’s ward and falls. Akshay holds her and says you don’t take yourself seriously. Ashok says she is in tension. Akshay says she would have fall down. Prachi says its ok and goes. Ranbir goes with her. Shahana tells Akshay that Prachi is fine. Akshay says he over reacts when the matter is about Prachi. Doctor comes out and tells that she is very much critical.

He says she had much blood loss and no medicine is showing effect. Prachi asks him to go inside and try. Doctor says she needs divine help now and says she needs prayers than treatment. Prachi cries and runs from there. Ranbir follows her. Shahana is about to go, but collides with Nurse. Prachi recalls Doctor’s words and is running from the hospital. Naina song plays……Ranbir runs behind Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir recall their moments with Khushi. Prachi runs out of the hospital. Ranbir slips and sits on the stairs. He then prays for Khushi and cries.

He says Khushi, I am sorry…I couldn’t save you, and can’t be with you. He says you have taken the bullet on yourself to save me. He cries. Prachi comes to the temple and says you are a mother, a mother and the woman standing infront of you is a mother too, and asks how can you snatch a daughter from her mother, and says you have snatched my Panchi from me, but now I will not let you snatch my Khushi. She says I will sit here until Khushi returns to me, she is my daughter and soul. She says it is a mother’s challenge and the test of other mother. She rings the temple bells.

Doctor checks Khushi and says her condition is deteriorating and asks Nurse to call the senior doctor fast. Prachi cries and rings the bell continuously. Ranbir is standing outside the ICU and looking at Khushi. The people looks at Prachi ringing the bell. A lady asks prachi to stop it and tells that blood is coming from your hand. Prachi says I will die here, until my daughter gets her life. The doctor smiles after checking Khushi and signs Ranbir. Ranbir gets happy and runs out. He holds Prachi as she faints and fall. He sprinkles water on her face and says our Khushi. Prachi says nothing shall happen to her. Ranbir says Doctor said that she is out of danger. Prachi says our Khushi, hugs him and cries. Prachi folds her hands and tells the goddess that she is a jagat mata. She asks Ranbir to come.

Dadi asks Shahana why she didn’t go behind Prachi. Shahana says she knows that Prachi went to temple. Nurse comes there and says Khushi is out of danger. Dida, Pallavi and others are happy and are thankful to God. Rhea asks if we can meet her. Nurse says no, not until now as she is under supervision. Dadi thanks her.

Ranbir brings Prachi there. Prachi says Akshay, Khushi is fine and says I will meet her. Nurse stops Prachi and says you can’t meet her, and says it is not allowed. Prachi says I am her mother, she will feel good seeing me. Ranbir asks Nurse to understand and says she is a mother. Prachi pleads infront of her to let her meet her. Nurse says just 5 mins. Prachi goes inside and looks at Khushi. Ranbir and Akshay look at Khushi from the window pane. Prachi comes near Khushi and gives her flying kiss. She touches her hands and sits at the chair next to her bed. Khushi gains consciousness and says Parvati.

Prachi says I am your Parvati and kisses her and hugs her saying you are fine. Khushi says she is feeling pain. She asks where is Shiv and asks if he don’t love me, if he loves me then he would have been here. Prachi asks her to see that he is here, he has come for her. Khushi gets up to see him, but falls on the bed again. She says her pain got lessened seeing them. Prachi says you are brave and will be fine soon. Khushi says my eyes are getting closed, and seems like I want to sleep. Prachi says Khushi. Khushi closes her eyes.

Khushi fainting after telling Prachi that her eyes are closing. Prachi calls doctor and comes out. Ranbir and Akshay ask her what happened? Prachi says Khushi suddenly fainted. Doctor checks her and says we are losing her pulse, due to the excessive blood loss. Ranbir and Prachi tell that she was talking just now. Nurse asks them to go out. Shahana goes behind the Nurse. Nurse asks did doctor call you? Shahana says no, and asks her not to tell anything to Prachi if there is a bad news. She tells that Prachi has lost her daughter few years back and has handled herself with much difficulty. She says if same thing repeats, then Prachi can’t handle herself.

She says Prachi’s daughter was with her for a day, and Prachi still remembers her and smile, fingers and even the star moon birthmark. Nurse realizes something and goes from there. Prachi cries. Akshay asks her to calm down and says if you cry then it will be of no use. He says you need to be fine and asks her not to cry. Prachi asks him not to say anything and leave her alone, and asks him to go. She cries. Ranbir thinks Prachi haven’t changed, she needs to be scolded to pacify her. He asks Prachi to stop crying. Prachi blames Ranbir and says this has happened due to you. Ranbir says I am responsible and asks her to say whatever she wants. Akshay asks Prachi why she is saying this. Ranbir asks Prachi to save her energy, to take care of Khushi when she recovers.

The nurse comes to blood bank, but couldn’t get the blood. Shahana asks her to go and tell the doctor, but not Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir if Khushi will be fine. Ranbir says doctor said that she is out of danger. Nurse comes to Doctor and tells that there is no blood in the blood bank. Doctor goes out. Nurse checks Khushi’s foot and finds the birthmark.

Doctor asks if anyone’s blood is AB negative. Ranbir tells that his blood is AB negative. Doctor says they can’t take his blood as he was shot and lost lots of blood. Ranbir says I didn’t lose blood and asks him to take his blood. Pallavi asks him to take his blood and says she will also call his dad as his blood group is also same. Laali calls Prachi. Prachi gets worried and asks what to tell her? Pallavi asks her to tell truth to her and says it is not your mistake. Prachi goes and calls Laali. Laali asks you didn’t call me and tells that now she can’t help her.

She is about to say something, when Prachi tells that she needs her help. Laali says she will not help her and pretend not to hear her. She ends the call and thinks Prachi will call her again. Prachi calls her and is about to tell her about Khushi being shot, but Laali doesn’t hear her and thinks to demand more money for risking her life. Prachi calls her again. Laali thinks she will talk to her after 2-3 days and will demand more money. In the PS, constable puts two thieves in the lock up.

Wilson asks Constable, why is he putting them etc. Constable replies to him and goes. The thief asks other who is he? The other thief tells him something. The thief tells Wilson that he does such a dirty thing and ruins girls’ life and showing attitude. Wilson and the thief start fighting and the former gets hurt.

Wilson asks Constable to stop the thief for beating him. The thief says you was not scared to do this bad work and now scared. Balbir, Shakti and Tiger are thrown in the same prison by the Constable. The thief asks Constable to throw the dirty men out. Balbira says dirty men, and asks what does you do? Wilson says he is a small thief. Balbira says that’s why he is having this itching. They began fighting. Constable comes inside to stop their fight. Inspector warns them not to fight.

Prachi is standing in the corridor and looking out of the window. Akshay comes there, he turns to go, but comes to Prachi and gives his handkerchief. Prachi says I am sorry, I didn’t behave well with you, you was giving me courage, but my behavior was not good. She says sorry. Akshay asks her to relax and says you are overthinking. Prachi says you must be so angry that I asked you to leave. Akshay asks anger? He says I can understand that your heart is broken and you are feeling pain seeing Khushi in pain. He says it is not easy to bear the pain of loved ones. Prachi recalls losing Panchi. Prachi says I didn’t want to lose again, I wanted to live for Khushi and wants to give her good life and keep her happy.

She says I want to save her from every trouble and be strong for her, but couldn’t save her from the goons, I have failed. Akshay says you have reached Veera to search Khushi, you didn’t think of your life and says I am proud of you, you are world’s best mom for any kid. He says you will be strong and will never lose, as I am with you. He holds her. Ranbir and Vikram come there and sees Akshay holding her.

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