Meet in love update Wednesday 6 December 2023

Meet in love 6 December 2923: Raj and Meet in lock-up. Raj says to Meet why did you tear the confession paper it’s a crime. Meet says giving wrong confession is also a crime, your behaviour and statement doesn’t match at all, I have already lost one of my father and I cannot loose another one.

Ram in his room. Meet Ahlawat and Tej walks in with Sunaina and Ragini. Meet Ahlawat says handle yourself if you will go down who will handle family. Tej says to him please say something. Ram sitting totally numb.

Tej says to Meet Ahlawat earlier we were so happy celebrating mother’s day but in sometime things change, mom is in trauma. Dad is in jail and we are unable to do anything, we are useless. Meet Ahlawat says tomorrow I’ll bring dad back everything will be fine tomorrow I’ll get him back to house any how.

Meet in police station looks at Raj says I’ll be here whole night for you and tomorrow I’ll try everything to get you put from here.

Isha says I have to think of something to save Raj and see Shanty lying on sofa with face mask, she take her phone and leave. Isha calls but Shant hold her hand says how dare you take phone without my permission. Abhay Rana walks to them and ask what happen. Isha shouts at Shanty and says to Abhay that I’ll go to police station and tell them Raj didn’t kill anyone. Abhay ask Isha what you will tell them that Raj didn’t kill Ashok but what you will then when they will ask you who killed Ashok. Isha says I know my father is not murderer. Abhay says I can understand that but police won’t, what if police keep your father in jail for hiding evidence, Raj is in lock-up let him be inside and door is open if you want you can leave.

Sunaina walks to Meet Ahlawat says Meet is entering house she is back. Meet Ahlawat walks downstairs and stop Meet at door and says listen one thing SI Meet this is my house and my family lives here there is no place for outsiders whi put my Dad in jail, I don’t want yo argue at all, there is no place for you in this house so it’s better you leave. Ragini says this is not correct and walk towards her. Babita stop Ragini and says he is doing right she deserve this. Meet says I know you are angry but let me come in. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to close gate on your face so it’s better you should leave and throw her luggage. Masum says to Meet cant you hear what bhai is saying just leave, there is no place for you in this house. Meet Ahlawat says you have to leave from my heart this house there is no place left for you so just leave. Meet looks at her luggage she pick it up and says I’m not going anywhere from this house, if anyone have strength then I dare him to ask me to go out, what you were this is your house, I’m your wife and after marriage I have same right on everything over here as you have, my luggage and my respect will stay here. Meet Ahlawat says okay you want to live here come inside but as a daughter in law not an SI if you want to saty here you have to leave your job, this house can be of Meet on SI Meet and shouts bring paper SI Meet will resign her post, he forward paper and says you have to choose daughter in law of Ahlawat’s or SI job. Meet take the paper and write I’m not going anywhere. Meet Ahlawat says so you won’t leave. Meet says why I have to give exam and sacrifice, whoever do something wrong always I have to prove, I proved at time of sister, we both get married even we didn’t want, if anyone do mistake in this house they are never treated like me, I had to fight to do job, I have all right and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, don’t treat me like cattle whenever you want can throw me out, you don’t have right to kick me out and start walking in. Babita says you are entering house because could not enter in everyone’s heart, don’t call me mummy because you have lost thr right to say that and ask Meet Ahlawat to tell her that I don’t want to see her face at all she doesn’t exist for me and she faints. Meet Ahlawat handle her. Masum says to Meet how stubborn she is bhai is asking to leave but still she is going inside.

Meet in her room crying, she takes Meet Ahlawat’s photo and remember how he behaved with her while they were out. Meet Ahlawat outside punching wall with his hand.

Meet Ahlawat looking for pendrive in garden. Meet says I gave that pendrive to Sharmaji and I don’t know how Hawa Singh have that. Meet Ahlawat says what are you saying, is uniform the reason behind this behaviour change because I think mom was right always, you are not capable enough to carry on relation. Meet says try to listen to me. Meet Ahlawat scream at her says just shut up. Meet hear a congratulations message on walkie-talkie for solving a very old case but you must arrest immediately and I’ll recommend your name for pramotion. Meet Ahlawat takes to walkie-talkie and don’t let her speak. Man says it’s a personal victory for your Meet. Meet Ahlawat return her walkie-talkie and congratulate her for solving her case. Meet says no. Meet Ahlawat says this will be a great article for tomorrow’s newspaper, a girl became police officer to find the murderer of her father and after becoming SI when she got to know her father in law was murderer she arrested him, Hawa Singh is inside with arrest warrant for my dad what I’ll do now. Meet says I believe Dad is innocent to prove that I gave pendrive for testing, I did nothing wrong. Meet Ahlawat says listen to me with your ears open I’ll be standing with my dad against you with your police force, I’ll see how anyone can destroy my family or harm my dad.

Hawa Singh forward handcuffs and says let’s begin investigation. Meet Ahlawat holds Hawa Singh hand and stand infront of him says my dad is innocent so I won’t allow you to touch him. Hawa Singh says you are standing in between of investigation let us do our work. Meet Ahlawat ask investigation or work I don’t know but my dad is innocent and he won’t move a step if you want you can take my but nobody will touch my dad. Hawa Singh shouts what are you looking at move forward. Everyone feom Ahlawat’s family come forward and make a wall to protect Raj. Meet take a step forward. Meet Ahlawat shouts at her stay where you are. Babita scolds Meet. Raj says to Babita stop and says you have talked a lot now everyone will listen truth and truth is I committed that crime so I’ll be punished and I accept this punishment. Everyone says to Raj don’t say that we all know it’s not true. Meet Ahlawat says don’t say anything, nobody will be able to touch you. Raj says I can kill myself for your believe but now let me do what I feel right. Everyone try to stop him. Babita says why are you telling lie I know you cannot do this. Ram remembers what Raj said him about not doing anything for this case and hugs him. Raj walks to Meet says obey your duty, arrest me in charge of murdering your father and forward his hand for handcuffs. Hawa Singh order Meet to arrest the culprit. Meet hold Raj’s hand and take it down. Everyone holds constable hands. Babita says you cannot take him. Raj ask everyone not to go against law. Constable handcuffs Raj. Raj ask Ram, Meet Ahlawat and Tej to take care of everyone when I’m gone. Police takes Raj with him. Everyone crying and try to stop him. Meet standing behind crying.

Meet Ahlawat in jail says to Raj I won’t let you live here for a single moment. He walks to Inspector says you are misusing your powers, you cannot keep my dad in lockup I told you my lawyer is coming. Inspector says listen whatever we are doing are according to law and law is same for everyone. Lawyer walks to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says give him bail paper and bring dad out of lockup. Lawyer says it’s not possible court has rejected bail application, your dad is been arrested for murdering a police officer and its a serious offence, they won’t leave him because after 4 years they got an evidence for this case. Meet Ahlawat shouts every police officer is misusing his powers and throw things. Inspector shouts maintain silence, he is already in trouble don’t make more mess for him. Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll also see for how long you can keep my dad inside, he takes keys of lockup and says I won’t leave without him. Everyone try to stops him. Inspector says I can put you in lock-up for misbehaving in police station, go stand there and ask everyone to leave, I’m respecting you because you are a husband of a efficient police officer and I respect Rajvardhan.

Hawa Singh on call says to Abhay Rana things are happening in your favour, thank god Sharmaji assistant got pendrive and he gave it to me. Abhay Rana praises him for his work and you will get prize for this job. Hawa Singh thanks him and disconnects call.

Meet Ahlawat says I won’t leave without my dad. Meet says to him shouting in police station is a criminal offence. Meet Ahlawat says keeping and innocent guy in jail is not a crime.

Shanty says to Abhay Rana let’s consider Raj accept the crime but you are also in video what about that. Abhay says I was in video but not know, only we both know I fired the shot not Ram Ahlawat, you live in morden society did you heard about morphing where you can put someone else face on, so Hawa Singh did this work before catching Raj, he told me that he got a pendrive with video so I thought of turning it into my favour and Meet set a trap for herself after giving that pendrive for testing and rest Raj sacrificed for his brother. Shanty are you feeling bad for them. Abhay says this is called as politics. Shanty says what is our benifit in this. Abhay says now everyone will hate Meet and Meet Ahlawat will break his relation with her and Babita already don’t like her now she will be enemy number 1 in family and this is how she will break her hope. Isha hear everything and says I need to tell everything to Meet bhabhi any how, she might help Raj to come out of lock-up.

Meet Ahlawat sitting on floor in police station. Meet walks to Raj. Raj ask her to look at Meet Ahlawat. Meet turn to him. He says now I’ll step out of this police station only when my dad is with me. Raj calls Meet Ahlawat and says you promised me to take care of everyone in family and if they put you in jail then how will you help them, you mom is already not well and if she gets worse then what you will do, so go back. Meet Ahlawat says you gave me responsibility of mom and our house so I’ll go but I won’t sit quiet till the time you are out of jail, don’t worry I’ll get you out soon and leave. Meet stops him says don’t worry about him I’m here to handle Dad. Meet Ahlawat says first you put him in jail and now making me emotional fool so please stop playing with my emotions SI Meet Hooda and listen one more thing that guy inside is my dad so no need to call him papaji from next time understand that. Meet says he is my father too. Meet Ahlawat says he is inside because of you. Meet says I told you earlier. He shus her and says I know reality now please don’t say. Meet says did you forget you promised me at that cliff that you won’t stop believing me and never doubt me and how did you stop believing me so soon. Meet Ahlawat says there is a reason and it’s standing behind you, everything happening today is your fault and this time you are wrong and you did wrong. Meet says you know your problem is when you are angry you don’t listen at all that’s why telling you something in this condition is waste and don’t mind whatever you say. Meet Ahlawat walk away.

Meet Ahlawat walks in Ahlawat’s mansion and see Tej, Sunaina, Masum and Hoshiyar sitting on sofa. Masum and Tej walk to Meet Ahlawat and ask where is dad . Meet Ahlawat says I was unable to bring him back but don’t worry I’ll bring him back soon. Masum says what about mom she locked herself up, she is not eating anything. Meet Ahlawat ask to get ready a plate for mom.

Babita in her room. Meet Ahlawat walks to her with plate. Masum, Sunaina, Tej and Hoshiyar walks yo her. Sunaina ask her what have you done to yourself. Babita says my happiness, my smile, me getting ready was all for Raj and when he is not around why should I get ready. Meet Ahlawat says Dad has asked me and Tej to take care of you and if you don’t allow how will we face dad, so please have food. Tej says Mom not for us for Dad have it. Babita says Raj must have not eaten anything yet, his medicine if he misses he will fall sick.

Meet gives Raj his medicine. Raj says you give this special treatment to all prisons. Meet says only to those who are innocent. Raj says I am not innocent. Meet says we will see that and I am sorry you have to spend night here and have this medicine. Raj has his medicine.Meet Ahlawat says to Babita please for Dad’s sake have food.

Raj says to Meet, give me my confession letter let me sign. Meet says in this you have written, Abhay Rana’s little sister Aarti fell in love with a driver and wanted to marry and you didn’t like it and took them to jungle to kill them and Ashok Hooda came there and in argument you shot Ashok Hooda. Raj says yes let ne sign. Meet tears the paper. Raj says you broke law, Meet says yes it is and I will be punished for this and so is giving false confession.

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