Imlie starlife update Friday 8 December 2023

Imlie 8 December 2023: Atharva proposes Chini looking at Imlie in a mirror. Kairi returns and asks Atharva if he won. He says yes. Back to room after party, Kiara fumes that Imlie is back to action after Atharva and Chini returned whereas she was crying sitting in a corner since 5 years. Akash asks her to relax as Imlie will be heartbroken again when she learns that Arto really has moved on and she is alone again. Keya says his father hates him for his weird think and says Atharva still loves only Imlie. Chini calls Anu and informs that Atharva proposed her in front of everyone.

Anu says Atharva still loves Imlie and just said I love you to Chini just to discourage Imlie. She suggests to marry Atharva before Atharva falls back for Imlie again. Chini says she knows Atharva loves Imlie, but she will wait until he closes his chapter with Imlie completely and proposes her for marriage.

Imlie thinks Atharva was proposing her instead and not Chini. Devika walks to Imlie and yells at Imlie for still interfering between Atharva and Chini and asks why don’t she go and let them live peacefully together with their daughter. Imlie says even she wants same, but she feels Atharva doesn’t love Chini. Rudra asks Imlie to concentrate on her life and move on forgetting Atharva. Imlie says she will if she is confident that Atharva really loves Chini and will question Atharva regarding this. Atharva plays guitar recalling his and Imlie’s romantic moments earlier. Imlie walks to him and says he is lying to himself and her. He says she is mistaken. She tries to touch his guitar and gets injured. Atharva rushes to her worried. Imlie asks why he still cares for her. He says he doesn’t and doesn’t want her to be near him.

Imlie gives her promise and asks why don’t she say that her presence doesn’t matter to him. He pulls his hand away and says it doesn’t. She asks why didn’t he marry Chini yet and why she felt that he was proposing Chini for the first time. Atharva says its none of her concern and says the only link between them is Kairi and Chini is Kairi’s mother. Imlie asks if he really loves Chini, why don’t he marry her then.Atharva says he will marry Chini. Imlie says he spoke a lot just now except truth.Chini hears their conversation and thinks Arto never spoke about marriage to her and never said I love you, that means even today Arto’s I love you was a lie and Anu was right; Arto lied to protect their family and she has to support him; Arto and her relationship may be a lie, but her, Kairi and Arto’s bonding is not a lie, etc.

Atharva recalls Imlie’s confrontation. Kairi walks to her and after a bit of discussion reveals that she heard from BFF Chini that her mamma stays in Rana house, she loves princess mamma and considers her as her mamma, so can’t she really become her mamma. Atharva says it’s impossible. Kairi runs away. Chini walks in and stops Atharva and says he should accept the reality that Imlie is Kairi’s mother and seeing Kairi’s bonding withh Imlie, he should accept Kairi’s demand or else they will lose her. She says Kairi will stop talking about Imlie once she gets her extended family.

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