Barrister Bahu update Monday 11 July 2022

Barrister Bahu 11 July 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh saying I will learn to live with my wound. Trilochan asks Binoy to explain Anirudh to have the medicine. Binoy asks what shall I say, if he didn’t listen to you, will he listen to me, he knows we get hurt to see him hurt, we love him, he can’t see it, he is playing with our sentiments and makes us agree to him, what shall I explain him. Anirudh asks who takes advantage of family, you or me, you have given me a challenge, I accepted it, but why do you have a problem, if you think I can’t solve Bondita’s problem, why are you trying to defeat me. Bondita comes and gets shocked seeing his hand wounded. Anirudh argues with Binoy. Binoy says enough now, if you don’t understand it with love, its my order, get the aid.

Anirudh says I m adamant, I won’t get the aid, if Bondita can’t get treated, then I have no right to get treatment for myself. He goes.Binoy asks Bondita what is she watching, go and handle her husband, go and do the aid. Bondita asks doesn’t I want him to heal his wound, but does he listen to me, he scolds me and makes me run away. Binoy says you are his wife, whom will he listen if not you. She thinks why isn’t he listening to anyone. Anirudh sees his bleeding hand. Rishta tera mera….plays…. She thinks to get some help. Anirudh cries. Trilochan says no one could convince Anirudh to get the aid, can you do something. Bondita says I have called Saudamini, she will convince Anirudh to get the aid. Trilochan says you called Saudamini. Bondita says yes, she can do everything, she can handle his anger and stubbornness, can anyone refuse to childhood friend. Binoy smiles. Trilochan thinks how to explain that she is more than a friend. Saudamini says don’t worry, I will convince him, I m not less stubborn than Anirudh, I will do the aid.

Trilochan thinks its imp that he applies the medicine. Saudamini goes with the medical kit. She sees his wound. He asks her to leave. She asks him not to get stubborn. She says remember that I won’t listen to you, I will do what I want. She threatens to hurt herself. He stops her. She asks who am I for you, I m your childhood friend. Binoy asks Trilochan to leave the worry. She scolds Anirudh. He says I had a hope that you will understand my anger, I felt you will understand me, the medicine for this wound is Bondita’s treatment, you don’t understand my pain, is this not a biasing between a guy and girl, why can’t Bondita get a right to get her treatment, Bondita would hate herself every morning, she maybe scared to face everyone, if you understood this, why didn’t you understand that its important, you are nothing to me, you are right, if our hearts were connected, you would have supported me in my fight, please go from here. She cries.

She recalls his words. She says Anirudh didn’t agree to get the ointment. Trilochan asks shall I worry now or not. He says I told you that Saudamini can’t explain him, he is in pain. Binoy asks is it right to always blame Saudamini, you don’t tell anything to Bondita. Trilochan says she always creates problems. He scolds her.He asks her why is she silent now. Bondita says I didn’t shut my mouth, I can eat and show, you ask me not to talk much. Trilochan says yes. Bondita says so I didn’t say. He says tell that later, go and explain your husband, beg to me, get him the aid. Saudamini thinks if Bondita succeeds, then I will lose my value. She says will he listen to her, she will become target of his anger, don’t know what will he do, she may get hurt. Trilochan asks did I ask your advice, shut up, are you Anirudh’s wife? A Wife can do anything for husband’s life, she can get his life back from Yamraj. He asks Bondita will she do her Dharm or just stand still, if she doesn’t tie the bandage to Anirudh’s hand, then…. Bondita goes. Saudamini says Anirudh will call me in some time. Bondita goes and prays. She says he would be much hurt, I don’t like it, he should get the medicine applied, will he listen to me, I m a little girl, how shall I fight this big problem.Bondita sitting and praying. She thinks of Trilochan’s words. She asks how shall I do the cure to Anirudh’s hand. The haldi falls down. She thinks I have got a solution. Trilochan comes and scolds her. She asks will you help me in treating Anirudh’s wound.

Saudamini asks Anirudh didn’t she help him, he got estranged, he spoke a thing that broke her heart. She cries. Trilochan shouts aloud. Anirudh hears him and says what happened to Bondita now. He runs away to Bondita and asks what happened. Trilochan says Bondita will you let us stay in peace or not, I m fed up explaining you. Anirudh stops him. Bondita’s hand gets stuck in the pot. Bondita says maybe the problem comes to me, mum says my face is innocent, whoever sees me comes to me. Binoy looks on. Trilochan says you are evil, I m your enemy, right. Bondita says I didn’t do this intentionally, I m trying, my hand got stuck, I can’t eat food now.Trilochan asks is the hand just for eating food. Bondita asks what work can we do with hands. He asks her to suppress his neck. She says its not a good thing, mum says so. He asks her to stop it. Anirudh says I will see her. Trilochan says fine. He says maybe your bangle got stuck, listen to me. She throws the haldi on his wounds. He coughs and gets back. She smiles. He asks what’s this, what does this mean. She says its haldi, my mum says that haldi has many good elements. Trilochan smiles. Bondita say wound gets fine if you apply haldi, its not less than any doctor’s medicine, do you like to scold me, you want to get angry, you can get angry and scold me, but I will still say that wound is not left open, isn’t it necessary to apply ointment on a wound, you wanted to get me treated, why don’t you get yourself treated. Saudamini gets angry. Bondita says you worry for me, won’t I have worry for you……She says you are my husband. He looks at the haldi. Trilochan asks Binoy will he change his perception now, the girl to handle Anirudh’s anger and stubbornness has come, Anirudh’s wife, our Bahu Bondita. Anirudh thinks she is so sensible, she easily told me that I was wrong. Bihari asks why are you crying. Trilochan asks do landlords cry, I m happily crying, Bondita has done such a work, that no elders could do.He recalls Bondita’s words. He says Bondita’s problem isn’t a small one. Mahapandit comes and asks what’s her problem. Trilochan welcomes him and asks how did you come suddenly. Mahapandit asks him to answer him first, I sensed something is wrong when I met her. He says Anirudh had gone to the hospital, why, tell me, if your Bahu has some big problem, then someone else will get the puja chance.

Trilochan thinks to hide her problem from mahapandit. He says no, don’t do this. He asks Bondita did she get purified. She says yes, Saudamini purified me. He asks her to give juice to mahapandit with much respect. He asks her not to do any mistake. He says don’t tell anything about your problem, our respect is in your hands today, we can lose the puja chance. Sampoorna asks Saurabh if he has worn his kurta with button again. She says I have noticed many things about you. He asks how do you know so much about me, are you spying. She asks am I not your wife, I love you and know your likes and dislikes. She turns shy. He asks her to say it aloud. She says heart can hear the feelings. Anirudh says you changed soon, you didn’t let Bondita go to kitchen before. Trilochan recalls.Anirudh asks is this right thing. Trilochan asks did you come to trouble, you know this mahapuja matters to me, I got this respect after ten years, do you know how I m taking her to Mahapandit, why, because of you. Mahapandit says Trilochan is hiding something.

Bondita welcomes him and asks him to drink the juice. Mahapandit says no, I have fast, I didn’t drink water since morning. Trilochan worries. Bondita says I feel hungry when I get the smell of food. Mahapandit says you won’t understand it soon. She argues. Trilochan stops her. Anirudh looks on. Trilochan asks her to tell mahapandit how she went to doctor by mistake. Mahapandit says maybe you are teaching her to lie. He asks her whom does she love the most.She says my mum, I love her a lot. He asks why did you go to the doctor. She recalls Trilochan’s words. He signs no… Mahapandit asks her to say the truth, swear on her mum.

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