Barrister Bahu update Tuesday 12 July 2022

Barrister Bahu 12 July 2022: Episode starts with Mahapandit asking Bondita to say the truth, else she knows the result. She thinks what to do, I can’t fake swear on my mum. She hears a burp and asks who got this burp, how, you didn’t take food, is your stomach full. Trilochan asks her to stop misbehaving. Anirudh looks on. Bondita asks Mahapandit to have food after some time, will he have Rasgulla, I don’t get food. Mahapandit says I didn’t take the burp. Bondita says my ears are sharp, my aunty also says this. Trilochan says enough now Bahu. Mahapandit asks what proof do you have that I have taken the burp. She asks whom do you worship. He says Devi maa.

She asks him to swear on her and say he didn’t burp. He says you are mad, how can I swear on Devi maa. Bondita says if mum gave me birth, then she is also my Lord, I m standing here because of my mum, she isn’t less than Devi maa for me. Anirudh laughs. Bondita says no right, if you can’t swear on Devi maa, can I swear on my Devi maa, won’t I make a sin, mum stays hungry and feeds us food, she stays awake and sings lullaby to make us sleep, mum is the greatest, worship her, she is the Lord, do you want to ask anything else. Trilochan gets surprised. Mahapandit says no, you may leave. Anirudh smiles.Mahapandit says I will also leave, the mahapuja mahurat is after two days, I will check if the house is pure or not, your bahu argued and changed the matter, if she creates a problem on that day, I will give the puja chance to someone else. He goes. Saudamini says its easy to make Bondita out, we have to tell Mahapandit about Bondita’s problem, Trilochan will lose the puja chance and throw Bondita out. Binoy says I thought you are sensible, how did you get such a bad thought. She asks since when did the puja get so imp for you.

He says yes, I don’t care for the traditions, Trilochan is my elder brother, if he gets insulted, then it matters to me, he will get hurt, I can’t hurt his emotions, Mahapuja will happen here and we will benefit from it, don’t you know how much farmers value this puja, why didn’t you think of it, why. She says sorry uncle, I wanted to make Bondita away from here. He says its time to sit back and watch, I m sure Bondita’s illness has no cure, Anirudh will lose the challenge and then he has to leave Bondita, then you will become our Bahu. She smiles. He goes.She dreams of Anirudh and gets happy. Anirudh makes some home remedy. He gets hurt. Trilochan hears some sound. He goes to see. He sees Anirudh and worries. He asks him not to hurt himself. Anirudh says I won’t let you down. Trilochan cries and asks will you hurt yourself, some problems don’t have the cure. Anirudh says every problem has the solution, we just have to find out, you know who told this. Trilochan asks did I say. Anirudh says Bondita told this to me, you re a landlord, no one will ask you anything, I will find all the answers for her questions. Trilochan feels bad seeing him. Anirudh takes the kada for Bondita. He asks her to drink it. She gets the bad smell. Trilochan says I can’t see his pain, don’t know will he bear his defeat, I can’t see him breaking down, I have to do something. Anirudh asks her to drink it. She doesn’t like it. Anirudh asks her to have it, Trilochan’s emotions are connected with the puja.

Biraj asks Surmani to forget the dowry, Saurabh and Sampoorna love each other a lot, can’t she make a new start. Surmani says I already have a slave, you, I will like Bahu when she gets the dowry. Biraj says you got blind in your adamancy, you can just control your son, but not his fate. She taunts Surmani. Trilochan says Anirudh is trying hard to end Bondita’s problem, she always creates problem, but I can’t deny that he had married Bondita. He says no, whatever happens, Bondita is Anirudh’s wife and will always be, Anirudh is hurt because of her problem, if he loses and breaks down, can I see it, if any problem comes in Mahapuja, will I stay alive. Bihari says no, yes…. Trilochan says I have to do something to end this problem. Bihari asks what will you do. Trilochan says everything will get fine tomorrow. Anirudh looks at Bondita.

Anirudh asking Bondita not to get adamant to go to her mum. He scolds her. She drinks the kada and coughs. She says I do worry for you all, isn’t this my house, aren’t you all my family, I love my mum a lot, won’t I worry for you all. He smiles. She gets sad and says I want the problem to end soon. She feels unwell and runs to puke. Anirudh thinks kada also didn’t help, I think I lost the bet, I can’t lose, I still have two days, I will try my best, I will not let her get embarrassed, I promise.Binoy thinks just two days left now, Anirudh will lose and the girl will leave this house. Trilochan thinks its a new year beginning, I will play a move that all the problems end. Its morning, Trilochan asks Batuk to go and wear new clothes. He says I got new clothes for everyone. Bihari jokes. Anirudh sees Bondita. She says I don’t want to spoil things, but it happens again, you can punish me. Anirudh comes to clean the bedding. He says I don’t feel bad in doing this, don’t worry, you know I don’t step back after going ahead once, you go and let me do my work. She asks how will you do this, your hand is hurt. Trilochan looks on. Rishta tera mera….plays… She says I will clean it, if I have spoiled it, its my work to clean it. He says its my responsibility. Binoy sits silent and hears them. Anirudh says it won’t be any harm, I will do it.

She asks him why is he so stubborn, she will clean it. He shouts I won’t give. She gets quiet. He says yes, I m stubborn if you think so, I want to find a solution to your problem, am I wrong, tell me, there are still 2 days left for the Mahapuja, 2 days are enough to find a solution, if you want to help me then just do as I say, please. She goes.Binoy taunts him. He asks Trilochan what did he used to say, if Anirudh does this on the first day of the new year, then he will clean the dirt all the year, I will pity him a lot, won’t you pity him. Anirudh goes. Trilochan looks on. Bondita prays to go to her mum. She says Anirudh always stays unhappy because of me, everyone gets sad, I don’t like all this, why don’t you do anything that fixes everything. Anirudh hears her praying. She says help me, send some angel. He asks her to take the steps forward. She recalls her mum’s words. He explains her. She prays send some angel for me who helps me get rid of the problem. Her mum comes there.

She says some angel will surely come to help me, today or tomorrow. Anirudh says we will see that tomorrow then, we will do the yogasan today. Bondita doesn’t want to wear Batuk’s clothes again. He asks her not to make excuses. He goes in the balcony. He sees Maa coming. He thinks Bondita’s Maa here. He recalls her words. He rushes to her. Mama and Mami meet Surmani and Munshi. Mami says you would be shocked to see us here. Sampoorna comes to meet them. Biraj looks on. Mami says I have made desi ghee sweets for you, you are our relatives. Mama says yes. Surmani asks did you make the ghee by the goat milk. Munshi says you refused after making the promise and got these sweets. Mami says we are trying. Munshi shouts Sampoorna, pack your bags. Surmani asks what do you mean. Munshi asks what did I say, I mean until we don’t get 5 goats, their daughter can’t stay here. Mami asks what are you saying, she is your Bahu. Munshi says what shall I do. Sampoorna worries. Munshi asks them to send Sampoorna away. Sampoorna says I will not go. She goes to her room and cries. Biraj comes to her. She asks her not to worry, she will talk to Munshi.

Sampoorna says my parents don’t have any money, my marriage will break. Biraj says there is a way, tell the truth to Saurabh, he loves you a lot, he won’t let you go. Sampoorna nods. Bondita’s mum meets Anirudh. She says I got some farm mangoes for you. He says I will get your blessings and mangoes also. She says I won’t come inside the house. He says its your daughter’s house, Bondita was praying that some angel comes to help, see, you have come. He insists. She enters the house. He says she is Bondita’s mum. Trilochan says Bondita misses her a lot, she is the one who has put her problem on you, the problems here are because of her.

Anirudh says she is Bondita’s mum, we are known for respecting guests, not insulting them, we shouldn’t let enemies go without treating the guests well, but she is our relative.

Trilochan says you just want to argue with me, fine, welcome the guest. He goes. He asks Maa to wait, they will surprise Bondita. He asks did you do the yog. Bondita says yes. He signs Maa to come. Bondita closes eyes and does the yog. Her Maa begins to organize her clothes. Bondita smiles. Anirudh asks her to hide. Anirudh says don’t open your eyes now. She opens the eyes and says someone came here right.Anirudh says no, its just me, you know me well, right, what did you think, your angel came and folded the clothes. She smiles and says Maa…. did Maa come.

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