Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 24 April 2024

Faltu 24 April 2024: The Episode starts with Charan asking Faltu not to cry. He says I don’t understand who is Ruhaan, what does he want, why is he after your life, Ayaan told such disgusting things about Ruhaan and you, I can never hear such things. She asks him to trust her.

Neil is sleeping. He hears them talking and wakes up. He gets disturbed. Charan says I thought to sort out the issues, I came here and got to know Ayaan’s real face, I didn’t believe it, I gave your hand to him, I understood that your Sasural never supported you. Janardhan waits for Ayaan.

Savita asks what happened, why are you worried. Govind and Harsh come. Harsh says Ayaan is parking car and coming. Janardhan asks what happened, he sounded upset, what’s the matter. Govind says he is crying, he is saying he did wrong with Faltu, its not her mistake.

Tanu says he wanted to move on, how did he get mad for Faltu again. Ayaan comes and says because I got to know the truth. Janardhan asks did Ruhaan come to office. Ayaan says yes, he told me the entire truth, Ruhaan has done this, he trapped our Faltu, you know why, to take revenge on Mittal family, Faltu didn’t know what’s happening with her, she was saying right, she didn’t do anything. Janardhan hugs him.

Charan says I don’t understand how did you reach Ruhaan’s house. Faltu says I don’t remember, those girls spiked my drink, I fainted, when I got conscious, I was at Ruhaan’s house, I don’t remember anything, trust me, I didn’t do anything, I explained this to Ayaan many times, he didn’t listen to me and blamed me, how can he do this. Dada ji looks on. She hugs Charan and cries.

Ayaan says its my mistake, I didn’t listen to dad and Dadi, I didn’t see the truth, I told such bad things to Faltu and insulted her, she tried to clarify, she was my wife, it was my duty to support her and trust her, I stooped low, I did wrong. Charan says don’t cry, you are my brave girl, we will start a new life, we will go back to Ittarpur, I will get your admission done in the cricket academy.

She says no, I will stay here and prove everyone wrong. He asks her to face Ayaan and his family, prove them wrong, and not run like a thief. Savita says you aren’t wrong. Ayaan says I m wrong, shame on me, I don’t deserve a nice girl like Faltu, I didn’t become a good husband so she left me, I failed. Tanu thinks why did Ruhaan ruin everything. Ayaan says I will rectify my mistake, I have to get my Faltu back. He asks Tanu about Charan. He says I will go to railway station and meet him, he would know where is Faltu, I have to apologize to her. Faltu says no, there is no hope left now, I won’t clarify, he has sent the divorce papers for me.

She gets shocked seeing the divorce papers. Charan says you didn’t do wrong, raise your voice and tell Ayaan you aren’t wrong, sign the divorce papers, end the matter with respect. She cries. Tanu says no use to go to the railway station, Charan has left. Ayaan says we will go to Ittarpur and convince Faltu. She says maybe she didn’t go with him to Ittarpur. He asks what shall I do, shall I cry here, I have to get Faltu back. Janardhan says we will get her. Ayaan says I will post on social media.

Tanu says she isn’t on social media, we will lose our name. Kinshuk says its okay, I will post. Charan asks Faltu to come. She says no, I don’t want to see Ayaan’s face, I have no courage to bear the insult. Ayaan says we will go to police station and ask them to find Faltu. Tanu says stop, you won’t go anywhere, you won’t get Faltu.

Faltu says I can answer, what’s the use, Ayaan will not believe me, Ruhaan is an outsider, Ayaan is my family, its not the first time, he did this before our marriage also, I didn’t care before I had no relation with him, if I have to prove it now, then its no use, the relation ended. Kaka gets tea for them. Dada ji asks Charan to come, sit and talk. Charan says sorry to come here and say all that in anger, I m a girl’s father, you… Neil gets angry and goes out. Dada ji says I m Brijmohan, its my house, Faltu saved my grandson’s life in Nasik and got him back to Mumbai, she is like a Devi. Charan says sorry again. Dada ji says she saved us from a problem, I find her like my granddaughter, I will be glad to help, I don’t know what happened, I think you are saying right, if one is right, then one should prove yourself right, I can talk to Mittals, I have to meet them for a deal tomorrow, I can try to explain them.

Tanu says police is already finding her, we have to find Charan, Faltu will meet him, he has the divorce papers, I think she has signed it. Ayaan says no, the papers can’t reach her, what will she think, I have to clear it. Faltu says no need to talk to them, they will get another chance to insult me, these divorce papers are the truth of my relation now. She says Ayaan wants divorce, so fine. She signs the papers. He says I will send the papers to their house, we will go to Ittarpur in the evening. She says no, you will return taunts by everyone, its better that I stay here, I will return when you can proudly tell them about me. He asks why aren’t you listening, I can’t leave you here. He coughs. She runs to get water. Neil sees her. He says you are still here, I knew it. She says I have no time to argue, I have to give water to my dad. He stops her and scolds. He says I will go and tell your truth to Dada ji. She splashes water on his face.

She goes and gives water to Charan. Neil comes and asks Dada ji is he okay. He says yes. Neil says I warned you not to trust this girl, she called her gang member, call the police, these people are dangerous. Dada ji asks what are you saying. Neil asks Faltu and Charan to leave. He says they are thieves.

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