Radha Mohan update Thursday 18 January 2024

Radha Mohan 18 January 2024: Mourning ladies crying Mohan comes in the room ask everyone what is going on?

Radha says to herself, she knew Mohan can’t watch her death being staged. Mohan asks Kadambari what is going on? Kadamabari points towards Radha’s photo with garland on it and tells Mohan they came here to mourn .

Mohan gets closer to the picture of Radha and picks up the incense burner in his hand and lits up and starts rotating in front of the picture of Radha, everyone is shocked.
Tulsi asks what is Mohan doing and asks Kadambari to stop Mohan . Kadambari goes to Mohan and asks him what is he doing. Mohan says to Kadamabari if we are mourning we should mourn properly and asks everyone to cry. Radha goes into the flashback and thinks about all the things that happened between Mohan and her.

Tulsi says to Mohan that Radha is your wife why are you doing all this? Kadambari asks everyone to stop crying and asks Mohan why is he doing all this?

Mohan says to her, we should do this because Radha is dead specially for him . Damini thinks Mohan had left her and her mother ( Kaveri) behind in drama . Radha starts crying and says to herself she can handle everything but not Mohan’s hatred .
Radha starts leaving . Damini sees Radha going so Damini let her feet in front of Radha and Radha falls down on the floor. Radha lets her pallu down , everyone gets shocked to see Radha . Gungun goes to Radha and helps her to standup.

Neighbours of Kadambari says this is the Radha daughter of Panditji. But when did she marry to Mohan? Mourning lady asks ia this the same girl in the picture?

Gungun to mourning lady says yes she is my mother and she’s alive. Kadambari to everyone, marriage is done by luck isn’t it? Another Neighbour says we’ve come to see Radha here but we got to see this drama . Damini thinks that Radha insulted her yesterday so , today she will insult Radha .

Mourning lady stands up and says what is this , the girl is alive , then why did you class us ? Gungun throws the garland from Radha’s picture and say my real mother is not here, I found new one and you’re doing bad things to her (Radha) and asked mourning ladies to leave . Damini tells them to not leave and says you’ve come here to mourn for Radha and Mohan also want that. Mourning lady asked Damini that she’s the one who called them ? Damini to Mourning lady yes I’m the one who called you .Tulsi to Mohan you see Damini is the one who did all this . Kadambari to Damini why did you did this bad omen ? Damini to Kadambari you think this is bad omen what about Radha have done to my life . Damini gets angry and says to Kadambari Radha married to Mohan by her own will and ruining my life should I let her do that without saying a word?

Mourning lady we have done a sin because of Damini we don’t come in occasions today is Radha’s muh dikhai we’ve done a sin , Damini had made fun of our work . Kaveri thinks Damini going to get scolded again today . Mourning ladies going to beat Damini but Mohan jumps in between and says no one will touch Damini whatever she did was right . Tulsi shocked and says what are you saying Mohan?

Mourning lady says to Mohan how shameless you are you just got married to her and you are mourning for her death. Radha to everyone I marry him by cheating, Mourning lady says to Radha don’t you feel sad your own husband hates you . Radha says to them whatever Mohan gives Radha she will take it as a prashad . Mourning lady to Radha , you married monster like Mohan and made him lucky.

Mourning ladies starts leaving, Radha stops them and asks them to give her blessings . Mourning ladies stops Radha to let her touch their feet . Mourning lady to Radha please don’t make us participate in this sin . Radha to Mourning ladies omen or bad omen I don’t understand all I know is people who’s with you in your bad days are your own . Damini thinks every relatives kicked Radha so now Radha going to make new relatives. Mourning lady to Radha no one ever give us that much respect. Neighbour of Kadambari says if mourning ladies are here for Radha’s muh dikhai we don’t want to be here . Radha sats if God didn’t made any difference between us then who are we!

Everyone made Radha sit and put a dupatta on her head. Neighbour of Kadambari says to Kadambari I think you cannot find a daughter-in-law like Radha. Mohan looks at Radha and goes into the flashback, where Radha told everyone that he took advantage of her innocence and left her. Radha’s muh dikhai function starts . Kadambari thinks , today Radha saved the dignity and respect of the house with her understanding but , how she can ignore Radha’s lies and deceit. Mourning lady took some money and gives blessings to Radha and handed that money to Damini and curses her that, she was making them participate in her sin because of that she will go to hell. Gungun says to Radha to stay happy forever.

Neighbour of Kadambari says I wish God bless Mohan with as much wisdom as Radha. Everyone says to Kadambari We are going now and they leave.

Mohan asks Kadambari that muh dikhai function is over? Radha says to Mohan no not yet . Radha goes to Kadambari and says you haven’t give me your blessings yet. Kadamabari says to Radha you’ve already took peace and happiness of this house what else do you want? Radha tells Kadamabari that the same thing I asked you this morning, right to call you my mother.

Radha falls down in Kadamabari’s feet and says to Kadambari, I have never seen my mother but I’m sure if she was here she will be just like you I have never expect anything from you but today I’m asking you please. Damini thinks , please say no to Radha don’t come in her emotional talks. Kadambari thinks about the flashback with Radha and says to Radha fine you can call me mother. Everyone gets shocked. Tulsi says to Kadambari thankyou ma. Kadambari looks at Mohan and says that I want to talk to you let’s go.

Kadambari goes and Mohan is going behind her, suddenly Mohan stopped and looks at Radha. Mohan says to Radha your emotional drama can work on my innocent mother but not on me . Radha thinks about the flashback where She and Mohan getting married and Mohan told Radha that he will make her life hell Radha says to herself, then how should I make everything right? which I did wrong you tell me Mohan.

Kaveri says to Damini ,today Kadambari gives Radha right to call her mother. Will Kadamabari give all the property to Radha tomorrow? And what Kadambari want to talk to Mohan alone? Damini to says to Kaveri, your Kadambari is taking Revenge from us one by one, but right now I want to know what is actually going on in her mind. Kaveri asks Damini, but how? Mohan asks Kadambari, what are you doing?

Even after all the things Radha did to us you’re doing all this for her in front of the world. Kadambari says to Mohan, I don’t care about the world all I care about is rituals. However you got married to Radha didn’t matter, we have to do all the rituals which is our responsibility. Kadambari says to Mohan, look Mohan tomorrow is Radha’s chuda poojan rasam in which I will give her this bunch of keys of house and vault
Damini overhears Kadambari and Mohan and gets shocked.

Mohan says to Kadambari, what are you saying you know this is not a real marriage I just got marry to her because of Gungun. Kadambari says to Mohan , even it’s just because of Gungun, but Radha is your wife now and she will have all the rights of a daughter-in-law.

Damini says to herself, house keys to Radha, no she cannot find about the vault. If Radha find out about the secret then everything will end .

Mohan goes into the room and call Radha. Radha ask Mohan, Is everything alright? Mohan says to Radha , you don’t have to act like my wife. You have gained everything you wanted and now my mother is going to give you keys of the house, which only Tulsi used to have. Radha asks Mohan what are you saying? Mohan says to Radha, isn’t this is your plan, first you got Gungun then you got me and now my mother but you will never be my wife.

Radha says to Mohan, I don’t have intention to take Tulsi’s place. Mohan tells Radha to shut up and says I can see clearly all your lies and intentions. Mohan grabs Radha’s hand Radha says it hurts Mohan says to Radha it’s hurting me too but am I shouting no. Something get’s inside Radha’s body, Radha starts acting weird she’s laughing to much Mohan gets scared. Mohan asks Radha to stop doing this Radha says to Mohan who is Radha? I am Shalu. Mohan asks Radha who is Shalu? Shalu the witch who sits on a tree infront of your home.

Shalu says to Mohan you used to take my name a lot. Mohan tells shalu I ‘ve never taken your name but I did a mistake, I peed on a tree did you come here to take revenge from me? Shalu tells Mohan that she come here to give him a punishment. Mohan asks Shalu ,why ?
Shalu tells Mohan, because he troubled innocent Radha alot.

Mohan says to Shalu, no Radha is not innocent she is a witch
Shalu says to Mohan, that she will not leave him .
Mohan gets scared and bumped his head .
Radha asks Mohan, are you okay? Mohan says to Radha, so your were acting it was all drama. What were you thinking? I will get scared? Radha laughs at Mohan and says your face was like rasgulla when you were sacred. Mohan says to Radha I will slap you and you face will get red. Radha says to Mohan what can I do you’re the one who said that I’m dead to you so, I’ll come like a ghost infront of you. Mohan says to Radha , you’ve scared me. Radha says to Mohan so now you can’t sleep tonight, I know you’re timid.

Mohan thinks about the flashback where Mohan Gungun and Radha were watching horror movie and he got really scared and he told Radha and Gungun that someone told him one time about the witch name Shalu. Radha says to Mohan don’t worry you don’t need to sleep alone and i know you’ll come to sleep with me. Mohan tells Radha that he’s not interested sleeping with Radha and he can sleep alone in his room.

Radha thinks and prays to god please give me strength to convert Mohan’s hate in love again.

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