Faltu Starlife update Tuesday 9 April 2024

Faltu 9 April 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan throwing Faltu’s clothes. Sid and Tanu come. Sid stops Ayaan. Ayaan says I have to make this away from me, I don’t want any hope of her return. She thinks this is Karma, I felt the same when you left me.

Ayaan says I have to take this to Ruhaan’s house. Guard stops the goons and asks them to show the bag. Kaka comes and says read spy novels less, they had come to my house to repair the fridge, let them go. Faltu screams. The guard asks how did this voice come. The man says my phone got old, the video started in it. The goons leave.

Sid says I will take this to Ruhaan, don’t do this. Ayaan says Sid please, please go from here. Tanu asks Sid to come. Ayaan recalls Faltu and his romantic moment. He says everything was a lie, you never loved me. Sid cries and says I feel helpless seeing Ayaan in his state, we aren’t able to help him. Tanu says we have to take care of Ayaan and return the happiness to the family, else our family will shatter. He asks will you leave me and go, I love you a lot. She hugs him and says never, you loved me when I needed the most. She thinks I hate Faltu and Ayaan, I want to know what Ruhaan wants. Ayaan is on the way.

He thinks I will get rid of your memories. The goons tie up Faltu. Faltu thinks where are they taking me, that uncle looked decent, he did this. She prays. Ayaan comes in front of the car. He argues with the goons. Manager says Faltu is missing, why did you lie to Ayaan, they can file a police complaint. Ruhaan asks him to find Faltu. Ayaan says I will help you, push the car. Faltu hears Ayaan and tries to scream. Ayaan gets Savita’s call. He says I m going to Ruhaan’s house to return Faltu’s belongings. Faltu thinks how can he think that I m at Ruhaan’s house, I have to leave from here, else the goons might harm me.

Faltu screams. Ayaan hears her and stops. He asks what was this sound. The goon says nothing, something fell here. Ayaan says fine. The goon says thanks. Ayaan leaves from there. He comes to Ruhaan’s house and gives the bags. He says I got Faltu’s clothes, tell her, if she has anything, then she can return it, ask her to return my passion, my memories. He gets sad and says tell her to return my faith. He says she can’t do this with me, tell her, I want my everything back, there shouldn’t be a reason of hope that Faltu will come back to me. He cries.

He says I knew it, Faltu won’t give me any answer, she is selfish, she just knows to snatch and ruin. He leaves. Ruhaan gets sad. His inner self laughs at him. Ruhaan says Faltu was the backbone of Mittal family, I have snatched them from them. His inner self says you can’t snatch their happiness, you lost Shanaya, you fell alone, if you think you have won then cheers to that.

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