Timeless love starlife update Sunday 17 March 2024

ACP telling Dev that his family thinking is narrow minded and they pressurized her to quit. Dev says I am going. ACP shows the warrant and says you can’t go out of the PS. Jai tries to tie the bangles, and the bangles break. Jai says I will do it later. Bimla says I will help you, if the bangles are not tied then the mannat will not be fulfilled. She prays to Milapni Maa and asks her to protect Vidhi.

Jai asks her to hurry up. Bimla recalls Dev’s words that don’t let Jai go from there. Jai ties the bangles. Bimla asks him to close his eyes and ask. Jai prays to Milapni Maa. He says now I will leave. Bimla stops him and asks him to keep bhog for Mata after doing mannat. She says I will make bhog for you. Jai says I am getting late and will leave. Bimla asks if you will refuse Vidhi also. She messages Dev to come fast. Dev tells ACP that he don’t harm his family, and Vidhi is his wife and life. ACP says you are prime suspect and not my friend. He asks him to sit and answer him. Dev says I am going. ACP aims gun at his head. Dev looks on.

Bimla asks Jai to come inside her house and says she will bring water for him. She thinks where is Dev ji. She keeps the kadai on the stove to make sweets for bhog. Dev says if I don’t go then I can’t save Vidhi. He says if I get scared of your gun then I can’t forgive myself all my life. He says even your bullet can’t stop me from saving my Vidhi. He goes. ACP keeps his gun down. He tells Inspector that Dev has obsession and truth for his wife, and says he will help us to solve this case.

Jai gets Dev’s call. Dev says I came to know who has kidnapped Vidhi. Jai asks who? Dev says my manager Sakshi. He says she has threatened me to give 1 crore Rs and told that her husband was stuck in some case. Jai says how can Sakshi do this? Dev says I want to get Vidhi back and is ready to give any amount. He says I want you to help me and says if by chance anything happens to me then take Vidhi to safe place. Jai thinks Sakshi has double crossed him and thinks he has to go. He tells Bimla that he has to go somewhere urgently. Bimla comes out to stop him. Dev is standing outside and sees him leaving. Bimla looks at Dev and goes.

Vidhi thinks I have to leave from here before Jai returns, and thinks if Dev understood my hints. She tries to open the door, but the door is locked. Dev prays to Milapni Mata and asks her to bless him so that he can save Vidhi from Jai. The door gets opened suddenly. Vidhi hears someone coming and hides. Jai comes inside and thinks if Sakshi kidanapped Vidhi. He finds her sitting scared beside the dressing table. He says what you are doing there? Just then Vidhi and Jai see Dev coming. Dev looks at Vidhi relieved. Vidhi runs and hugs him.

Dev says I gave you many chances, but didn’t think that you will stoop low and will kidnap Vidhi. He hits Jai. Jai says your mind is very clever, as you enquired about Vidhi. He says you have grown old and asks if you will beat me this much only. He asks if you don’t want to know why I kidnap her, and tells him that he loves her very much and understands her value. Dev beats him and asks do you know what is love? He says you just think about yourself, and don’t care for Vidhi. Jai says he cares for what Vidhi wants. Dev asks did you ask her. Jai says you have blinded her, and says before she understands love, you trapped her. He says she doesn’t know what is love, same age life partner etc, all because of you. He says until when you will be with Vidhi, did you see your age, you will die soon and can’t stop your age.

He says there is a limit of age, who will stay with Vidhi then. Dev says we have crossed age limit long before and hits Jai. Jai falls and takes the knife in his hand, says you will be punished for whatever you have done with Vidhi. He tries to stab Dev and Vidhi comes infront of him. Jai stops and asks Vidhi to move behind. Dev holds Jai’s neck. Jai says you want to stay with this old man, I tried to get him killed, thought that the thorn will go from Vidhi’s way, but sadly you got saved. He tells Vidhi that Dev is jealous of her success and used to ask you to come home fast. He says I got my accident done to stop you. He tells Dev that he impregnated the girl who started her career, it is good that I removed that thorn and says I have to stoop low to lift you from pataal, and has to make you fall down from the stairs. Vidhi and Dev are shocked to know that Jai killed their baby. Vidhi gets teary eyes.

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