The Rules of Love update Friday 8 March 2024

The rules of love 8 march 2024: Maitree informs Ashish and his parents that she will be the baby’s maasi. Ashish wonders how she does it. Maitree claims she can do it because she looks after her brother.

Om and Kusum claim that dealing with the small baby is difficult. Maitree promises to learn it and become Yashoda maa to Nandini’s child. Kusum sneezes. Maitree goes in search of water. Om believes Maitree may forget her pain while caring for the baby. Kusum is given water by Maitree.

Ashish expresses gratitude to Maitree. He invites her to accompany him. Maitree expresses her delight. Kusum claims Maitree is not allowed to leave the house until the 13th day after Saransh’s death. Maitree promises to persuade Sona to agree.

Maitree and others approach Sona’s room and notice that she is in pain. Kusum claims that if we told Sona, she would not agree, so it’s best if you leave without informing her and I will manage sister. Ashish concurs. He invites Maitree to accompany him. She is following Ashish. Sona interrupts Maitree and informs her that she will be unable to leave the house until the 13th day after Saransh’s death.

Kusum claims she requested flowers for puja from Maitree. Sona wonders how she manages to forget that they can’t do puja at home. Kusum expresses regret to her. Ashish informs Sona that he will be visiting the hospital. Sona requests that he look after Nandini and the baby. Kusum requests that Maitree take a break. Maitree ascends the stairs. Ashish calls Maitree from outside. Maitree tells him that while Kusum and Dad are taking Sona inside, I will be bringing Chotu Tiwari items. Maitree inquires of Kusum about her ability to manage Sona. Kusum agrees and dispatches Maitree. Kusum puts a sleeping tablet in Sona’s tea to put her to sleep for three hours.

Ashish is sitting in the car. He remembers how happy he was to learn Nandini was pregnant and how they shared the news with Maitree. Maitree sits in the car with the baby’s belongings and requests that Ashish start the vehicle. She notices he is disoriented and inquires as to what happened. Ashish doesn’t say anything and starts the car.

Vasundhara is constantly watching CCTV footage. Vasundhara’s brother questions why she is watching it so frequently. Vasundhara claims she is watching it in order to teach a lesson to Ashish and that she will learn how to do so. Vasundhara directs him to retrieve one lakh rupees from the locker. He believes it may not be enough. She claims there are proofs in the same hospital where Saransh died, and I want those proofs, and 1 lakh is sufficient.

Maitree notices nature. Kusum invites Sona to a cup of tea. Sona sets it aside. Ashish tells Maitree not to take Sona’s words seriously and apologises to her on Sona’s behalf. Maitree expresses sympathy for Sona’s suffering. Sona requests that Kusum contact Maitree and informs her that she has work for her. Ashish encourages Maitree to move on with her life. He invites her to come to her house once his son has settled in. Maitree claims she had a habit of following Nandini around. Sona questions Kusum about why she isn’t calling Maitree. Om appears there. Ashish informs Maitree that their dreams were shattered in an instant. Kusum requests that Sona drink tea because it is getting cold. Sona takes a sip and says that it’s really hot and you’re not calling Maitree so I will call her by myself. Om and Kusum appear stunned.

Ashish transporting Maitree to the doctor at the city hospital. He introduces Maitree to Doctor as the baby’s maasi and says she will look after the baby. The doctor inquires about Maitree’s experience with babies. No, says Maitree. The doctor says they cannot entrust the baby’s care to an inexperienced person. Om requests that Spna not bother Maitree. Sona expresses her desire to apologise to Maitree for her behaviour towards her. Om says you can talk to her later, but you need to rest right now. Kusum pours her a cup of tea. Sona sips tea and falls asleep.

Maitree persuades the Doctor that she can care for the baby. She asks her to put her to the test. The doctor requests that the nurse bring the baby. They hand the baby over to Maitree. The doctor informs Maitree that they are free to take the baby home. Vasundhara informs her brother that she will use his postpartum report to prove Saransh’s drug use, and that she will not allow Ashish to have custody of the baby.

In the mirror, Maitree sees herself wearing a white saree. She recalls Doctor telling her that stressing Nandini is bad. Ashish inquires as to why she came to a halt. Nandini will be upset, according to Maitree, if she sees me in a white saree. Kusum requests that Om contact Ashish to find out where they are. Om says you can talk to her later, but you need to rest right now. Kusum pours her a cup of tea. Sona sips tea and falls asleep.

Ashish informs Maitree that she must dress colourfully for her friend’s sake. He forces her to wear his hoodie. Om requests that transgender people leave. Transgender people say they came because they heard the baby was coming home. Om reports that the baby is still in the hospital. They say don’t lie; we have information that the baby is returning home. Maitree draws bindi on her face with a marker.

Maitree, Ashish, and the baby make their way to Nandini’s room. Sona awakens and inquires of Kusum about what is going on outside. Om orders Kinners to stop playing the dhol. Kusum tries to control Sona by asking her to sleep. Sona claims she is unable to sleep. Kusum goes to bring her juice. Sona wonders why Kusum is scared.

Maitree and Ashish are attempting to awaken Nandini. Mr.Bakshi informs them that visiting hours have ended and requests that they should depart. Vasundhara contacts the compounder and requests that Saransh’s report be brought outside. Compounder comes out and gives her reports before leaving with money. Vasundhara reads the report and says I knew that he drove the car taking a high dose of drugs and now I will take revenge on Ashish. She is unaware that Ashish and Maitree are taking the baby. Vasundhara’s brother notices Maitree and Ashish driving away with the baby.

Vasundhara attempts to stop them, but they flee. Vasundhara shatters her expensive phone in rage. Her brother asks why she broke it and says it’s Ashish’s baby, so they can’t stop him. She says Nandini may go to her mother-in-house law’s if the baby is with them, so I won’t leave her with that option and will get custody of the baby by framing Ashish, so call your wife here to take care of the baby. Kusum informs Om that Sona has awakened. Transgender people witness the baby’s return home with Ashish and Maitree. They begin to dance around Maitree and the baby while playing dholak. Maitree is tensed.

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