My desire update Thursday 8 February 2024

My desire 8 February 2024: The Episode starts with Daljeet telling Samrat that before she would ask Shehnaz where is she, the call was disconnected and she waited for her call all night.

She says she is sure that Nitya had killed Shehnaz, as she had the reason to kill her, and says if Shehnaz would be alive then she would have exposed Nitya. Samrat asks why you didn’t go to Police, as you know everything about Nitya. Daljeet tells that she didn’t know where Shehnaz had kept the proofs, how to fight with Nitya alone without proofs. She says Nitya got powerful after this incident. He asks how can you be sure that Shehnaz is not alive.

Daljeet says she has a mother’s heart and knows who happened with her daughter. Samrat says he has some proofs against Nitya and asks will you help me to get her punished. Daljeet says I will help you surely. Samrat says he has plan to expose Nitya and bring her truth out infront of everyone.

Arjun rolls out from the bed and Kashvi accidentally falls on him. He asks if you want to kill me. She says you are sleeping peacefully here. Arjun says I am not sleeping peacefully on the floor and even now my rest is disturbed.

She asks what do you mean? He says you are not light weight and it is sure that you want to kill me. Kashvi gets up and says I am not heavy, and says I was searching you everywhere and you was sleeping here. Arjun takes out cotton buds from his eyes, and tells her that she was snoring so heavily that he was forced to sleep on the floor. Kashvi says sorry. Arjun says I couldn’t sleep all night and you fell down on me. He says you will get punishment. Kashvi asks what? He holds her face and says you shall do 20 sit ups holding your ears. She refuses. Arjun says start..and asks her to do until he freshen up.

Mahima asks the Lady inspector to leave her and says she is from a good hospital. Lady Inspector says you was running away without paying the hotel bills of 2.5 lakhs. Mahima says I had asked for time from them and asks her to let her go to arrange money. Lady Inspector asks her to call someone for her bail. Mahima says nobody knows me in this city, whom to call. Inspector asks her to be quiet. Mahima thinks she can’t call her family, as she has eloped from home and spoiled relations with them. She thinks who will help me and thinks to call Mira for help.

Arjun opens the cupboard and finds his clothes arranged in the cupboard. Kashvi says she arranged, after he had slept. A fb is shown, she opens the cupboard and all the clothes fall down on her. She folds his clothes and keeps them in his cupboard. Fb ends. Arjun thanks Kashvi and asks why she didn’t tell him. She says she helped him for first and last time and asks him to keep his cupboard clean. He says he will try and smiles. Kashvi looks at him as he goes.

Samrat brings a surprise gift for Nayantara and tells her that he has kept their reception. Nayantara says how we will arrange so soon. Samrat says he has arranged everything and asks her to get ready, says we will go. He thinks he has kept the party to expose Nitya, hopes that everything happens as per the plan.

Later Samrat takes Dajeet to the hotel room and asks her to be there, and don’t go out in any circumstances.

She asks what you will do with Nitya. He says I will take you to Nitya in the party and she will be shocked seeing you, then you shall tell her that you have proofs against her which Shehnaz had given you. Daljeet says she doesn’t have proof. Samrat says Nitya doesn’t know this, and says either she will do something wrong or will tell her crime being scared. He asks her not to go anywhere till then. Daljeet says ok. He says Nitya..get ready to be exposed today. Later at the party venue, they welcome the guests. Arjun, Kashvi come there and hug them. Nitya praises the decorations. Nayantara says Samrat did this. Nitya thanks him for inviting them. Kashvi says lets begin the party, and says the newly weds shall do a dance. Nayantara refuses. Kashvi asks them to dance. Nayantara refuses.

Arjun asks Samrat to take her to dance. Samrat forwards his hand towards Nayantara. She holds his hand and goes to dance with him. They dance on the song agar tum saath ho. The waiter serves the snacks to Nitya, Kashvi and Arjun and makes the chutney falls on Nitya. Kashvi says she will come with her to get her saree cleaned. Nitya says she will go. Daljeet is in the washroom and finds the water not coming in any of the taps. She thinks to go out and come back fast. She thinks Samrat had asked her, not to go out, but she has to go to bathroom. She goes to the common bathroom and sees Nitya there. Nitya asks how are you and asks how is Shehnaz? Daljeet asks her not to act infront of her, and says you have killed Shehnaz, I will end your lies today. Nitya asks what you are saying? Daljeet says you understand me well, and says you and your lies are over now. Nitya says I think you are in trauma, and says I will call someone. Daljeet says you killed my daughter before Shehnaz could expose you. Nitya says what you are saying? Daljeet says I have all proofs against you.


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