I’m On the Edge update Wednesday 13 July 2022

I’m on the edge 13 July 2022: Devi puts a little mehdni on her hand. she says happy? go from here now. He says no. This is not enough. He takes her hands and drowns then in the bowl of mehdni. Her hands are full of mehdni. He says now Mehndi ritual is done. Devi is in tears. He applies mehndi on his hands from hers. He says lets go.Urmi puts that mehdni on her hand and leaves.Devi says you think mehdni will make me your wife? He says think again. After this mehndi gives colors we will get married. You wanted all the festives of wedding. He beats the drum. Devi goes upstairs and rubs her hand. Ambika says stop it your hands will bleed. Devi says no I will clean it. Ambika says leave it. She hugs her.

Adhi says it will be fun when I torture you after marriage.The storm is raging. Devi goes to shut her window, adhi is standing here. She says what are you doing here? He says don’t shiut what if your family sees me? what will you say what are you doing here? You know who I am your husband to be. He holds her toghtly. He says wanted to see your mehndi if it gave color. I didn’t know hatred has color too. She says go from here. He says I do what I want to. Wanna know what is going in my heart? I really enjoy this game now. Breaking your ego. Couldn’t stop myself from coming here. You have only four days after that these games will end and bigger games will start. Bharat says Devi.. Adhi leaves. Bharat says didn’t you shut the window? She says yes was doing that. Bahrat says are you okay? She says yes. She goes upstairs.

DEvi calls her friend. She says don’t worry. I will talk to my uncle you are my best friend.
Bharat is worried. His wife says don’t worry. Bharat says he has decided wedding date after four days. If he marries her will ruin her life.Doorbell rings. Devi is about to open the door. Bharat says I will see. She says no I will. Devi opens the door. It’s a postman. He gives devi her result. She opens the results and says yayy i passed third year. Bharat hugs her. He says that’s such a good news. Everyone congratulates her. Ishika says I will be your assistant. Kaki says let me bring sweets for everyone. The paper also says five lac is the fees for the admission for new year. Bharat asks what happened? She says its final year form/ Fees date is after two days. The letter came to us late.

Bharat says I will arrange it don’t worry. She says where will we get 5 lacs in two days? Post man asks her to sign the receiving. He leaves.Adhi’s men kidnap the postman. They hit him. He says forgive me whats my sin? Adhi says I am the only postmaster of Sujhan garh. Any letter goes after my permission. It should have come to me first. Now tell me what was in the letter? His men hit him. Postman says I know what was written in it. She received it and was so happy. Adhi says what made her so happy? Postman says it was form her college with admission form. She was talking about 5 lac admission fees. Adhi asks his men to let the postman go.

Kaki comes nd says what is all this? Devi adhi is doin all this. He threw petrol on me and ishu. Ishu says he will burn me. Devi says I am sorry. This is all because of me. Kaki says if something happens to my ishu I won’t forgive you. Ambika says how is it her fault? What is she was harmed too? devi saved ishika. Kakai saays you can never understand what a mother feels. Bharat sas ambika i am sorry. She says no she was scared.Bharart says DEvi rekha was scared. DEvi says I know. Bhrat says focus on your dreams please.

Scene 2
Kesar comes to lawyer’s room. She places the dinner there. she says adhi will come late. He tastes it and says its so good. Did you eat? She says no I can only eat after everyone’s done. He saays I will talk to Adhi. This is all not right. She says I can’t change my fate.Laawyer comes to adhi. He with his gun. He says put it down. You scared me. Is everything okay? Adh laughs and says it will be so much fun.DEvi is crying. She recalls everything. She says I am responsible for all this. She says help me God. So I can fight for my family. Give me strength.Urmi gets ready.

Her mom comes in and says you will stay here and she will marry adhi. Kesarr says adhi hates her. She says you have only two days. If she comes here and we will be kicked out. You have to marry adhi. Urmi says calm down. Adhi will onAmbika comes. Devi says the breakfast is ready. She says are you all upset? don’t be. We all have to stand together. We have to be strong and face the situation.bharat us selling his machines. He asks the man for money. He says I can’t give you money. Adhi says you won’t get the money. Bharat says enough. Adhi says you can’t send her for studies without my permission. Your house can be burned again. I can burn your whole family. Bharat grasps his collar.

Devi comes there. Adhi says yes what you wanna so. Devi says you can’t scare us. We want money. Adhi says because you want to study. She says I want to marry you. I am taking this money to marry you. I am ready to marry you. Bhrat is dazed.Devi says you got what you wanted stop bothering my family. Bharat says you can’t give upp. you have become a doctor. Devi says I will marry him. I want to put an end to this drama. You ishika and everyone is suffering. Adhi says I wont’ marry you now. I wanted to ruin your life if. If marriage doesn’t do that I wont marry you. He leaves. She says kaku saa.

Adhi comes and laughs. he says you got so happy? That you will go and become a doctor. I promised my mom that I will make you her slipper. I will ruin your life. You have only two days left.

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