Barrister Bahu update Friday 8 July 2022

Barrister Bahu 8 July 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh coming with a bucket of water. He sits and cleans the sheets by his hands. Rishta tera mera….plays…. Binoy and Trilochan look on. Anirudh says I know to fulfill my responsibility, you said I have to change myself, when will you clean your heart, how will you clean the illness of blind belief, if you can’t clean, then tell me, I have decided to clean all the dirt. He asks Koyli to make Bondita ready, they have to go to the doctor. He goes. Trilochan sees Binoy. Saudamini comes.Anirudh says we are going to the doctor, wish everything gets fine. She nods. Bondita asks how will Lord listen to your prayer, when you didn’t listen to me. He says surely, since Mini and I wish your betterment. Bondita says save me, even Trilochan failed, how shall I stop him. Saudamini says just go, I will see what to do. She goes. Anirudh says don’t be shy, answer the doctor, like we don’t hide anything from Lord, we shouldn’t hide anything from a doctor, like you talk to people without any fear…. same way you talk to the doctor.

Bondita nods and thinks the world will know my problem and laugh on my face, how will I not get tensed. He asks are you worrying what will the people think when you know your problem, are you scared. She nods. He says two months back, Gandhi ji went abroad wearing a dhoti, the men wearing suits laughed at him, his determination was same, he didn’t return without doing his work, we shouldn’t be scared thinking of people’s work, we should be more determined, people will say something, its their work to talk, let them talk, you don’t let anyone write your fate, you will write it yourself. She thinks he talks well and gives me courage, but I still feel scared. He says when we come back, we will have fun, I will show you a bioscope. She thinks where did I get stuck. He says you want to know what is it, I will show it when we come back, the car has come. Bondita prays. Anirudh says we have come early, there is no one. Bondita thinks its good. He goes inside. Saudamini comes to her. She signs Bondita to come out. Anirudh says patient name, Bondita, aged 11. Doctor asks what’s your relation with her.

Anirudh says she is my wife. Doctor asks what did you say. Anirudh says she is my wife, don’t know what happens that she wets the bed at night, I feel its also like flu and cold, it can be treated. Doctor says yes, it can be treated, though its rare, get your wife, I will examine her and then prescribe medicines. Anirudh says she has come with me. Saudamini asks Bondita to run away. Bondita says no. Saudamini says everyone will laugh on you, they will also laugh on your mum, can you see this. Bondita says no. Doctor says I feel you are a good human and a good husband, when such illnesses happen, people hide and get treatment from pandits, girls suffer a lot, I wish others also think like you and show courage, go and get your wife. Anirudh says thanks, half of my tension went away, I will get her. He looks for Bondita. She says it will be right to run away. Saudamini says you don’t take my name when Anirudh asks you. Bondita asks why, mum says we shouldn’t run from truth.

Saudamini asks will your mum come to help, will Anirudh let me help you when he knows this. Bondita says no, fine, I will lie. Anirudh calls her out. She hides inside a palanquin. Saudamini hides behind the pots. Anirudh sees Bondita’s saree and checks the palanquin. He asks her to come. He asks why were you running, who was helping you to hide. He looks around. Saudamini hides her face. Bondita screams. He asks what happened. She says I got hurt by the thorn. He asks where. She says I removed it. He asks whom are you saving by this drama. She asks shall we go home. He says no, we won’t go without meeting the doctor, come, we will also get the foot treated. He takes her. He asks her not to get scared, shy and hesitant, and just answer the doctor.

Anirudh saying Bondita was scared, now she is fine. Dr. Basu says I don’t want to know anything, she can go, I don’t check women. Anirudh says you were saying that…. Dr. Basu says just take her away. He recalls Anirudh going out. Munshi comes and says Binoy has sent this for you, he wants Anirudh to return without getting Bondita’s treatment. He says maybe this clinic is made on Binoy’s land, he may cancel your medical license. FB ends. Anirudh says Bondita needs your help. Dr. Basu says I can’t check her. Anirudh says doctor is like Lord, you are defaming your profession. Bondita feels shy. Dr. Basu says I can’t help you. Anirudh asks her to come. He sees Binoy’s wine bottle. He thinks if dad the reason for his refusal. He says I understood why you are refusing suddenly, you got sold for some precious gifts, I will pay you double, treat Bondita. He throws the cash and also his gold chain. He asks him to keep the coat.

Dr. Basu says I won’t treat her, just go. Bondita smiles and goes out. Anirudh gets angry. They leave. Bondita tries to calm down Anirudh. He says I m not angry. She asks him to smile, anger doesn’t suit his face.She asks him if he will show the bioscope. He says no. She says you are angry. He shouts. She laughs and says I caught you. They come home. Binoy asks Bihari to change everything in Anirudh’s room when Bondita goes to her room. He says Bondita has spread the dirt here, I don’t want any dirt, clean the room in 3 days. Anirudh looks on and says tell him that it will happen in 3 hours, he is Lord and can do anything. Trilochan asks do you feel right to talk like this to your dad in front of a servant, apologize, come on.

Binoy says let it be, he wants to defame us, he can’t apologize to us. Anirudh says he did a crime to bribe the doctor, ask him, he wants to defeat me. Binoy says he thinks this about me. They argue. Trilochan says Binoy is your dad, he wants your and Bondita’s betterment. Anirudh says ask him why did he bribe the doctor, tell me. Trilochan says enough, Binoy did what a dad should do, whatever he did, the reason is you and our family, you didn’t see anything about our society. Trilochan says we will get insulted. He says we want us to tell the village that our Bahu wets the bed in this age, if you don’t understand this, then maybe…. Anirudh says I understood, why do we not value humanity. He hurts his hand. Trilochan asks him to show the wound, is it deep. Anirudh says yes. Trilochan asks Bihari to call the doctor. Anirudh says you won’t call anyone, I will see the pain. Trilochan asks him did he go mad. Anirudh says even Bondita’s treatment didn’t happen, its fine if I don’t get treated, maybe you understand that if anyone is ill or wounded, how it feels when treatment isn’t done, when a dear person gets hurt, and you can’t do anything. Trilochan and Binoy look on.

Bondita says Anirudh was very angry, he couldn’t get me treated, I m happy. She laughs. Saudamini smiles. Sampoorna says I didn’t go out to sell the necklace, Surmani can make Saurabh away from me if I don’t get the goats. Biraj asks her not to worry. Sampoorna asks why did you tolerate this. Biraj says I love my husband and son a lot, Surmani’s dad gave this house, she will throw us out. Sampoorna says I m away from my husband. Biraj says he loves you a lot, don’t worry. Saurabh comes. Biraj says Saurabh has come, you can see his love for you. She goes. Sampoorna sees him. He cares for her. Surmani sees them. He says I want to tell something. He sees Surmani and scolds Sampoorna. Biraj signs Sampoorna and smiles. Saurabh goes. Surmani sees Sampoorna and Biraj smiling. She thinks I will not let win.Bondita asks Saudamini to say, doesn’t she feel shy to tell that problem to doctor, why doesn’t Anirudh understand this. Saudamini says yes. She thinks I will send Bondita to her mum’s place.

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