Anupama Starlife update Wednesday 11 January 2023


Anupama 11 January 2023: Anuj is surprised to see Bapuji, Kinjal, Samar, Mamaji, and Devika at the doorstep with Anupama. Bapuji says yes they are here and jokingly calls Anu a donkey. GK gets angry and warns Bapuji to be in his limits and don’t dare disrespect Anu. Bapuji says apologizes him saying he should have remembered he is from a bride’s family. GK says he should. Vanraj on the other side fails to convince client for a contract and gets tensed remembering Malvika’s deadline. Back to Anuj’s house, Bapuji and GK laugh out loud and say they April fooled Anuj. Anuj and Anu fight next making them tense and then laugh saying even they Aprool fooled them. Bapuji apologizes Anuj for waking him up early and says the ritual muhurat is of early morning. Anuj says he will not get fool again. Devika says he is really a donkey and shows bags in Samar’s hands. Bapuji jokes he will not get his daughter married to a donkey. Anuj nervously says he knows they will not go without fixing wedding date and rushes in to get ready.Kavya asks Vanraj why don’t he join another company if he is having problem with Malvika’s. and honestly says he is just wasting his time there as there is no friendship or trust left between him and Malvika, eventually, Anuj will get him evicted from the company if he himself doesn’t.

Vanraj asks if she is calming him down or taunting him. She says she is just showing him a mirror. He shouts to stop her rubbish. She says he justg can shut his wife’s mouth and all his Vanraj Shah is back, he will do something big, etc., are just his loose talk; he wanted to become a hero by making Anuj a zero, but Anuj became a hero and Vanraj is still a zero. Vanraj shouts Kavyaaa. She says he cannot change the fact by shouting at her, he is back to where he started from, he is full of fake attitude and lacks sense, etc. He says he is neither shameless or helpless and still has his brain and talent, so he will do something and if Kavya doesn’t trust her and can’t see her future with him, she can find someone else; she should remember that he is the real hero of this story and will always be. Kavya walks away saying he can live in his bubble but she can’t.GK performs Anu’s aarti and gets emtional. Mamaji says mummy bhai became sasu mummy. GK says he is teary-eyed seeing this love story completed. Devika, Samar, and Kinjal say Anuj and Anu are inspirations for other lovers, Anuj performs Anu’s aarti next and says one who used to come in his dream is coming to his house, so why shouldn’t he perform her aarti, etc. Anu jokes. Anuj welcomes them all. GK says let’s talk about wedding now. Anu shyly goes to the kitchen to get tea. Devika, Kinjal, and Samar say they need breakfast and send him to kitchen. GK says Mukku had called and is very happy hearing about Anu and Anuj’s wedding. Bapuji says lets get Anu and Anuj married before any issue arises again. GK says he will not let the marriage happen at Shah house as the cannot bear the toxic people spilling venom from their mouth and acid from their eyes on Anu and Anuj. Bapuji says he already established god. GK gets adamant and says Anu and Anuj’s wedding will not happen in Shah house.

Anuj gets into ktichen. Anu asks him to go out as the children will watch them. Anuj insists to help her. She blushes. Mai Teri Tu Mera.. song plays in the backgorund. Bapuji GK that Baa and Vanraj will attend the wedding anyway, so they should perform wedding at Shah house itself and make sure Baa and Vanraj don’t make any issues. GK gets adamant again. Anuj and Anu return with breakfast. Bapuji and GK get silent. Bapuji then perform.Bapuji returns home with Anu, Kinjal, Samar, and Mamaji after performing Anu and Anuj’s shagun ritual. He notices Baa with jewelry and documents and aks what is all this. Baa says it’s their status and says that he dreamed about Anupama’s lavish wedding, but they are not rich to bear the expenses with Toshu and Vanraj’s risky job and only small savings left. She says she is not cursing or angry but is just telling the truth and asks Bapuji to spend all the savings and give away the jewelry but leave a dime to buy some poison as they will be on road after Anupama’s wedding. Everyone stands speechless.Anuj discusses with Devika that he wants a lavish wedding that would be the best in town. and asks her to make all the wedding arrangements. Devika agrees. Anupama tells Bapuji that Baa is right that would be very tough on the family, so she and Anuj would have a simple wedding with their old saris and just an expense of sindhoor; Baa is right this time. Anupama then stares her long moral gyaan how a daughter’s marriage is made a burden for an Indian father, counting the catering expenses, gifts for the groom’s family, etc., etc. She after the girl’s bidayi, her father looks at his passbook and gets teary eyed again. Bapuji says a daughter’s marriage is the father’s wish. Anupama says it should be for rich family, not a middle-class family like theirs, and suggests a simple wedding with rituals in the lawn and simple clothes, etc. Samar says its her second marriage, but Anuj’s first. Kinjal backs him and says it would be an injustice for Anuj.


Anuj continues expressing his excitement. Devika says Anupama may not like a lavish wedding and wants to keep it a low key affair, so he should seek her opionin and then decide. Anuj stands stunned. Back at Shah house,Toshu informs Vanraj that he is going to meet his friend Yash who returned from USA and whose father has a big business in USA and hopes to seek help from him for their business. Vanraj agrees. Toshu says he will bring Yash here where Vanraj can impress him with his talks. Kavya hears their conversation and thinks they get excited unnecessarily and hopes their wish comes true. Vanraj and Toshu make a business presentation to trap Yash this time.Anupama remembers Anuj’s and Baa’s opinion regarding marriage. Anuj also recalls Devika’s advice. Anu calls him. Anuj says he wants to meet her. They meet at Anu’s dance academy. Anuj says Bapuji discussed about a lavish wedding, but she need not worry as he just wants her. She says then they will have court marriage and then temple pheras. He says as she wishes. She shouts why he does it every time, she wasn’t present in her first relationship and sometimes feel he is not present in this relationship, he should express his desire and not just accept her wish. She gives gyaan on the mutual consent for anything between relationship, etc. Anuj says his life’s only dream is to marry her and wants a lavish wedding with best DJ, best venue, best clothes, all the rituals, but when he closes his eyes, he just imagines her and not all those things.

She says he became mahaan/great again and insists him to tell what his heart wants. Anuj says if he listens to his heart, he would be paying loan rest of his life; he doesn’t want money from Bapuji as he is taking his most precious wealth. He says they have a best choreographer Samar, best dress designer Devika, Bapuji event planner, Kinjal DJ, Mukku wedding planner, GK photographer, mamaji caterer. Anu laughs and says nobody will get food if mamaji becomes a caterer. He jokes she need not worry as he will remember this marriage. He says this wedding should be a memorable event. She agrees. Devika makes MaAn ki shaadi whatsapp group. Anu and Anuj continue to discuss their wedding plan and smile.

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