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Anupama 12 January 2023: Shah and Kapadia families are excited for Anuj-Anupama wedding. Malvika too takes part in the wedding preparation. Bhavesh and Anupamas mother join the MaAn wedding group and decide to prepare for their marriage. Anupama gets emotional seeing the love from her family members. Anuj laughs. Anupama says they are rich because their family is supporting them. Leela tells to Vanraj and Kavya that she told Anupama that either she should get married or should leave them poor. Vanraj asks Leela not to talk as he is making an important presentation. Hasmuk returns Leela’s money. Leela asys if he got some lottery. Kavya and vanraj asks if Anupama cancelled her wedding. Hasmuk replies that Anupama will get married and none can stop her. He adds he don’t like to disclose how he is going to manage for Anupamas wedding. Leela stands stunned.There, Anuj and Anupama spend quality time together. They sketch their future together. Vanraj wait for Paritosh and Yash. He says if he will get one chance, he will break the deal. Kavya asks Vanraj to stop being over-confident. Vanraj asks Kavya to stop demotivating him. Anuj inform Anupama that she is getting lots of offer post she won the dance competition. Anupama thanks Anuj for coming into her life and fulfilling her dreams. Anuj promise Anupama to be with her and fulfil all her dreams.

Samar tries to convince Pakhi to attend Anupama’s wedding. He makes her recall Anupama’s sacrifice for Shah family. Samar says to Pakhi that they should fight for Anupama and not with her. Pakhi thinks upon Samar’s word. She recalls her past with Anupama and sits confused. In the meantime, Paritosh brings his friend to the house. His friend spot Anupama and Anuj together. They mock Paritosh on Anupama’s second wedding. Paritosh gets angry Later, Kinjal feels proud of Samar for being mature. She asks Samar to help her too and talk with Paritosh. Kinjal says she wants Paritosh to be happy and genuinely wants him not to hurt Anupama. Paritosh beats his friend for disrespecting Anupama. Anupama, Anuj tries to stop the fight. Paritosh vents out at Anupama. Anuj goes mad at Paritosh post he unintentially hurt Anupama. Paritosh says with Anupama getting married, now on every day Shah family has to bear society’s accusation. [Episode Ends].

Tohu walks away angrily after his argument with Anuj and Anupama. Anuj asks Anupama if she is fine. Anupama says she is fine and asks him to go home as she will handle the issue. Anuj denies and says she should either accompany him home right now or else he will not let her go alone to Shah house. Anupama says she can tolerate anything but not anyone disrespecting him. Vanraj waits for Toshu to return with his rich friend. Toshu returns home. Vanraj asks why his clothes are torn. Toshu says he fought with his friend because of mummy and her boyfriend. Leela yells that she told Anupama not to ruin her children’s lives for her happiness, she stays at home and can tolerate humiliation, but the children go out for work. Toshu shouts he will work if it starts, Anu always spoils his work. Vanraj asks why did he fight with his friend, this deal was important for them to convince Malvika.Malvika walks in unexpectedly, gives Vanraj, Toshu, and Kavya’s salaries and fires them from their job. Vanraj shocked asks what did he do, she gave him 1 month’s time. She says she gave him time and chance; tongue lashes Vanraj and his team for troubling Anu and Anuj; says GK informed her what they did to Anuj and Anupama; Baa’s curse that something wrong will happened in this house if Anupama marries Anuj hit hard on herself, etc. Vanraj angrily shouts at her to get out.


Anupama walks in. Malvika gets happy seeing her. Vanraj shouts at them to celebrate their reunion outside the house. Malvika takes Anupama outside and excitedly thanks her for agreeing for marriage and becoming her bhabhi; she missed Anu a lot. Anu says even she missed her a lot, especially Anuj. Malvika says she saw her video on stage and is very happy for her. She reveals that she fired Vanraj and his team and apologizes for listening to Vanraj instead of Anu and Anuj. Anu says they forgot about it and even she should. Malvika says she will try, but as far as she knows herself, she will not forget. She continues showing her excitement about Anuj and Anupama, leaving Vanraj and Toshu frowning. Bapuji, Mamaji, and Samarf join her. She dances with them and loudly says let the enemies go to hell, they should enjoy MaAn’s wedding. Vanraj vents out his anger on the furniture.Anupama asks Malvika to go home now. Malvika agrees and continues singing MaAn ki shaadi hai.. loudly. Vanraj says Anu, Anuj, and Malvika made his life a hell. Anu sends Samar to drop Malvika till the cab and tells Bapuji that one or the other issue arises, now Vanraj will accuse her for Malvika’s decision, etc. Bapuji comforts her.

GK tries to calm down Anuj’s anxiety and asks him not to worry about Anu. Anuj worries if his wedding with Anupama will take place or not and his fear will not vanish until he marries Anu. GK recites a shayari suggesting him to fight his fear. They hear Muqbala.. song and get happy that Mukku has come. Mukku dances with them and exprsses her excitement regarding Anu and Anuj’s marriage.Anupama offers water to Vanraj and asks him to calm down for himself. Vanraj says he can’t believe her, she pushes him first and then gives him gyaan. Anu says she didn’t do anything. Vanraj says they both ruined his hard work. Anupama sasy hard work with wrong itention never pays off and suggests him to mend his ways before its too late; she doesn’t want to lecture him, but he is her children’s father and its her duty to explain him; she will leave from here in a few days, he should stop his evil acts or else they will backfire on him. He angrily says go to hell.

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