Lost in Love update Wednesday 11 January 2023


Lost in Love 11 January 2023: Pakhi tells Virat that she was so lost in Virat’s love that she couldn’t see Samrat’s goodness. She says she had accepted Samrat slowly and was starting a new journey of life with him when Samrat passed away. She sheds fake tears to garner Virat’s attention. Virat makes her sit and offers her water. Pakhi says she wanted to make Samrat feel special on his birthday like Virat makes Sai feel special. Virat says he was experiencing Sarmat’s presence and felt as if he was speaking to Samrat. Pakhi acts as feeling excited and asks if he informed Samrat how much she loves him. Virat looks at her hand. She frees him and apologizes.vViratsays its okay as he can understand the pain she is going through after Samrat’s death. Pakhi says they both are going through same pain, Virat’s relationship with Samrat is different than her, she understood Samrat too late, etc. Virat says he can understand her feeling as he feels the same for his unborn baby. Pakhi thinks same situation holds good for their relationship as his love for her ended before it started. He asks her if she wants to say something else. She says no, acts as keeping the sari in cupboard, and thinks she somehow wants to spend more time with Virat.

Something from the cupboard falls down. Virat picks it and apologizes Pakhi for making her emotional. Pakhi asks not to apologize as she knows he is missing his baby. Virat says sometimes they cannot get what they wish for. Pakhi says baby is his necessity and since Sai cannot fulfill his necessity, there must be some other way to get a baby. He stands stunned. She says she knows he is missing a baby girl and must have already selected a baby’s name. Virat says Savi and goes aside. Pakhi hopes if she can give him a baby and get closer to him during the process. She recalls talking to Vaishali about becoming Virat’s baby’s surrogate mother.Sai and Virat meet a doctor for counseling. Doctor discusses about the emotions parents feel after losing a baby and sometimes they would be able to open up in front of a stranger than the dear ones. Sai says she will go out if Virat wants to speak to doctor alone. Virat says he doesn’t want to and asks her to sit. He describes how Sai puts forth other’s happiness above her happiness. Doctor that that is what makes Sai special and he should be proud of her. The long counseling session continues with doctor hearing both of them and insists them for surrogacy. She explains the surrogacy procedure in detail and says they can have their own baby after 9 months. Virat agrees for the procedure and says he is ready to keep their baby in someone else’s womb for 9 months and wants their baby in this world somehow.

Sai and Virat happily hug each other and express their happiness. Sai says she wanted to talk to him about surrogacy since long, but he was lost in himself alone. Viat says he can never be alone as she is with him. He says soon there would be little girl in their lives. Sai says a little boy who will keep themselves together forever. She says family would be very happy if they hear about our decision of becoming parents. Virat says family won’t be happy as Bhavani has problem with both adoption and surrogacy.Sai and Virat return home looking happy. Bhavani says she was waiting for Virat as she wants to talk something important. Virat asks her to go ahead. Bhavani says Ashwini told there are some differences between them. Pakhi says Virat is sleeping in different room. Ashwini says she shouldn’t discuss about husband and wife’s personal issues openly. Pakhi says everyone are dear ones here. Sai says Virat used to sleep in different room, but slept in her room last night. Bhavani asks them to forget their differences and think about having a baby.Sai reveals that Virat agreed for surrogacy. Family rejoices hearing that and express their happiness. Pakhi stands jealous hearing that. Mansi says Virat and Sai’s baby will bring happiness in their lives, she was expecting Samrat and Pakhi’s baby, but now since it can’t happen, she will be happy with Virat and Sai’s baby. Karishma says she read about rich woman getting a baby via surrogacy. Saloni asks how is it done. Karishma stands clueless. Sai explains the surrogacy procedure in detail. Omkar asks how will convince any woman to lend her womb for 9 months. Sonali says their family will be defamed. Bhavani says she will search a surrogate mother. Sai says she is a doctor and will do it herself.


Pakhi says family wants Virat’s baby and not Sai’s, so like in old days they used to get another woman for the husband who used to bear child for the husband, they need to find another woman for Virat. Bhavani asks if she means they should get Virat married a second time. Pakhi says a baby should happen in a natural way and not weird artificial way. Sonali asks who will agree to marry Virat. Pakhi says she will marry Virat, leaving everyone in shock. Pakhi then gets out of her imagination when Virat calls her and asks where is she lost. She thinks its good that she didn’t express her wish openly to bear Virat’s child.Bhavani tells Sai that she will select a woman for her and Virat’s baby. Sai says its a medical procedure and they need to check a fit woman. Bhavani says she needs to check the woman’s background. Virat says they need to find a fit woman and not bother about her caste or religion. Bhavani gets adamant that she will select the surrogate mother. Sai says at the end, the baby would belong to her.Back to room, Sai feels disheartened that the family is forcing their decisions regarding her baby and Pakhi criticizing their decision. Virat comforts her and asks her to change her dress and rest. Sai opens cupboard and finds new saris. Virat says Pakhi gifted her saris to Sai. Sai says Pakhi is acting as concerned on 1 side and criticizing her decision on the other side, she cannot understand Pakhi. Virat says she should go and question Pakhi directly.

Pakhi in her room fumes that whenever she tries to get closer to Virat, Sai ruins her plans aways. Vaishali walks to her and asks if she has gone mad. Pakhi says if loving Virat is madness, then she is mad. She says she has to bear Virat’s baby as she loves him immensely and cannot let Sai get Virat’s baby. Sai knocks door. Vaishall opens door and stands tensed seeing Sai. Sai walks in and returns Pakhi’s saris and says she wants to speak. Pakhi says she doesn’t have any grudge against her and just wants Virat’s baby to come in the world safely, but Sai took it wrongly and came to return saris. Sai says she just wants Pakhi to give herself one more chance.

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