Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 11 January 2023


Kulfi the singing star 11 January 2023: Sikander attempting to get the CCTV film at the police headquarters. Police asks Sikander to record a FIR and give photograph while Sikander learns his telephone information is erased. In the interim, Kulfi is making a music video and figure out how to not be in the video herself. She chooses to dress as a lion in the video. Sikander arrives at home and finds Amyra’s assets are absent. He even can’t discover any record in her school. Further, he can’t arrive at any of her companion’s telephone. He returns police headquarters and they likewise decline to remember him.There is no FIR in the police headquarters and somebody is arranging a gigantic plot against him. Sikander blows up and gets into a battle with police.

He is beaten by the police while Kulfi starts recording for the challenge. Kulfi stores the CD however covers up under the table as Jimmy enters the workplace. Sikander can’t scan for Amyra on the web. In the mean time, Kulfi battles to escape Jimmy and gets injured all the while.He again arrives at the traffic police office to see the recording. Some great offici al consents to demonstrate to him the recording. The recording is likewise not accessible on the PC. He says someone has erased the recording and gets in a contention with the official. The official requests. Sikander looking for Amyra. Afterward, Kulfi returns home and enquires about Sikander’s wounds. She further gets some information about Amyra’s things and Sikander again lies. Kulfi says she has seen Tony Chaddha and he is fine.She saw Chaddha with Jimmy Gazdar and both talking about the obliteration of Sikander Singh Gill.


She tells everything to Sikander. They arrive at Jimmy’s office and see an image which was on Jimmy and Tony’s hand. Sikander additionally reviews the individual who caught him likewise had a similar tattoo.In the mean time, Lovely keeps acting mentally ill and ask for Amyra. The police decides to send her to mental hospital.Sikander leaves to look for Amyra while ask Kulfi to stay at home. Kulfi along wit chooseher friends to find clues about Amyra. She arrives at the place where Amyra was most recently seen and finds a chocolate wrapper. They get some information about Amyra and he says somebody took Amyra in his arms. A similar person who took Amyra is available close to the club where Sikander has gone. Sikander gets him and takes him to the police headquarters. Kulfi finds out that ‘Habib and Traders’ was written on the vehicle which is the name of a distribution center.

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