True Love Update Thursday 21 January 2021


True Love 21 January 2021: Meethi telling Chameli that I trusted you and gave you respect in this house but you started playing games with my family members only. I don’t understand what you want! Nandini replies that she wants to take her place in this house and want to be Akash’s wife. Meethi tells her to get that thought out of her head. you wont get him in this or coming 7 births even as he is just mine.

Plus you are here in this house just because of Rani and me. you will go from this house because of Rani only. I can do anything to save my family. maybe you forgot so I will remind you, don’t force me to become bad. If a bad person acts wrongly then it is a part of him but if a good person turns bad then he becomes the worst. Now I have got to know that Rani is not your daughter. Rani hears it and is shocked. Meethi continues, now you just wait and watch how I prove this in front of everyone. I will bring such a certificate which will prove that Rani is not your daughter after which Akash himself will throw you out of this house. I will prove it that Rani is neither your nor Akash’s daughter and not even the blood of this house. They both notice Rani near the staircase. Rani runs after Meethi. Chameli wonders what Meethi is going to do now. What clue or proof did she get?

Meethi asks Rani as to why is she crying. Rani says why you said that you are not my Ma and my papa is not my papa. Meethi hugs her. I was just kidding. I tease Nandini like this all the time. We do the same with each other. The truth is that I am your mother and Akash is your papa. Rani tells her that she doesn’t like such jokes. Akash comes there and is relieved to see Meethi. She hugs Rani after noticing her tears. Why is my doll crying? Rani asks him if he is not her father. He confirms and gives her a kiss on her forehead. He brings out the chocolate that he has brought for her. she wipes her tears, takes it and gives him a hug. He sends her out of the room to play and turns to Meethi. Where were you? Meethi goes quiet.

Khanna thinks of Chameli. She stays in Meethi’s house only. If I give her some money then she can help me. Chameli cuts his call angrily. Khanna decides to call her from some other number. This time Chameli picks the call. She tells him not to call her again and ends the call. Khanna gets angry that she forgot him as she found a richer man.Meethi tells Akash that she was waiting for him. Suddenly a guy came and called me by my name. Before we could say anything, he fell and told me that someone has given him poison. A waiter came and took him to hospital. Akash asks about the name of hospital but she has no idea. You told me to leave from there. I did that only. Some goons were following me. Akash gets angry as he is sure they were Khanna’s men. Meethi decides against telling him about her meeting with Ratna Bai. I should find out first if what she said was actually true or not. Akash wonders where to look for Aslam now. She suggests him to inform police but Akash cannot do anything until he gets the pen drive. That pen drive contains all the proofs against Khanna. I don’t know from where I will get it now. The pen drive is shown popping out of Meethi’s clutch.

Vishnu tells Akash that Aslam is missing. I heard Khanna shouting on someone. I will keep you updated. Akash tells him to be careful. Khanna shouldn’t know anything about all this. Vishnu nods. Chameli has overheard their convo. She gets curious about what’s going on between Khanna and Akash. Is Khanna after Akash because of me? Mukku and Manav get ready to go to shopping with Vishnu but he has to go to office. He apologizes to her for the same. you can drop me at office first and then go to shopping. She affirms.

Meethi apologizes to Nandini as she collides with her. chameli picks up a packet filled with hairs. Meethi tells her that she was going to give Rani’s hairs for DNA Test. I have to find out if Ratna Bai was right or not. Chameli was about to say something when Rani interrupts her. rani is dressed like typical modern girl. chameli fumes and keeps quiet which saddens Rani. She heads towards her room after telling Chameli that she wont talk to her. you don’t listen to anything that I say nowadays. A guy comes to collect hair samples. He tells her that she will get the reports in two days time. Meethi thanks him for the same. chameli questions him about what she is doing. Meethi explains to her that this test can prove it that Rani is not yours and Akash’s daughter. I know that you are doing a drama. You have two days, 48 hours! By then we will get the proofs and you will be out of this house. Start counting in reverse. Meethi goes inside. Chameli thinks about the test. How will it prove if Rani is my daughter or not!
Chameli is sitting on the porch outside.

She wonders who should she take help from. Who will help me? I cannot talk to Akash as he is worried because of Khanna. I have only 48 hours. Rani notices her sitting all sad. What happened? chameli acts to be sad. Your Meethi Ma wants to throw us out of this house. Rani laughs at it. I know you are joking. Meethi Ma told me how you both tease one another. She also told me that she wont separate me, Dadi and papa ever. Chameli suggests that maybe Meethi Ma is lying. She might not be a good human being in reality. We cannot look into someone’s heart and tell. Maiyya interrupts their talk. She sends Rani to her room. She asks Chameli why she was instigating Rani against Meethi.

chameli begs pardon for any mistake that she has made. Rani should know that our days here are numbered now. Meethi will throw us out of the house as I proved Mauli a culprit. She said that she will prove it through some DNA Test that Rani is neither mine nor Akash’s daughter. Maiyya is taken aback. Chameli adds that Meethi sent Rani’s hairs for the test as well. Maiyya asks Chameli if she is unsure about giving birth to Rani. Chameli says I am not lying. Think how it will impact Rani. Meethi said she will falsely prove it that Rani is not your granddaughter. God swear I am not lying. Maiyya gets thinking. Meethi generally is right. Chameli asks her if she is afraid of Meethi. maiyya denies. Come let us ask Meethi.

Maiyya asks Meethi about the test. Are you really doing such test to find out if Rani is Chameli and Akash’s daughter or not. Even Akash is surprised to hear this. maiyya says I don’t understand you at times. Earlier we were not accepting it but you stood at your point. Now that we have accepted that Rani is our blood then you have started doubting it. Chameli adds that Meethi wants to throw her out of this house. Meethi denies. I gave you shelter in this house and now I only will throw you out of this house? Why will I do something like that? I agree you have saved Maiyya’s life but it doesn’t mean that you will create walls between me and Maiyya by saying all this. chameli talks about the lab assistant who had come to collect Rani’s hair samples. Meethi agrees doing that. We have no medical reports of Rani. We don’t know what vaccines she has taken so far. Does she have any record of the same? Nandini has no such record. I was only trying to know about the vaccines following which we can decipher the treatment for Meethi. akash questions Nandini now. how did you think that Meethi doubts the fact that Rani is my daughter? She has accepted Rani long before it was even proved that Rani is my daughter. She will do everything that is good for Rani.


Maiyya too scolds Chameli. You wasted my time. Thank God that Meethi is taking care of your daughter so much. Chameli apologizes to Maiyya who heads for her room. Chameli turns to go but Akash stops her. you dint apologize to Meethi yet. chameli and Meethi look at each other.Chameli turns to go but Akash stops her. You dint apologize to Meethi. chameli and Meethi look at each other. Chameli wonders why she should apologize to Meethi. she dint even ask me to do so. He tells her that Meethi has a big heart which is why she dint say anything but you must not forget her favours on you. She has done so much for you. Don’t even try to accuse Meethi falsely again ever. Say that you wont repeat it again. chameli has no option but to oblige. Meethi replies that it happens. Take care next time. Akash leaves for office once Chameli heads to her room.

Khanna is talking to her goons, telling them to keep an eye over Meethi’s house 24×7. One of you will follow her everywhere once she steps out of the house while the other will try to steal her bag from her. he ends the call on noticing Vishnu. Vishnu greets him. he tries to talk to Khanna if he is in some problem. Khanna tells him that Akash is the problem. He can gather proof against me. Vishnu asks him if it is related to that journalist Aslam Khan. You can trust me. khanna says I trust you but do Akash trusts you? I need someone who is close to Akash and whom he trusts. You can go for now. I will call you if I need something. Vishnu nods.

Chameli paces in her room worriedly. She will sit peacefully only after throwing me out of the house. I had thought that she is a simple woman but she turned out to be something else altogether. I had to apologize to her today. I am fed up as no one trusts me here. Who will help me? meethi replies that no one will help her now. chameli is irked that she is following her like a shadow. Meethi denies. I have to talk to the lab technician right now so I thought to do that in front of you only so you can also find out the truth. Meethi dials Subhash’s (lab technician) number and puts it on the speaker. He tells her that she will get them tomorrow. meethi adds that she has given him Akash’s blood samples as well. Please mention in your report if Rani Chatterjee is actually Akash Chatterjee’s daughter or not. subhash agrees. The report will be as per your wish. She ends the call. You look scared Chameli. I am not going to prove it that you are not a mother. I am only trying to prove that Rani Chatterjee isn’t Akash Chatterjee’s daughter. Chameli deduces that that report is fake. Meethi nods. I have to tread on the wrong path to face wrong people. I have learnt this from you only. You should stop worrying about Rani as I have adopted her now. Akash and I will take care of her nicely. You don’t have to worry about anything. There will be only one difference that you will be separated from this house once and for all. Chameli says you are doing the sin of separating a mother from her daughter. Meethi says the same to her as she is trying to separate a husband from his wife. What have you done for Rani in this past week? You don’t even know if she is back from school or not, if she has eaten anything or not. you don’t ask anything. That poor girl comes rushing to home so that she can talk to her mother but her mother has no time for her. so don’t even say this to me. I am following your path only. She leaves from Chameli’s room. Chameli gets Khanna’s call again but disconnects it angrily. She recalls Akash’s convo about how Khanna should not know about it. she thinks of using Khanna for her benefit.

Chameli reaches Khanna’s office all decked up. She even asks Vishnu about Khanna’s cabin. He guides her and resumes his work. Khanna gets happy seeing Chameli. I called you so many times but you dint pick any of them. now I don’t even miss you or need you. Chameli offers to be his friend again. he thinks whether Akash has sent her here to get some info out of him. chameli waits for his answer but their convo is interrupted by Vishnu’s sudden entry in the cabin. Vishnu apologizes and excuses himself. Khanna throws Chameli out of his cabin forcefully.

Rani asks Meethi Ma to give her lipstick. My doll wants it. we tell each other everything. Meethi smiles at her innocent talks. Go to my room and select any lipstick that you like. You will have to keep them back at their rightful place in the end. Rani thanks her on behalf of her doll and heads upstairs.

Rani collides with Chameli on her way out and the lipstick opens. Rani scolds her for ruining the lipstick. Chameli is confused to see the pen drive asks her what it is. Rani tells her that it is a pen drive. We put it in the laptop and add songs, pictures and movies in it. chameli asks her to show her how it works. Rani puts the pen drive in Akash’s laptop. Chameli wonders if it contains some proff against Meethi which is why it has been hidden. Rani tells her to click a particular button to see its contents. She goes out of the room afterwards.
Chameli looks at the content of the pen drive and is shocked to see Aslam’s recording. Chameli smirks. she takes the pen drive out. Now Khanna’s life is in my hands. She leaves with the pen drive.
Khanna checks the pen drive and is sweating profusely. Chameli shows him another one that she has. I will give it to you for free but you will have to pay the price for the real one. He asks her if Akash has seen it. she denies. Only I know your truth so far. She does a deal with him. she tells him everything about her past and of Meethi’s challenge. It is 6 pm. Reports will be at home by 10 am tomorrow. I have only 14 hours. If I cannot save myself then I will be thrown out of the house and will lose Akash. You will be punished in that case. He holds her by the neck. You will do a deal with me? she replies that it is the simplest of deals. He agrees to help her in tackling Meethi and in separating her from Akash but don’t expect any sympathy for Akash from my side. chameli warns him that he dare not harm Akash at all. He laughs at her (a prostitute) for going mad in love. she promises him that if anything happens to Akash then he will die for sure. Khanna reasons that it will hurt Akash if I separate him from Meethi. I too want to see him in pain. Deal done! Chameli says Akash will live for me once Meethi leaves. I will love him so much that he will never miss Meethi. just tell me if you will help me or not. Khanna is not interested in these love affairs but he agrees to make her meet that person who had helped him in getting his sister and her family out of his way. This is why this entire property is under my name now. it is my Guru ma!

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