True Love Update Friday 22 January 2021

True Love 22 January 2021: Chameli comes to meet Khanna’s Guru Ma with him. Guru Ma guesses everything rightly about Nandini which shocks her.Akash, Meethi, Mukta and Vishnu are playing truth and dare. Akash chooses truth when the bottle stops at him. Meethi asks him if he will remarry in case she dies. They all get serious.

Guru Ma holds out a small bottle of potion in her hand and then chants something. She prays that through this Meethi should become fearful and mad over things. Afterwards she gives it to Nandini. Add it in Meethi’s food or drink and chant a mantra afterwards with all your heart. You will see how I make her a puppet in my hand then. your enemy will be doomed now. Nandini smiles.

Akash tells Meethi that he doesn’t like such talks, not even in jokes. He is about to get up when she holds his hand. I am not joking. I am asking you for real. He tells her clearly that he doesn’t want to give this answer if she doesn’t know it. she knows it but wants to hear it from his mouth. I wont leave you anyways. I will stay in your heart even if I die. Akash replies that he wont let that happen. Don’t talk like this again. Mukta and Vishnu take their cue. They decide to leave for home but Meethi tells them to have dinner first.

Mukta and Vishnu leave for their home. Akash is about to close the door just when Nandini returns. Meethi tells her that Rani has been looking for her. you could have atleast told us before leaving. Nandini says she will go and check but Meethi tells her against it as Rani is sleeping now. Don’t wake her up and have your dinner. Nandini nods quietly and goes inside. She takes out the bottle from her bag and heads upstairs excitedly.

Nandini eyes the water jug in Meethi’s room and takes out the bottle.
Downstairs, Akash asks Meethi if she really thinks he will remarry. Meethi replies that there are so many beautiful women in the world. What if someone tries to lure her if she finds him alone? He reasons that there is no other Meethi in this whole world!
Nandini chants the mantra as she holds the bottle in her hand. Akash picks up Meethi in his arms and climbs the stairs. Nandini prays to the Goddess to make Meethi fall in their trap. She mixes the potion in water. The (red) potion disappears in the water completely after a few seconds. Nandini walks out of their room all relieved.

Meethi wakes up at night and takes water from that jug. Meethi takes a sip and then holds the glass mid air in shock. She looks at the glass for a second and then takes another sip before keeping it down. She lies down to sleep again but wakes up with a start in the very next second. Meethi opens the door of her room and walks out. A lady in white saree is shown walking downstairs. The door of their room closes on their own and the cover of the water jug flies away.

Meethi goes downstairs and looks around. she turns suddenly as she feels someone’s presence behind her but finds no one. She starts walking towards the main door of the house. Meethi comes in the courtyard. She suddenly notices some white cloth flying in the air. She walks closer and is shocked to see the lady in the white saree (it is her only!!). meethi looks away for a second in fear and that lady disappears. But she feels it behind her and turns around. she is shocked to see her other self holding out a dagger in her hand (which is aimed at her). epi ends on Meethi’s shocked face.

Meethi getting shocked to see her other self holding out a dagger in her hand (which is aimed at her). Meethi’s other self attacks her with the dagger. Meethi wakes up and her throat is cut. She holds it in pain and tries calling out to Akash but in vain. She tries reaching out to him too but the pain is too much for her to bear. She tries reaching out to Akash but is unable to do so. She sits up on the bed and calls out for Akash. He wakes up and hears her calling out for him. She tells him about blood but there is no such thing. She is shocked and checks her throat. He checks her if she is fine. She suddenly faints in his arms.

Meethi wakes up after a while. Maiyya and Nandini are also there. Maiyya asks her if she saw a bad dream but Meethi doesn’t remember anything. Akash tells her how she was asking him to save her again and again. why were you saying so? She replies that she doesn’t recall anything. Maybe it was some bad dream. Maiyya wonders if she is worried over something. Meethi denies. I am alright. You should sleep as it is really late. Maiyya leaves after making sure Meethi is fine. Nandini looks at Meethi and recalls her warning. Now you will get to know what it is to fear something. She too heads towards her room. Akash tells Meethi to try and sleep. I am here with you.

Meethi wonders what it was after all that she cannot remember at all. I would have remembered it if it was some bad dream. How could this happen! Akash helps Meethi in lying down to sleep again.
Next morning, Vishnu takes out his phone, switches the recorder on and keeps it under the phone. Khanna gets Chameli’s call so he sends Vishnu outside. Chameli tells her how Meethi has lost her mind. It was real fun. Khanna praises his Guru Ma. Guru Ma had asked me to tell you bring one thing that belongs to your enemy. We will go there together only. Chameli agrees.

He ends the call as his goons come there. Khanna tells them to take the dead body (of Aslam) out of Santa Cruz Cemetery. The guy talks about how only he knows whose dead body it is. I have put a red stone over it to identify it. Khanna tells him to simply follow his orders. The goons leave. Khanna notices Vishnu’s phone wondering who it belongs to. Vishnu takes it just in time just when Khanna was about to pick it up. Khanna gives him the file and Vishnu leaves from there. Khanna gives an evil smile.

Akash looks at Meethi who is still fast asleep. He gets Vishnu’s call. Vishnu tells him about the dead body in Santa Cruz Cemetery. It has a red stone kept over it. you only have an hour to get it. we have this one chance to send Khanna behind the bars. Akash agrees to do whatever he can.
Meethi is surprised to see Akash up and ready to leave for office already. He notices the red marks around her neck. You hurt yourself with your own nails? I can stay at home and we can go visit a doc. She assures him that she is fine. You should go to office and finish your work. He asks her again and she nods in agreement. He leaves for office. She is about to lie down again when she notices the blood marks on her pillow. She gets thinking.

Khanna’s men are digging the land to take out Aslam’s body when one of the guys gets to know that police has come here. They throw the red stone at a distance and act as if they are actually setting the grave rightly. They tell the same to the inspector and Akash who ask them about it. Inspector tells Akash to come to him after getting solid info. Maybe someone misguided you today. Khanna’s goons call him to inform him about the same. there is someone at your office who is leaking inside info. Khanna gets thinking. How did anyone got to know as no one was there in the room at that point of time?

A courier comes for Meethi. nandini opens the gate and lies that Meethi is not at home. Just then Meethi comes there. She takes the report (DNA Test Report) from the guy and goes inside. Meethi is shocked to read that Rani is actually Nandini and Akash’s daughter. Nandini waits impatiently for her reaction. Maiyya asks Meethi about the papers. Meethi tells her the same hearing which Nandini smiles broadly. Maiyya asks Meethi if some vaccination is due for Rani. Meethi thinks of her convo with the lab guy. She had instructed him to remove Akash’s name from the reports to which he had agreed back then. meethi had paid him as well.

Maiyya shakes her out of her reverie. Meethi tells her that Rani is perfectly fine. There is nothing to worry. Maiyya is relieved. Maiyya and Nandini leave from there.Meethi reaches the clinic / hospital to meet Mr. Kadam (lab technician). She gets to know that he suddenly fell ill yesterday. He started acting like a mad guy all of a sudden. Meethi shows an inclination to see him so the nurse relents. Meethi leaves with the ward boy.Nandini goes inside Meethi’s room. She notices Meethi’s anklets on the dressing table and takes one anklet. She thinks of Khanna’s words.Meethi is shocked to see Mr. Kadam’s condition as he is acting like some mad guy completely. On the other hand, Nandini warns Meethi (mentally) to be ready for her second attack. Meethi walks out of the room all scared. Epi ends on the split screen of Meethi and Nandini.

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