True Love Update Wednesday 20 January 2021


True Love 20 January 2021: Mauli warns Nandini before going out of the house. You don’t know who you have messed up with. I will not spare you. Nandini tells her to get out of the jail first. I have learnt all this from you only. You only had shown me the way. Inspector tells them that he will question Malvika and will call them in case he needs to know something more. Akash nods. Malvika pleads for her innocence but police takes her away. Nandini pretends to faint and Akash rushes to her side. Meethi looks on suspiciously / helplessly.

Nandini wakes up and finds Meethi sitting nearby on a chair only. She knows that Meethi is feeling bad for Mauli. You are completely mad. Mauli has been instigating me since the day I have come here. She had been always telling me that Akash is mine and should be mine. You are very innocent. Meethi is all quiet. Nandini gets up and comes in front of the dressing mirror. Mauli showed me the right path. She was actually trying to break your relation with Akash. She made a mistake though. She told me to use anyone and I used her only. She goes closer to Meethi. That disgusted woman wanted to harm my Akash. I couldn’t have let such a woman live in this house. You should not have given me this much importance and now its too late. You will have to bear the consequences. You can leave now. I will call you in case I need anything. Meethi gets up and closes the door from inside. She calls Nandini Chameli this time which surprises Nandini. She makes Nandini sit on the chair and talks to her in her language only. You turned out to be a thankless woman. You thought you will do anything with Akash and Meethi will just sit in a corner and cry? You are mistaken. It was ok till the time you were acting that you love Akash but now its too much. I will get down to your level if you will show your true colours.

You have to use swear words to talk to a low woman else they don’t understand anything. No one will tell you to leave this house now. You will leave on your own, that too in fear. It is very dangerous when a good person starts acting like a bad person to tackle a bad person. If a nice person loses his cool then it means bad for everyone. Your time is up now.Nandini is boggled and even scared by the change in Meethi’s behaviour while Meethi continues. You have seen Akash’s Meethi till date but now you will see the other side of this Meethi who is the granddaughter of a maid. I challenge you! Save yourself if you can or better leave from here. Meethi turns to go. She changes her tone yet again and talks sweetly to Nandini. You must rest as you are hurt. Don’t even think of calling me in case you need anything. Nandini sits there fearful and tense as Meethi leaves from the room.

Akash is telling someone to hire Advocate Advani against Mauli. I want to know why Mauli did this. Meethi tells him that Mauli has no reason to do so as she has not done it. she has no fault in this. he reminds her that she only had told him once how Mauli was teaching Rani how to play cards. She accepts that Mauli has made mistakes in the past but she isn’t involved in this incident. He talks about the proofs that have been found in Mauli’s room. She says they can be placed. He asks her if she thinks Nandini has done this. She nods. He blames her for all of it then. nobody had wanted Nandini to stay in this house but it was you who had wanted to keep Nandini in this house for Rani’s sake. I have seen Nandini risking her life to save Maiyya’s life. She even got hurt in the process. You want to throw her out in this condition. Police has not got any proof against Nandini even. Meethi realises that it was her imagination. She overhears Akash telling someone that Mauli is behind all this. I want the best lawyer. She decides against telling anything to Akash as she doesn’t have any proof. I will have to do something asap.

Rani brings soup for Chameli. Meethi Ma has made it for you so that you get well soon. chameli gets irked that Meethi wants to kick her out as soon as she gets well. Rani talks in Meethi’s favour. I wont talk to you if you say something like this again. Chameli is about to take a sip but stops thinking that Meethi might have added poison in it. Rani insists her to drink it and is about to drink it but Chameli takes it from her. she promises to finish it while Rani goes to finish her homework. Chameli keeps it back as soon as Rani exits from the room.

Maiyya tells Gomti how she had wanted to throw Nandini out of the house but Meethi stopped her. She is good at judging people. Meethi is worried as she hears this. Maiyya calls her to have breakfast with them. Meethi sits with them. Maiyya talks against Mauli. I tried doing some good but it ended up against us. But Meethi did good by keeping Nandini in the house. You understand people better. Meethi is in dilemma. How do I tell Maiyya that I have made a mistake in recognizing someone? Mauli ji is innocent. It is my mistake that I trusted Nandini but now I will do anything and everything to bring out Nandini’s truth in front of you I promise.Rani returns from school and hugs her Meethi Ma and then Maiyya. She dint feel good today at school as Chameli was ill. Rani shares how she had prayed for Chameli’s speedy recovery. She asks her Meethi Ma if she prayed for her Chameli. Meethi denies as she had been busy. Rani tells her to do it right now then. She also takes Maiyya with her.

Maiyya and Rani pray for Chameli’s wellbeing. Meethi tells Rani to freshen up after finishing her puja. Maiyya tells her about the menu. Meethi has made noodles for you. Rani gets happy. chameli tells Rani to bring food in her room. Rani gets super happy to see Chameli walking around. she tries to take Chameli to the temple but Chameli declines to go there as it will get impure. Maiyya allows her to do so. Chameli asks Meethi’s permission. Meethi tells her that she doesn’t have to seek her permission for this. Maiyya has agreed and no one stops anyone from going to temple. Chameli finally comes there and seeks Maiyya’s blessings. Maiyya does the aarti followed by Meethi who gives it to Chameli as well. Chameli prays for strength to get the one she loves. Meethi looks at her. chameli mentally prays to God to return Akash to her. I will leave all the bad stuff and change myself completely. Meethi prays to God to save her family from bad people and intentions. Nandini thinks ill of all of us. Save my husband from her. please protect Akash. Epi ends on the split screen of Meethi and Nandini.

Akash meets the reporter Aslam Khan. He talks about Khanna’s reaction when he had seen him at the press conference. What has he done? Aslam Khan tells him that Khanna got his sister and her whole family killed in a road accident so that there are no stakeholders in his business. Akash gets serious. Murder charges can be implied on Khanna for the same. do you have any proof for the same? Aslam talks about a pendrive which contains all the proof. It is with my friend. I can give it to you only if you promise to send me out of this country. Khanna wont leave me. akash proposes first class ticket for him for Dubai with one crore cash transfer that has been made in his account already. Khanna wont be able to reach you there. Aslam nods and thanks him. Meet me at the Maratha Cafe near the airport at 5 pm today and I will give you the pen drive there itself. Aslam looks at Akash-Meethi’s photo and compliments him about Meethi. Akash agrees to bring her with him in the evening. Aslam leaves. Akash calls Meethi. he tells her about Aslam giving him info about Khanna. She agrees to join him in the evening for the meeting. He suggests going out for a romantic dinner date after that. She smiles.


Meethi observes a bottle in Rani’s hand and gets curious. Rani got this from the garden as it can hurt anyone if it breaks. I was going to throw it in the dustbin like I have been told in school. Meethi takes the bottle from her. rani is sure Chameli has kept it. she is so absentminded these days. The other day I collided with her and she was holding a bottle and matchstick in her hand. Her mind is somewhere else these days. Meethi tells her to go play. I will throw it in the bin. Rani leaves. Meethi looks at the bottle and gets thinking.
Meethi reaches Maratha Cafe and waits for Akash. Aslam is already there. He looks at the lipstick shaped pen drive and wonders why Akash isn’t here yet.

Akash’s car breaks down. He calls Meethi to inform her that he will take time in reaching here. He tells her to look for Aslam but she has never seen him. You come here and then we will meet him. he calls the driver next to bring another car.
Waiter serves coffee / tea to Aslam and goes back to the counter. The man smirks as he looks at Aslam who takes a sip from his cup. Aslam gets Akash’s call. But he clutches onto his neck because of the effect of the poison that was mixed in it. He keeps the phone on the table and gets up but falls near Meethi. She calls for help. He recognizes her to be Akash’s wife. He notices her clutch on the floor and keeps the pen drive in it. The other guy (in the disguise of the waiter, guess he is Khanna himself) picks up Aslam’s phone as other people rush to Aslam’s side. Aslam tells Meethi to inform Akash that someone gave him poison. The other guy recognizes Meethi too and hides his face with his cap. He takes Aslam out with the help of some other guy on the pretext of helping Aslam. Akash calls Meethi and she tells him everything. Akask tells her to walk out of the Cafe right away and make sure that no one is following her. she picks up her purse and goes out. Akash too runs towards the Cafe.

Khanna’s men check Aslam’s clothes for the pen drive but in vain. Khanna notices Meethi and recalls the scene at the Cafe. He signals his men to follow Meethi. she has the pen drive. Meethi hears his voice just when she was about to sit in her car. She starts running for cover while the goons follow her. she reaches Ratna Bai’s brothel and hides there. The goons miss her. khanna calls them to warn them that he needs the pen drive that that lady has. I don’t care if she dies but I need that pen drive. The guy assures him that he will find her and they all disperse in different directions.

Ratna Bai approaches Meethi from behind. They both are surprised to see each other. Ratna Bai is irked seeing her as she had to go to jail because of her only. I lost lakhs of money because of you. Why did you come here again? meethi says I dint come here to trouble you but some goons were following me. please save me. ratna Bai replies that I should actually help them instead. Meethi looks at her in shock as she calls out for the men. She stops shouting as she looks at Meethi again. you took Chameli. You don’t know who she is and what kind of a person she is! Meethi clears that she has nothing to do with Chameli. I wanted to save Rani. I have adopted her. ratna Bai laughs over it. Meethi tells her about Chameli being Nandini. Rani is my husband’s daughter. Ratna Bai calls Chameli a liar. She can make anyone her own in case of any problem or necessity. Your husband must be rich which is why she would be after him. chameli herself would not know who Rani’s father would be. Meethi realises that Rani is not Chameli’s daughter. She runs out finally while Ratna Bai calls out for her men to catch her.

Khanna scolds his men. I will be on the road if Akash gets that pen drive. You guys are good for nothing. I will do something now. Bury this dead body and leave no trace. Meethi reaches home somehow. She thinks about Ratna Bai’s words. Ratna Bai is lying as she wants me to throw Rani out of this home. I don’t care if Rani is Nandini’s daughter or not. she is my daughter for me. I have accepted her long back. I wont let her go away from me. she is mine and Akash’s daughter now.
Nandini asks Meethi where she was. Akash has been waiting for you since so long. He is getting worried. She assures Nandini that she doesn’t have to worry about Akash. My husband only had sent me for his work. I met Ratna Bai on my way.

Nandini gets worried. She questions Meethi about it. meethi replies that Ratna Bai told me a truth. Nandini insists upon knowing the truth so Meethi tells her that Rani is not her daughter. Nandini calls Ratna Bai a liar. She is jealous of my happiness. Everyone has accepted it that Rani is my daughter including Akash, Maiyya and everyone so I don’t care about what anyone says. Meethi agrees. You don’t care about anything as you are stubborn. You started this game of lies and you think I will stay quiet? No, now I will have to prove it that Rani is not your daughter. You lit the fire and that Mauli got affected because of it. now wait and watch how you get affected. I trusted you and gave you respect in this house but you started playing games with my family members only. I don’t understand what you want! Nandini replies that she wants to take her place in this house and want to be Akash’s wife. Epi ends on Meethi’s face.

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