Timeless love update Monday 14 August 2023

Timeless love 14 August 2023: The Episode starts with Dev telling Vidhi that she is looking good. Vidhi thanks her. She tells that Satyavati called her to balghar to meet her. Dev says that’s why you are ready, and asks her not to have any hopes. Vidhi says she has no hopes, Milapni Devi will handle everything. She goes.

Hariprasad tells Bimla that Amba is in trauma, once she gets fine, he will return the shop papers to her. Bimla expresses her doubt to Hariprasad and tells that Vidhi is happy since Dev’s engagement is called off. Hariprasad says you are believing Golden and tells that Vidhi can’t do anything wrong which will hurt our respect, prestige etc. He says Vidhi is our pride and goes.

Vikram tells Amba that Doctor gave her discharge from hospital. He tells that he will not leave Dev. Amba asks him not to do anything to Dev and tells that it was not his mistake. Vikram tells Chitra that it all happened due to her mother. He goes angrily.

Satyavati asks Sunita to call driver. Priya asks Satyavati where is she going? She says I understand your middle class values, but this is not the right time to go there, says Chitra is angry, if she does anything then we will be scandalised. She says you are troubling your children for your step son. Satyavati says Dev is my son, and tells that they shall stay as a family. She says it is waste to hope unity and peace from you. Dev calls Satyavati. She is in car and says thank god, Amba is discharged and asks him not to worry.

Vidhi comes to Balghar and meets Ruhi. A lady comes there and introduces herself as Padma. She came on Asha’s behalf today. She says I was told that you was in volunteer list and asks her to sign. vidhi is about to check the papers, when Satyavati calls her. Vidhi says she is in balghar. Padma takes her signs. Vidhi is about to read it, but Padma takes the papers from her. She tells that whoever wins will get a reward. Vidhi says Ruhi will win. Satyavati comes there and tells that Vidhi will train her. Padma looks at Vidhi, and goes out of Balghar. Satyavati gives flower to Vidhi.

Vidhi gives her bittergourd peel to her. Satyavati tells that she wants to tell her a story. She tells the story of a girl who used to stay with her parents, who was in love with a prince who was 20 years elder to her. She says they set their home, breaking the age barrier. Vidhi says hearts shall be met and not age. Satyavati says the prince died after few years of marriage, but she was left with his son from his first wife, Dev. She praises Dev and tells that I am his step Mother in people’s sight, and Dev never thought me this. She says she loved him as her son, and he also loved her and respected her. She tells Vidhi that she knows that Dev and you both love each other, but the way is not easy. She asks if you ready to fight the war all life, will you hold his hand and face the circumstances of the life. She asks her to take the decision after thinking and says no hurries.

Vikram comes there and calls her Satyavati Raichand. He curses her for calling off the engagement. He says my Maasi wants to die because of you. Vidhi asks what is this way to talk to her. He asks so you are also with her and asks her to stay away from his family member. She asks him to talk at home. Vikram asks her to shut up. Vidhi says you shut up. He slaps her. Satyavati asks what is he doing? Vikram pushes Satyavati and she gets slight injury. Vidhi asks if he got mad. Vikram threatens Satyavati that he will not leave Dev, and will seek revenge from Chitra to hurt him. Satyavati is shocked. She says what avatar of Vikram, I saw. She asks Vidhi not to tell anything to Dev. Vidhi says I will not tell.

Bimla worries for Vidhi. Hariprasad says she will come. Vidhi gets Dev’s call and doesn’t pick it. Dev gets worried. Satyavati comes home. Dev asks what happened to you? Satyavati says she collided with a wall and got hurt. He asks why you are lying and gives his swear.

Dev asking Satyavati what happened to her. Satyavati says she collided with the wall and got injury. Dev asks why are you lying? Satyavati recalls Vikram’s words that he will take revenge on Chitra. Dev asks her to tell. Satyavati says nothing. Dev says I am your step son, but your son only. He gives her swear asking her to tell. Vidhi comes home and is stressed. Bimla asks what happened to your cheeks. Vidhi says the door hit on her face. Bimla checks and tells that she is having fever, and it comes due to stress. Dev gets furious and asks how dare Vikram? Satyavati says she don’t want Chitra to see Vikram’s different avatar. Bimla asks Vidhi to tell if there is something in her heart. Vidhi says I wanted to say something. Dev says Vikram can’t be saved, he misbehaved with my Maa, sister and my …Satyavati asks what? Dev says with my Vidhi. Satyavati smiles. Vidhi tells Bimla that she loves….Bimla gets shocked and leaves her hand. Vidhi says I love you and Papa. Bimla says you scared me. Satyavati says my son accepted that Vidhi is his love. Chitra asks Amba to drink the soup and says please. Vikram comes to Chitra and asks how is she? Chitra says she is not eating anything, psychiatrist said that she will have food gradually. Door bell rings. Chitra opens the door and sees Dev. She asks why did you come here and asks him to stay away from her family. Vikram asks why did you come here? He says you might have come to know everything and asks if you have come to plead for your sister’s happiness. Chitra and Amba ask what happened? Dev comes inside and grabs his collar. He asks how dare you to raise hand on my Mother and Vidhi.

He beats Vikram. Chitra tries to stop Dev. Dev signs her not to interfere. Police comes there and arrests Vikram for attacking Satyavati and Vidhi. They take Vikram from there. Chitra asks Dev to save him. Dev also leaves. Amba comes to the PS with lawyer and gets Vikram bailed out. Vikram comes out. Amba asks Vikram why did he do this? Vikram says they have insulted you. Amba says one slap is not enough, we have to do something big so that they remember Amba’s revenge. She asks him to do as she says. He says ok.

Vidhi thinks to convey her feelings to Bimla and Hariprasad. Amba tells Vikram that they have to do something big, her revenge is big. He asks what she is going to do. She asks him to wait till tomorrow. Vidhi decides to talk to Dev and then tell her parents. Vidhi thinks to talk to Dev and then she will talk to her parents. Sangeeta comes to her and tells that the office colleagues are gossiping about her, seeing the way she looks at Dev. Vidhi says she will be careful. She tells Sangeeta that she has decided to tell her parents about loving Dev. Sangeeta asks why, you shall tell if this will help. vidhi says she will meet Dev and discuss. She goes. She comes to Dev and tells that she wants to tell her parents about her love for him. Dev asks what are you saying? Vidhi says I know that you think that we have no future, but I want to tell them everything. She tells that he always motivated her. She had accepted defeat, but after talking to Satyavati, she has decided to tell her parents that they love each other. Dev says this could be dangerous.

Vidhi says I am hopeful that everything will be fine. She says she feels that Milapni Maa wants this and that’s why didn’t let us get engaged to someone else. She says if our parents don’t have any objection, then what is the problem? Dev tells Vidhi that his mother’s mentality is different and her parents are different. He says they will not let you come to the office. Vidhi says she wants to tell them before they come to know from others, and asks him to think and tell her before she goes home. Just then Amba comes there. Vikram falls on Vidhi’s feet. Amba asks him to apologize to Vidhi and Dev. She asks him to fold his hands and apologize. Vikram folds his hands and apologizes to Vidhi and Dev. Amba assures Dev that Chitra is safe in their house. She says we are going to your house, Vikram wants to apologize to your mother.

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