Timeless love update Tuesday 15 August 2023

Timeless love 15 August 2023: The Episode starts with Amba telling Dev that Vikram’s anger is justified, but whatever he did was wrong. She says I am a woman and assures you that Chitra is safe in our house. I will not let anything happen to her. Dev thanks Amba. Amba says we are going to your house, to apologize to your mother. We shall forget and move on in life. She thinks Vidhi has to pay the price for it, when she has to plead, cry, humiliated, destroy etc. She walks out of Dev’s office.

Vidhi thinks Sir shall understand that I shall tell this to Maa and Papa. Police comes and holds Vidhi’s hand. Dev comes to know from someone that Ruhi is missing from Balghar. Inspector comes and says you are under arrest. Vidhi asks why? Inspector says you are charged of kidnapping of Ruhi and child trafficking. He seizes her laptop and mobile. Dev comes to Vidhi’s rescue. Vidhi says I am innocent and didn’t know anything. Dev calls Commissioner. Commissioner says this matter is serious, and says you are already charged of instigating Amba of suicide. He ends the call. Inspector says Vidhi is involved and asks Constables to take her. Inspector says she is guilty. Yogesh thinks Amba has done this and thinks great move. Vidhi tells Dev, about her parents. Dev requests Inspector to take her from other side of office, as if anyone sees her then her family reputation will be ruined. Inspector says ok. Dev tells the employees that this is a big misunderstanding and tells that he will talk to Vidhi’s parents. He says whoever didn’t listen to me, I will fire them.

Hariprasad comes home and tells that Sri has refused to take back the shop. He says how will I repay Amba now? Bimla tells him that she is worried for Vidhi, as she is not picking the call and her office timings are over.

She tells that Vidhi had fever and swelling on her face. Hariprasad asks did she have medicine? Bimla says yes. Hariprasad asks her not to worry and goes. The Police takes Vidhi out through back door. Dev asks someone to meet him at Minister’s office. He comes out. Vidhi signs him that she is innocent as she is taken away by the Police. Vikram and Amba look at the Police jeep from their car. Vikram says you was right, Dev will ask Police to take her from back door. He says the land is pulled away from her feet. Amba says Vidhi wanted to touch the sky, I had told her not to fly high, now she has fallen down. She says she got stained big that she can’t step in Raichand’s house. Dev meets with Minister along with the lawyer. He tells Minister that Vidhi is innocent and can’t do such a thing as she has Milapni Devi temple at home. The Minister says he knows the case and child trafficking is non bailable offence. Dev is shocked. Bimla calls Dev and asks about Vidhi. Dev says he will come and talk to them. Amba comes to Raichand’s house and apologizes to Satyavati. She says I cme without informing, but I needed to clear the matter. She apologizes for whatever she told her on engagement day. She says we shall forget the past and move on, today I have come for someone else. She calls Vikram. Vikram comes and folds his hands. Amba says whatever Vikram had done was wrong, and then whatever Dev was justified. She says Vikram is Raichand’s son in law and it won’t be good if he stays in jail. She says chitra is the link between us, we have to think about her. She says Vikram couldn’t see my pain and did all that. She says I am his family for him, but I made him understand that everyone is family. She says we can’t play with anyone’s feelings. Vikram apologizes to Satyavati. Satyavati says leave it. Vikram goes to Abhi. Amba says I heard that Police arrested Vidhi. Satyavati asks how do you know? Amba says she had gone to the PS and came to know about her arrest. She says you shall know what is going on in your sons’ lives and goes. Satyavati thinks how can Vikram be out of custody and Vidhi is in. She thinks it is surely Amba’s conspiracy. She calls dev, but he rejects the call.

Dev reaches Hariprasad’s house. Hariprasad asks where is Vidhi, why she didn’t come with you. Dev says I will tell you. Bimla asks him to tell clearly. Dev thinks how to tell them that Vidhi is in jail, how she will bear this shock. Bimla asks where is she? Dev says it is a big misunderstanding and she will be back by tomorrow. Hariprasad asks what has happened? Dev tells that a girl ruhi is missing from Balghar and Vidhi is arrested in that matter. Hariprasad and Bimla get shocked. Hariprasad sits in shock. Dev asks Bimla to give water to Hariprasad.

Vidhi tells lady constables that she is innocent. They ask her to be silent, and push her in the lock up. Vidhi cries. Hariprasad tells that Vidhi is afraid of Police and cries, saying she is innocent. Dev promises to bringb Vidhi back. Hariprasad says what face I will show in society? He cries and asks Milapni Devi. Dev swears on Milapni Devi that he will be not at peace until he brings Vidhi back, and will not come here too.

Dev promising Hariprasad and Bimla that until he brings Vidhi back home, he will not step in the house and temple. Hariprasad asks how did this happen with Vidhi. Bimla says always Vidhi is in trouble. Dev says I will prove her innocence and will bring her back home. He says now I have to go to PS. Hariprasad says we will also come. Dev asks do you trust me? Hariprasad says fully. Dev says trust me, I will bring her back. Bimla asks him to take care of Vidhi. Kanika comes to the PS and tells Inspector that Vidhi don’t talk to anyone in high tone. She says she gives gurantee of her character certificate. Inspector refuses to believe her and asks her to bring court permission to meet her. Dev brings the court permission. Urmila and Golden come there and start tellling against Vidhi. Golden says she saw Police taking Vidhi through back door, as it shows on Tv. Urmila says even our Golden goes to office, but she didn’t do such a thing. She says Vidhi is always in news for bad things. Urmila’s husband comes there and scolds Urmila, telling that Vidhi is not just Hariprasad’s daughter, but this family’s daughter too, and the matter is not small. Vidhi cries. Kanika asks Dev to make her parents meet her. Dev says they can’t see Vidhi here, they are simple people and can’t bear. Hariprasad’s brother assures him that they will bring Vidhi out. He says Vidhi can’t do this. Hariprasad says I blindly trust her and that’s why standing on my feet. He hugs him. Dev goes to meet Vidhi. Vidhi gets up and cries. Dev gets emotional seeing her. Vidhi says what they will do with me. Dev asks her not to worry and says you haven’t done anything. Hariprasad calls Kalumal’s relative. Bimla calls Peeli. Chacha ji calls someone for help. Dev tells Vidhi that he is with her, and says tomorrow they will take you to court. Vidhi asks if they will not let me go home tonight. Dev says I am with you and will stand outside and asks her not to get scared.

Bimla and Hariprasad don’t get any help. Bimla says our society is such. Urmila says you can’t stop people’s mouth. Dev asks Vidhi if she has any info about Ruhi. Vidhi says when I had gone to Balghar, someone took my sign. She tells that Ruhi met her and told that she will call her from secret phone, but didn’t call. Dev asks secret phone. Vidhi says my old phone which I gave to her. Dev says it is a big info, I will give to Police. Constable says meeting time is over. Dev goes out and signs her from the window that he is there. Vidhi recalls their moments. Dev recalls their moments.

Hariprasad’s brother takes care of him. Dev stands outside in the window and signs Vidhi to have food. She saks if you have it. He signs her that he will have it. Vidhi eats the food and looks at him. Hariprasad, Bimla and others pray for Vidhi. Satyavati calls Dev. She also prays to God. Dev asks tea seller to give tea to Vidhi with Inspector’s permission. Vidhi asks tea seller to have it. He sips the tea and recalls her love confession and that she trust him that he will not let anything wrong happen with her. Song plays ya rabba.

In the morning. Dev signs Vidhi from the window that he is going, but will return soon. Vidhi signs ok. She says Dev Sir will save me, but how is Ruhi and in what condition. She prays for Ruhi’s well being. Hariprasad and Bimla pray to Milapni Devi for Vidhi. Bimla tells Hariprasad that she will come with him. Hariprasad asks her to stay at home. His brother says I will come. Hariprasad says Dev Saheb will come to pick us. Dev comes home. Satyavati asks about Vidhi. Dev says I will talk to you later. Priya comes there and says it is clear that your mind is not in your senses. She says our name is already ruined due to you and asks him to stay away from the case, else Raichand will be headlines of the newspaper and will be gossip. She asks him not to go. Dev asks did I ask your advice Priya? He says I will go Maa. Satyavati asks him to call her. He goes. Priya asks how can Bhai Saheb ruin our reputation. She says she is Priya Raichand and worries for their prestige and reputation. Satyavati says Dev is not doing anything wrong. Priya says even if he does the murder, then also you will take his side, as you loves him a lot. She says why Bhai Saheb is favoring Vidhi. Satyavati asks her to stop it. Priya says why Bhai Saheb is giving important to that low class girl. Satyavati says you will not understand as you have never loved someone, and says if you love someone then you go to any extent to save your love. She says Dev is doing the same, as Dev loves Vidhi. Priya is shocked.

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