Imlie starlife update Tuesday 15 August 2023

Imlie 15 August 2023: Devika tells Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali that she is happy like she was during Atharva and Imlie’s wedding. Rupali says she is more happy as Imlie and Atharva will be bonded in a bond of love today. Sundar asks where are the love birds. Rupali says must be getting ready for date. Ginni says she knows how to get them out, plays music and dances with family. Atharva and Imlie walk down and asks what is happening. Ginni says they need music and not occasion for dance. Sundar focus lights on Imlie and Atharva. They both dance on a romantic song nervously. Everyone clap for them. Arpita says they both are looking cute and asks Atharva to take care of Imlie while they are on a date. Atharva says always. Imlie looks at him. He says he means he always surprises him. Ginni asks if its her first date. Imlie nods yes.

Ginni says she will teach how to behave during first date. Devika scolds her. Ginni says she means she doesn’t know anything. Manish reminds Divya about their first date. Family insists Atharva and Imlie to express their love for each other. Imlie feels anxious. Atharva says I love you Imlie and says he likes his each word, each scolding, each meeting because she leaves her smile, kidnaness, trust always; she is like a glue stick in his live which never leaves paper; he can’t imagine his life without her; he has only 1 best friend and that is why he loves his dear Amigo. Everyone clap for them. Ginni says he made them emotional, now its Imlie’s turn. Chini gets jealous and signals Imlie she is getting late. Imlie says sorry, real meaning comes from heart and not from force.

Imlie walks to her room fuming and thinks family is acting as if Imlie and Atharva are real couple, Arto belongs only to her. She starts her makeup. Sundar passes by and noticing her applying makeup thinks she must be going to meet Abhishek, its good that Chini realized Abhishek’s value and moving on. Imlie asks Atharva to give some excuse and cancel their date. Atharva says Imlie forgot to send a report on cricket yesterday match. Devika says match was yesterday and report is already sent. Atharva tries different excuses, but family refuses to believe him and send him and Imlie on a date. Atharva says they need to leave in their car first. He stops cars at a distance. Imlie says she will get down here.

Atharva says he doesn’t want to go on a date with Chini, then says he means without a gift and seeks her help in selecting a gift. Imlie agrees and helps him select a dancing couple globe. He says he should buy flowers. She selects flowers. He says he wants to buy choc. She says Chini doesn’t like chocs. He says Imlie likes though and says he feels hungry. She asks him to pay the bill while she searches something outside. She then notices him buying chocolate and asks him to stop giving excuses to skip a date with Imlie.

Chini gets out of her room ready and bumps on Rudra. Rudra says he will not say anything as he is happy today and prays that he and Abhsihek move on soon. Chini says her badluck has turned into good luck and he may not like that. Rudra gets suspicious hearing her dialogues. Atharva insists Imlie to accompany him for a date. Imlie says she can’t as she can’t break her heart again. Chini walks tothem and asks Arto if they can go now. Imlie leaves from there wiping her tears. Abhishek visits Rudra and Rana and asks why did they call him. Rudra says Chini was going to meet him, so he called him here to pick Chini up. Abhishek asks him to call Chini then. Sundar calls Chini and finds her missing. Atharva sits silently on a date. Chini hopes he speak. Sundar calls him. She disconnects call saying she can’t hear him. Sundar calls back and hears background music.

Rudra gets suspicious, calls Atharva, hears same music in the background, and thinks Atharv and Chini are together instead of Imlie.

Imlie prays Seeta maiya that she gets happy with small things, then why her problems are big. She says maiya knows she is alone and can’t carry burden of problems more. Rudra calls her and asks if she reached restaurant. She lies yes and thinks she got a burden of lie on her now, how will she tell Rudra that Atharva went on a date with Chini and not her. She asks god to help her or else her mother will question her in heaven. She notices Rudra standing in front of her. Chini gets happy seeing Atharva’s gifts and asks if he brought real diamond ring, she means if they really together, his gifts speak his love. Atharva frees his hand and says he didn’t know that he bought talking gifts. Chini says their love shines like his diamond ring.

Rudra confronts Imlie for hiding her tears and pain from him. Imlie says she knows a father can’t see his daughter’s tears and can do anything for her happiness. Rudra says he knows Atharva is with Chini, he will call Atharva here. Imlie says let Atharva be with Chini. Rudra asks if she is sacrificing her happiness for Chini. Imlie says she wants Atharva to be happy wherever he is. Rudra says Atharva’s happiness is with her. Imlie says he can’t change truth. Rudra says she can’t run away from truth, truth is Atharva and Imlie are made for each other and they can’t be happy without each other.

Rudra tells Chini that he ruined Imlie’s life for Chini, but Chini dumped him and got engaged to someone else and values a diamond ring more than him. Chini says she loves the ring as it reminds her of his love for her. Atharva asks how to believe that she also loves him. Rudra asks Imlie what if Atharva takes a wrong decision. Imlie says he has to accept it even then. Rudra says he will not let Atharva take a wrong decision and is going right now to speak to him. Imlie stops him. A newly married couple ask them if they can click their pic. Imlie says sure and clicks their pics, recalling her and Atharva’s marriage, and wishes them happy married life. She returns to Rudra and says he can see bride and groom look happy, but Atharva was sad during their marriage as if he was getting punished. She requests him to let Atharva do whatever makes him happy, even if its being with Chini.
Ruda says not Atharva is a fool, even she is and he has to think about her happiness. Imlie asks her not to worry about her as she has 2 families and a job which will keep her happy. Rudra says Atharva returning to Chini is his life’s biggest mistake and he will not let Atharva do that mistake.

Atharva asks Chini how to believe that she also loves him. Chini hopes she shouldn’t have sacrificed her love for her family and should have been selfish instead and thought of only her happiness, says now she wants to be selfish and get back to him. Artharva says he fears that Imlie’s happiness will be lost because of them. Chini says he is harming Imlie instead by keeping her confused, instead they should patch up and help Imlie move on. Atharva sys Imlie is so strong that she knows what she does, she is really great and is the one who sent him here. Chini fumes and thinks he is just chanting Imlie mantra; says Imlie is strong and favorite of both family, everyone are there to take care of Imlie, but only Atharva can take care of her.

Imlie thinks Atharva would have got answers to all his questions, it is good. She slips and falls down and notices Atharva in front of him. He asks where was she lost, she must be surely thinking about something. She asks where is Chini. He says he doesn’t know, but he is where he should be. He extends his hand and asks her to hold it forever. She extends his hand and realizes its her imagination. She herself walks up. Chini orders dishes for her asks Atharva what he needs. He says khicdhi. She orders red sauce pasta for him and says she remmebrs his choice. Atharva says he doesn’t know where Imlie is. Chini exccusaes herself, clicks his photo, and sends it to Imlie with a message that 2 love birds are happy together again because of her.

Atharva calls Imlie and asks where is she, he will pick her up. She says she can’t wait midway for long and is going alone. Chini tells Atharva let us go to pick Imlie. Atharva says she went alone. Chini says let us have food and then go. Imlie notices Abhishek and thinks Chini wouldn’t have informed him about Atharva and herself, she should go from here before he sees her. He notices her and insists to drop her home. In car, he says Chini agreed to patch up and he is really happy. Imlie feels sorry for him.

Abhishek while driving car with Imlie calls Chini who disconnects call. He says maybe she is busy and shows flowers he bought for Chini. Divya eagerly waits for Athharva and Imlie to return home. Ginni says they must be lost in each other’s eyes. Shivani as usual badmouths about Imlie. Devika asks her to stop her bitter words as she is in a good mood today. Rudra thinks how to inform her the truth and spoil her happiness. Atharva and Chini return home. Arpita asks about Imlie. Imlie walks in next. Chini thinks Imlie’s hobby of acting great helped her this time. Ginni asks how was her favorite couple’s date. Arpita says they should explain everything in detail. Devika asks if everything was fine. Imlie and Atharva at once say everything would be fine if they are together. Devika feels happy and asks them to come in and relax first.

Back to her room, Chini over phone tells Anu that she can’t believe that she can be so happy in life. Imlie walks in. Chini disconnects call. Imlie asks her to tell truth to Abhishek and stop playing with his heart. Chini says she and Arto discussed that nobody should be hurt because of thier love, soon she will reveal truth to Abhishek. She describes how happy she was on a date with Abhishek, shows diamond ring gifted by Arto, and lies that Arto told she is more precious than this diamond ring to him. Imlie says Arto himself is more precious than diamond, she should take care of him. Chini admires ring. Keya walks in next and asks why she looks so happy. Chini shows her ring and says why she shouldn’t be happy if Arto gifted him a diamond ring. Keya excitedly says she was searching for such ring and would pay her double money for the ring. Chini accepts money and sells ring to Keya.

Imlie notices that and asks how can she sell a precious ring gifted by Atharva. Chini says she knows and was just testing to what extent Keya can fall down. She tells Keya that she will not sell her ring for money and takes it back. Keya leaves fuming. Imlie asks Chini if she is sure she wasn’t selling this ring. Chini says she is very happy that she got back Arto. Imlie leaves. Chini fumes that Arto’s bodyguard always spies on her. Keya returns to her room fuming and explains Akash what just happened, says she needs to understand Chini’s plan first. Akash says they need to benefit out of Chini’s plan.

Atharva sits sadly in garden. Imlie walks to him and says he met Chini with a lot of questions, did he get his answers. He recalls Chini telling that Imlie will move seeing them together. Atharva says his and Chini’s date was good and he got all the answers. She asks if he is happy. He says a lot and if he speaks more, she will cry. She says she is ready to shed tears for a friend’s happiness and drapes a shawl around him. He asks if she is not feeling cold. She says she is fine and her her shawl is in her room. He asks her to stay back for some time. She says she can’t and leaves from there teary eyed. She walks to kitchen and prepares dates milk for Atharva and others. Shivani notices Chini ordering heater and says one should keep a bucket of water in a heater room to maintain humidity. Chini fumes that aunty is lecturing unnecessarily like her teacher, heater is for Arto’s room.

Imlie brings dates milk for everyone. Ginni insists her to describe her and Atharva’s date story. Shivani feels irritated and asks Ginni to stop this drama. Ginni and Ripu say they will listen to Imlie’s sorry at any cost. Atharva returns to his room and feels Imlie’s shawl. Chini walks in and asks if he is thinking about her, she got a heater for him. He says he is fine and asks her to go. She says he is not perfect and she is there to take care of him. Imlie enters with milk and hearing that walks away. Chini insists Arto to let her stay in his room for some time. Arto asks her to leave as he needs to rest. She leaves fuming.

Devika tells Rudra that she feels Imlie and Atharva are hiding something. Rudra says children tend to get distracted. Devika says if Imlie is with Atharva, he will not be distracted. Rudra thinks Imlie and Athara are separating, but neither of them are doing something. Atharva’s room’s heater catches fire and spreads smoke. He starts suffocating. Imlie thinks about Atharva and doesn’t get sleep. She goes on a walk and notices smoke coming out of Atharva’s room.

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