Timeless love update Sunday 13 August 2023

Timeless love 13 August 2023: The Episode starts with Amba telling Satyavati that she is Dev’s wife since 20 years and asks who are you to break my engagement with him. Satyavati asks Chitra what is she saying? She asks Amba if she is in her senses and says she is in big misunderstanding. Amba asks her to move back. Satyavati asks Chitra to show her to psychiatrist. Amba says Dev is mine and who you are to tell me, that I shall move on in life. Satyavati says thank god, I stopped the engagement at the right time, and tells that she had come to know that Dev loves someone else, else his life would have got ruined with you. Chitra and Amba are shocked. Chitra asks Satyavati to stop it. Amba takes the knife in her hand. Satyavati asks Amba not to take any drastic step. Chitra says this is my house and I don’t want anyone to insult my Amy Mausi. Satyavati says atleast now you can see that she is crazy. She leaves.

Vidhi comes home happily and tells that she has brought kachori for them. Bimla asks Vidhi, why she is happy since Dev’s engagement broke and asks what anyone will think if see. Vidhi says why will I get happy with Dev sir’s engagement canceling. She says she took the food for Balghar children and that’s why brought for them also.

Amba recalls Vidhi’s words. She recalls her moments with Dev. Chitra asks Amba not to do anything and tells that she will talk to Dev and will convince him. Amba recalls Vidhi and Satyavati’s words.

Vidhi tells Bimla that people were making stories about Dev sir and was seeing him with questions in their mind, so I thought to be normal. She says there is nothing. Bimla tells that Kanika ji is coming. Kanika comes there. They greet her.

Satyavati tells Dev that Amba was crazy and has applied sindoor of your name. She says she was surprised, and couldn’t understand her. Dev says it is Chitra’s house too. Satyavati says Chitra don’t want to understand and misbehaved with me as if I am nothing to her, and her sasural is everything. She says why don’t she understand that Amba is a toxic woman. Dev says I know Amba since many years and she can go to any extent. Satyavati tells that whenever she recalls Amba’s madness, she is thankful that she didn’t let him get engaged to her. She says Amba needs psychiatrist. Priya hears them.

Amba cuts her wrist and drops the knife from her hand. Chitra shouts. Amba faints and falls down. Chitra shouts Vikram and asks Servants to call him. She takes her to hospital. Vikram calls Chitra and tells that he will not leave her family. He says keep your family away from me and Maasi, and Dev Raichand shall not be near Maasi. Chitra takes Amba inside the hospital and asks Doctor to save her.

Bimla says we don’t know anything and says why did he go suddenly, even I am worried now. Hariprasad says we will ask Vidhi. Vidhi comes there. Kanika asks Vidhi if Arjun told why he went to London. Vidhi says he didn’t reply to my messages.

Priya calls Chitra. Chitra picks the call and says hello Bhabhi. Priya asks why you are crying and asks her to tell what happened? Chitra tells that Amy Mausi has cut her wrist, she is in city hospital. Kanika gets Yogesh’s call who tells that Amba attempted suicide. Kanika tells this to Hariprasad and others. Priya informs Dev and Satyavati about Amba’s suicide attempt. Abhimanyu and Dev come to hospital. Chitra shouts at them and asks them to leave. Dev asks her to listen. Chitra blames him and asks him to go. She calls Police and security and says throw them out. Abhi asks Chitra not to talk to Dev Bhai like this. Dev is shocked. Abhi asks Doctor how is she? Doctor says they are arranging blood for her.

Hariprasad, Bimla and Vidhi pray for Amba’s life. Hariprasad asks Vidhi to come with him to see Amba, and tells that she has done a favor on them by saving their house. Vidhi doesn’t want to go and tells that it is not good to go without call. Hariprasad says we will return, if we are not allowed to meet her. Abhimanyu comforts Chitra. Vikram comes there and scolds Chitra, asking her if she is stupid or deaf, says I told you to keep your family away from us. He asks how dare you to come here, Mr. Dev Raichand. Dev says we shall talk, we are family. Vikram asks him to shut up and holds his hand to push him. Chitra says he will go just as he came. Vikram says Maasi wants to die because of your brother. Chitra says everyone is hearing and asks him to leave Dev’s hand. Vikram raises his hand to slap Chitra. Dev holds his hand. Abhimanyu says this is too much vikram. Dev gets angry on Vikram. Chitra asks why did you come, and blames him for mistreating her husband. He says my husband didn’t backstabbed anyone like you, and asks him to leave. Vikram says if anything happens to my Maasi, then see what I will do with you.

Vikram threatening Dev. Dev asks him to come in his senses and tells that they are leaving. Hariprasad comes there with Bimla and Vidhi, and asks about Amba. vikram asks Doctor, about Amba. Doctor says she is unconsious and I am afraid that she might slip in coma. He sees her through window pane. Chitra asks Dev and Abhi to leave and says you have ruined your sister’s house. She asks them to go and see Amy Mausi, and tells that it all happened due to you, she asks Dev how he can do this. Priya tells Satyavati that Amba is serious. Satyavati says I am worried. Priya asks who is responsible about this. She says if you haven’t broken this alliance, then Amba wouldn’t have taken this step. Satyavati says stop it. Priya says you didn’t think about Chitra. Satyavati asks what to do? Priya asks her to tell why she stopped the engagement. Hariprasad and Bimla tell Chitra that they have done special puja and also brought vabhoot. Chitra asks Dev to see their genuine worry.

Satyavati tells priya that she couldn’t see Dev’s life ruining due to Chitra. Vikram tells that he will not leave Dev Raichand and says once Amba gets fine, he will make their condition worsen. He meets the Inspector and asks him to arrest Dev Raichand who is responsible for Ambas suicide. Vidhi is shocked. Dev tells Satyavati that Amba is unconscious. Satyavati says nobody thought this will happen. She says this might be Amba’s childhood behavior to be stubborn. She says we can’t ignore whatever happened, but you shall think about marriage with Vidhi. Dev says it will be wrong, see my age and her age. Satyavati says may people get married to younger women, says didn’t I marry your Papa. Dev says situation is different. Satyavati tells that love is important else relation will become helplessness. He goes. Satyavati thinks she will fight for his love and will not let him give one more sacrifice. She calls Vidhi and asks her if she can meet her tomorrow. Vidhi says ok, Maam. She thinks and smiles. Shayad meri shaadi ka khayal plays…..She gets happy and dances. She thanks Milapni Devi.

Doctor tells Vikram that Amba is weak physically and mentally and tells that she can attempt suicide again. Vidhi sees dream in which Police is torturing Dev. She gets up and calls Dev. She tells about her dream. Dev says I am at the PS. Vidhi tells that she will come to free him and asks where is he? He says he is at home only. Vidhi tells that she is afraid of Police. He asks why, you are not a criminal. Vidhi says sorry for calling him late night. Dev asks her to go to hospital and enquired about Amba. Vidhi says I will go to office.

but before that I will visit hospital. She comes to the hospital and comes to know from Chitra that Amba is better. She thinks to go and meet Satyavati. She comes to the kitchen and asks Bimla what is she doing? Bimla says I thought you went to office. Vidhi says she had gone to know about Amba’s health. She then asks Bimla to make bittergourd’s peel dish for Satyavati. Bimla gets thinking seeing Vidhi’s changed behavior. Vidhi tells het that she has worn now clothes, and will wash it and keep it back. Bimla gets thinking. Vidhi comes to the office and meets Dev. She tells him about Amba. Dev says you are looking good. Vidhi says thank you, Sir. She says she is meeting Satyavati at 5 pm. Dev asks why?

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