The Rules of Love update Thursday 25 April 2024

The rules of love 25 April 2024: Kamna notices Maitree carrying the Katori bowl with poison in it. She is content. Harsh smears Prashad all over his clothes. He proceeds to clean it. Prashad is ready to be devoured by Maitree.

The weather suddenly shifts. Sona requests that Maitree protect Diya near Ram Ji. Maitree concurs. She quickly sets Prashad on the table and goes to guard Diya. She surrounds Diya with her hands. Harsh arrives at the table. He doesn’t know who his Katori is. He consumes Maitree’s toxic Katori.

Disguised Kamna requests that Maitree consume her Prashad. Maitree walks up to the table and grabs Prashad. Prashad causes ants on the table to die, which she observes. She is aware that one of Katori possesses poisoned Prashad. She asks everyone if they stole another Katori from the table, but no one does.

Maitree notices Harsh eating poisonous Prashad. She snatches Harsh’s Katori and claims he ate the toxic Kheer. Harsh and Sona inquire as to what Maitree is saying. Kamna is perplexed. She reveals her true identity and begs everyone to save her kid, admitting that she poisoned the Kheer. Blood is vomited by Harsh. Everyone is concerned about Harsh. Ashish dials Doctor’s number. Maitree informs Doctor of Harsh’s condition. The doctor orders Maitree to rush Harsh to the hospital and warns them not to let Harsh close his eyes. Maitree pleads with Harsh not to close his eyes.

Maitree splashes water over Harsh’s face in an attempt to keep him awake. Kamna tries to approach her son. Om warns Kamna to keep her distance. Harsh requests that family members not file any police reports against his mother. Kamna sobs uncontrollably. Ashish informs Maitree that he would arrive in another vehicle and transport Maitree, Sona, and Harsh in the same vehicle.

Om inquires of Ashish regarding Nandini. Ashish goes inside to fetch Nandini. When Ashish sees Kamna, he informs her that she is to blame for her current position and mocks her. Kamna tells Ashish that if her son dies, she will ruin the Tiwari family, and she recommends him to first locate his wife. Ashish is taken aback and goes in search of his wife.

Maitree attempts to keep Harsh awake on the ride. Ashish looks for Nandini. He gets to the locked chamber. He smashes the door open and discovers an unconscious Nandini chained to a chair. Ashish unties Nandini and attempts to awaken her. Maitree attempts to apply the brakes, but they do not function. Nandini’s face is splashed with water by Ashish. Nandini becomes conscious. Ashish embraces her. Kamna puts petrol on the floor near Ashish and Nandini before lighting the matchsticks and throwing them inside. Ashish and Nandini are trapped in the firebreak. Maitree diverts the car to help people along the route, but she is involved in an accident and the automobile collides with a tree.

Maitree is being showered with water by a woman and her daughter. Maitree becomes conscious. She sees Sona and Harsh lose consciousness. Lady and her daughter are tasked with caring for H arsh and Sona by Maitree. She attempts to get a lift, but nobody assists her. When Maitree is called, the doctor queries her location. On their way to the hospital, according to Maitree, they were involved in an accident.

I can’t promise that we will be able to save Harsh because the doctor believes you wasted the opportunity. Maitree is startled. As he attempts to control the fire to leave the room, Ashish comforts Nandini.

Ram ji would save her spouse, according to Maitree. Maitree is urged by the young girl not to worry. You saved us, she claims, and your spouse won’t suffer any repercussions. Maitree embraces her. Ashish accepts Nandini’s apology for misinterpreting him. Ashish says it’s not the right moment to discuss it and that we should instead plan our escape. Kamna observes Ashish and Nandini’s conflict. Though she believes Maitree is secure, her companions will perish. An ambulance arrives at the scene of Maitree’s accident. In that ambulance, Maitree hurries to Harsh Hospital.

Everyone will suffer, according to Kamna. Ashish gives Nandini a hug and promises to go in peace even if something bad happens to him. Nandini queries why he is speaking in such a manner. She is pushed out of the room by Ashish after being covered in the quilt. Crying for Ashish is Nandini. Ashish remembers his experiences with his son and wife. To Nandini, he waves goodbye. Nandini sobs with despair.

Maitree begs the doctor to save her spouse at the hospital. Following their agreement, the doctor leads Harsh into surgery. Maitree asks Ram Ji to look after her spouse. When the doctor emerges, he informs Maitree that they were unable to save Harsh. God is in defeat with Maitree, she informs him. She hands a Diya to Aarti and lights it. The pulse returns to harsh. When the nurse exits, she tells the doctor.

The doctor arrives to treat Harsh and declares it to be a miracle. Later, the doctor visits Maitree and informs her that her husband is safe. Running to her husband’s chamber, Maitree. Harsh thanks Maitree when she sees her. Harsh says Kamna lost her son while trying to kill him and begs Maitree not to blame his mother. Maitree concurs. Maitree is invited outside by Sona. Maitree leaves. Calling Nandini is Maitree. When Maitree overhears Nandini sobbing, she realises that she is ill.

When Maitree gets home, she discovers Kamna keeping Nandini captive. Maitree is warned by Kamna not to move forward or I will burn your companion. Maitree inquires as to her motivation. Kamna claims that you wasted my years of labour by turning my son against me. Maitree informs Kamna that she has permanently lost her kid as a result of her actions, and he will never see her face again. Kamna is astonished, but she also feels relieved knowing that Harsh is okay. Nandini is released by Maitree. Maitree is begged by Nandini to save Ashish. The explosion is audible. The two weep for Ashish.

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