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Dua asks Gazal to shoot her and then she will be exposed.. everyone will know that you are a liar, a cheat and also a killer.. she asks her to shoot. Gulnaz asks Gazal if she has gone crazy? calm down. Gazal says I am not a coward. Dua says then shoot me. Gulnaz tries to stop her but Gazal laughs and says I won’t kill her easily..

she has to live till she prays for her death. She says you must want to know how Dadi didn’t take your side right? The flashback shows how Dua went to call the family so Gazal went to Dadi.. she pointed a gun at her and told her that I will kill Ruhaan in front of your eyes.. then I will kill Rahat.. Dua for taking away my Haider. She doesn’t deserve to live anyway. Dadi silently cries. Gazal says will you be able to see 3 deaths? don’t think my threats are useless because I have lost everything so I can do anything. Even after that, if Haider doesn’t accept me then I will kill him too, she tells her to keep silent and left from there. The flashback ends. Gazal says then you dug your grave. Dua tells Dadi that I know you pain, I know you wanted to speak up. Dua shouts at Gazal that you are so cruel for threatening her. Gazal says you all are animals.. killed my parents and didn’t even fulfill my father’s last wish. She tells Dua that you won’t live long to see what else I will do. She points the gun at Dua and says you are going to die now. Gulnaz is scared. Gazal shoots at her but its a fake gun. Gazal laughs and says you are scared of a fake gun? you can live for now.. I need you.

Gulnaz says you scared me. Gazal says I was just doing rehearsal. I will burn this family with my plans only.. I only love one person in this house and that’s Haider. I will see this family burning and keep Haider close to me. I will see everyone crying and bring Haider in my arms. You would be rotting somewhere then. Dua gets angry and slaps her. She says don’t you dare take my husband’s name, I won’t let you hurt my family at all. What you did with Dadi.. can happen with you too.

She tells Gulnaz that you are still taking her side after knowing she is eyeing Haider? when Ruhaan finds the truth then you will lose your son. You might not love your son but I love my husband a lot and I will not let her near my husband. Gazal says he is mine and will be mine. I will be marrying Ruhaan but I will choosing Haider and will spend the marriage night with him. Dua says I will fill your night with thorns then. Gazal angrily leaves.

Gazal is in her room, Dua comes there and slaps her. She says you tried to kill Dadi so I won’t spare you. Gazal says don’t you dare. Dua takes her father’s stick and says maybe this will teach you a lesson. She starts beating her and says this is for trying to break this family. Gazal runs from there and cries but Dua keeps beating her. Gulnaz calls everyone there. Dua keeps beating Gazal. Ruhaan asks her to stop it. Gulnaz says she will kill her. Haider comes there and stops Dua.

Dua is beating Gazal when Haider comes there and stops her. All look on. Dua says I won’t spare her today, if you know what she is up to then you won’t stop me. Gazal says you can beat me all you want but the truth won’t change. Dua tries to beat her but Haider shouts at Dua to stop it, I am ashamed of seeing you like this. Are you not in your senses? I don’t want to know what she is up to when you are like this.. is this my wife who is beating someone? Dua says you all should have been proud of me as I am trying to save this family.. if you don’t believe me today then this snake will poison this family.. she tries to beat her but Hina stops her and says if you raise your hand today then I will not stop myself. Dua says why can’t you see what she

is up to? I am trying to save this family. Ruhaan says you keep lying about Gazal. Dua says I am not lying. She threatened Dadi to not tell the truth.. that’s why Dadi couldn’t say anything. She threatened to kill Ruhaan and Rahat that’s why Dadi kept silent. Gazal says you should be ashamed of lying about me.. how could I threaten her? Dua says you used a gun to threaten her. Gazal says where would I find a gun? Dua says I am not lying.. you had a gun and you even threatened me with it.

Gazal says she is lying. Dua tries to attack her but Ruhaan pushes her away so Haider holds Dua. Ruhaan asks him to handle his wife as even he is ashamed of her now. Haider gets angry and raises his hand but Hina asks them to stop it. She tells Dua that you are making brothers fight, stop all these lies, you are even trying to break the family. Just go from here. Dua says you want me to go from here? if I leave then you will be crying. This girl is a liar and she even threatened me. Gazal thinks I forgot to hide the gun. Dua says I will show the truth. She goes to Dadi’s room and looks around for the gun. Kaynaat and others search for it but they can’t find it.

Dua says I am telling you she pointed a gun at me. Gazal says wow, you thought I would threaten Dadi with a gun? Gulnaz says there is no gun here so stop wasting our time. Gazal whispers to Gulnaz that she didn’t hide the gun. The flashback shows how Gulnaz hid it after Gazal left Dadi’s room. The flashback ends. Dua asks Haider to listen to her but he asks her to stop it, I told you to stop all this.. we should be worrying about Dadi so stop all this. Dua says I am sorry but I can’t listen to you right now. She says Dadi will tell us if she was threatened by Gazal or not. Gulnaz says we should leave as we know Dua is lying.

Rahat says wait a minute, he asks to Dadi to hint them if Dua is lying or not. Gazal and Gulnaz get scared. Gazal goes from there. Dua asks Dadi to tell them the truth and not be scared.. tell them that Gazal threatened you with a gun. All look at Dadi and wait for her hint. Gazal goes and breaks her father’s stick. She screams for her father but Dua tells the family to wait for Dadi’s answer. Hina says enough of this, if Gazal does something then I won’t be able to forgive myself, they all go from there and find Gazal crying. Hina asks what happened? Gazal says I want to tell you all a secret. What Dua is saying is the truth. Yes, I pushed Dadi from the stairs and then I threatened to keep her mouth shut. I accept my crime. All are shocked.

Gazal tells the family that she pushed Dadi from the stairs and then threatened her to keep her mouth shut.. I am accepting my crimes and if you all want to know why I did all that then the answer is that this family destroyed me. All are shocked hearing that. Dua says she is accepting her crimes now, is there anything else to listen now? Gulnaz thinks what if she takes my name now? Gazal starts crying and says you wanted me to say that right? yes I am a sinner of this family but think that I got a loving mother and a loving partner.. I even found a best friend in Haider then why would I try to break this family apart? do I have any reason for that? Dua says there is a reason and a big one because you think your mother was.. Hina did that with her. Hina stops her but Haider asks

Dua to speak up, I want to hear the reason too. Hina says she has nothing to say, she just wants to malign Gazal’s name. Gazal says I am innocent but if she wants then I will accept these crimes, I am a human and it hurts to see that I get blamed every time. She even used Altaf to scare me, what if he had crossed his limits? Dua says he would never do that. Haidar says what you did with Altaf was wrong too. Gazal says it was a mistake but Dua plotted all that against me. Dua plotted all that and now she is blaming me for hurting Dadi.. she even broke my father’s last memory, she broke my father’s stick. All look on. The flashback shows how Gazal said sorry to her father and broke his stick. The flashback ends.

Dua says I didn’t do that. Hina says how cruel can you be? it was her father’s last memory and you took it away from her? Gazal cries and says this stick made me feel like my father was with me but you took that away from me. She falls down and cries but Haider picks her up and says don’t cry.. I can understand what you are going through. Dua is shocked to see that. Haider takes the broken stick and says I might not be able to repair the damage. You said I am your friend right? I am requesting you to forget about this please. He holds her hands and pleads with her while Dua looks on.

Gazal lovingly looks at him and says please don’t plead with me. I will listen to you as you are the one most close to my heart.. I mean you are my best friend and you saved my life. I will forget everything.. I will forget that Dua keeps insulting me, she beat me like an animal. I will forgive her for you only but I just have one question.. if someone snatches your mother from you then you will say that you should forget? Haider says don’t say that. Gazal says I felt bad too. You are lucky to have loving parents but I only had my father’s last memory which your wife took away from me.

She asks Dua why are you doing this with me? you made me an orphan again. Rahat tells Dua that you did wrong. Dua says I didn’t do it, she tells Haider that I don’t have a father so I know the value of a father’s memories, you really think I can do that? do you think your Dua can stoop that low? Haider looks on. Kaynaat says no, Dua can never stoop that low, I trust her completely. Dua asks Haider to speak up, tell them your Dua can never do that. Gazal thinks she has to stop her from melting Haider’s heart. Gazal pulls Dua and says I confessed like you wanted, I will leave the house now.

She thanks everyone and says I am tired of these allegations, I can’t stay here anymore. Hina cries and says please don’t go. Ruhaan tries to stop her but she says my self-respect is most important to me so I can’t stay here. She even took my father’s last memory so I have no reason to live. She starts to leave but turns around. She says I want to tell a truth before leaving. She says Dua is blaming me for this crime but its her who did that crime. All are shocked.

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