Vani Rani update Tuesday 7 May 2024

Vani Rani 7 May 2024: Scene 1Vani and Parkash’s driver says he has to go to washroom. He stops the car and calls someone. He says Parkash and vani are alone in the car. Parkash says I had to say something. i hid something.

Vani says you look worried. A truck comes their way and hits their car.Everyone reaches there in emergency. They take Vani and Parkas out injured. Everyone is crying and worried. They take Vani and Parkash to hospital.

Prabha comes and says where is Parkash? Sid says he is on OT. They are both badly injured. Prabha says Rani are the curse. You suggested them to go to temple. BEcause of you they are in this condition. You came to our house and this happened. Rani is crying. Prabha says I told you not to go. Kaviya says please dadi stop insulting ma Prabha says shut up. Policeman says the driver is missing. Do you know something? Your driver is missing as well. Ajay says he was a temporary driver. We don’t know where he went.

Doctor comes out and says Vani is out of danger but Parkash is heavily injured. His condition is critical for next 12 hours. Everyone is crying. Rani says I shouldn’t have asked them to go. Prabha says you bring bad luck to us Rani. You did this. Stop shedding these crocodile tears.Rani goes to temple to pray for them. She says why are you punishing us without mistake? We all need them. Please help us.

Scene 2Rani looks at VAni in the ICU. She comes to her. Vani says where is Parkash? HOw is he? Rani please tell me. How is he? Rani says he is fine. He is in the other room. Please stay calm. Vani says please take me to him. She says no. Vani says I want ot meet him. Rani says you can’t go. I will take you tomorrow’s morning.Inspector says to Adhi your parents were tried to killed. Someone planned all this. This was all preplanned. Adi and Sid are worried. Inspector says truck came from nowhere and driver is still missing. Radhay is overhearing. Nandani looks at him. Nandani says adi doctor is calling you both. Nandani comes to Radhay. He says are they dead or alive? nandani says what are you saying. I told you they are my family. Stop harming them. Don’t you understand. Radhay says what.. Now you call them family? They will never be anyone’s. I came here because I was worried for you. I put this trap but someone else did it. I didn’t do this accident. Someone else. He leaves. Nandani wonders who is behind it?

Everyone is worried. Anjali says I asked rani ma to go home but she didn’t listen. You all should go home I am here. Adi and ANjali stay at the hospital. Adi says I am coming in a while. Sid goes to take coffee. A woman with hidden face goes to Parkash’s room.

Parkash says to the woman.. You he tries to say something but he cant. The woman leaves. Anjali collides with her. She says stop but the woman runs. Parkash comes to Vani. He says listen to me I don’t have time. Vai says what are you saying. Why did you come here you are bruised and injured. Parkash says I am dying. I hid something from you. I did one.. He falls in her lap. Vani screams and calls the doctor. Sid and adi come. They pick her up. Sid says daddy open your eyes. Ajay says how did he come here? Doctor comes and checks. Doctor says I am sorry he is no more. Vani is dazed. Rani comes in and sees Parkash dead.

Everyone is crying and in shock. Anjali hugs Vani. Rani is crying as well. Vani recalls her moments with Parkash.Parkash’s funeral starts. Ajay sits down. Prabha says stop.. Where are you taking my Parkash. He wont go anywhere. Ajay says its about time to say good bye to him. Prabah says this all happened because of you. You both killed my parkash. Ajay says what are you saying. Prabha says you are dead for me as well. You wanted to take his place in this house. Did you two did this accident. Rani says what are you saying. Vani they killed your husband. Sid says please calm down. Prabha says my son is gone. She says to Rani my son is gone you will wear white sari forever. You never gave him time. Do whatever you want now. Adi says dadi please don’t says all this. Prabha says take me with you Parkash. Nandani takes Prabha to her room. She is crying badly.

Vani says you wanted to say something to me. I am ashamed. I was never a good wife. I never gave you enough time. Now I don’t have you anymore. Everyone is crying.Everyone is crying. Pandit says we need four people to give him shoulder. Sartak leaves. Rai says what are you doing. SHame on you. Sartak says I never respected him when he was alive I still don’t. Leave me alone. He leaves. Ajay says sartak.. Kaviua says papa stop. I will give my dad shoulder. Kaviya says he loved me more than my brothers then why can’t I give a shoulder when he needs? I will go with him.Sid, Adi, Ajay and Kaviya shoulder the dead body. Everyone is crying badly.

Scene 2They come to the funeral and burn his body. Everyone is crying.Sid sees a woman hidden at the funeral. Anjali comes to adi and says it is so difficult to know mama’s pain. Adi says we only pray for her.

Vani looks at Parkash’s picture. Rani comes to Vani and says please eat something. Please don’t stay like this. Vani says take care of the kids. Rani says cry that will make you feel lighter. Vani says what about the burden on my soul. Rani says let me bring you drink.The woman is outside their house. She comes to Vani. Rani looks at her. Vani says you? She says I am the secret he was trying to tell you. Vani says who are you and how you know that? SHe says I can know your pain in real way. Vani says I didn’t recognize yuo. She says we both have same recognition now. we both lost our husband. everyone is dazed. She says I am Vidisha. Parkash’s second wife. Vani and everyone is in shock.

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