The Rules of Love update Friday 26 April 2024

The rules of love 26 April 2024: Harsh and Maitree arrive to the hospital. As Ashish makes his six-month return home, Maitree prays to God.Sona and Kusum discuss how much Nandini misses Ashish and how she performed Pooja for his safety during the six months that she went without rice consumption.

The image of Nandini performing a pooja. Sacred conch is blown by Nandini. Ashish’s face is debandaged by the physician. When Ashish appears, Harsh and Maitree are taken aback. Sona gets ready to welcome Ashish. Maitree and Harsh consider how they will tell Nandini the truth. Where is Ashish, Nandini queries Harsh and Maitree. Ashish claims to be present. Nandini is startled.

He is not Ashish, declares Nandini as she moves backward. Nandini is told by Maitree to keep her composure. Thali and Sona, Om, and Kusum appear to greet Ashish. When Thali arrives, Sona tells him he can’t be their Ashish and leaves. Later, Maitree informs the family that Ashish had a new face because the doctor claimed that his face was entirely burned. Even Ashish, he claims, is unable to recognise himself.

He is their Ashish, according to Kusum. To convince them that Ashish is who he claims to be, Maitree invites Ashish to complete her exam. Ashish signs the paper twice. You are not Ashish, according to Maitree, because your signature does not resemble his. Ashish uses it at banks, so Om checks it out and says it’s his sign. Nandini affirms that Ashish’s symbol is there. Maitree observes.

New Ashish is asked to tie his shoelace by Maitree. He fastens the lacing. He is her Ashish, according to Kusum. Ashish embraces her. Ashish is informed by Maitree that she cannot accept Ashish in her heart. Ashish sings their anthem of camaraderie while pleading with Maitree not to distrust him. He bows down in front of Nandini and wins her over by reenacting their previous exchange of roses. He receives a warm hug from Nandini, who recognises him as her Ashish. Maitree is prompted to accept Ashish by Nandini and Kusum.

Later, Harsh requests that Maitree not consider Ashish. He claims that he is Ashish since everyone knows him. Maitree claims she can’t even persuade herself. harsh remarks about her reservations. Back hugging Ashish, Nandini. New Ashish tells Nandini he wants some space today because he is stressed out. I simply want to apologise to you for doubting you, Nandini says it’s okay.

Agreeing, Ashish queries the location of Nandish. According to Nandini, he went to the summer camp. Ashish claims to be exhausted and to sleep. Maitree considers the reasons for her heart’s resistance to welcoming Ashish’s visitor. When someone posing as Ashish sees Nandini asleep, they walk upstairs with narcotics. He gave himself medication injections. When Maitree emerges, he is caught in the act.

Fake is caught by Maitree. Ashish administering medications intravenously. He is caught in the act by Maitree, who claps. Disguised Ashish is informed by Maitree that she will out him in public. He makes an effort to persuade her that He is Ashish. Maitree disagrees and presses him on the administration of the medication. She threatens to reveal him before leaving.

The doctor draws Ashish’s blood the following day. The doctor eventually returns with the findings. Sona and Maitree inquire about the report’s outcome. The doctor claims that there were no drug traces discovered in his blood and that the result is negative. Both Nandini and Kusum are content. Om praises the doctor before dropping him off.Maitree is urged by Kusum to quit questioning Ashish. According to Maitree, she

is not persuaded that he is Ashish. Ashish chuckles. He is Ashish, as Kusum and Nandini sat. Nandini admits to knowing her husband’s touch to Maitree. According to Maitree, a DNA test will entirely dispel her uncertainty. It’s unnecessary, according to Nandini. According to Ashish, Maitree is correct. He makes a remark about her doubt. Maitree is invited by Harsh. Maitree promises to arrive later. She considers the demeanour of Fake Ashish as she leaves and concludes that he is not Ashish.

Ashish takes Maitree aside to the store room and tells her that she caught him with sweet water and shows her the real drugs and consumes it in front of her. Fake Ashish admits that he is not real Ashish and asks her to find his motive. Maitree looks on. He says he came to separate her and Harsh. Maitree asks who is he and what he did with Ashish. Fake Ashish says she will know it soon but till then it will be so late and no one can stop me. Maitree slaps him and challenges him that she will send him to jail within 24 hours.

Maitree considers a plan to expose Ashish. Maitree is urged by Harsh not to harbour any sadness. Ashish’s missing status causes concern for his family. Homecoming for Ashish. Nandini beams. Sona queries their plans. They are going to celebrate tonight, Ashish explains, and he brought their favourite cuisine as a surprise for them. To plan the unexpected occasion, Ashish asks Maitree. Likewise, Maitree. He refuses to give the bag to her even though she tries to steal it.

He enters the kitchen and retrieves the snake box. There, Maitree shows up. From her view, he conceals the box. Maitree inquires as to the location of the food box he delivered. He is deceitful. When Nandini arrives, she takes them along. Maitree’s name is put on his signature. To check the time, he signals Maitree. Late. Fake In Maitree’s room, Ashish lets out a snake, anticipating the end of her story.


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