The Rules of Love update Tuesday 7 May 2024

The rules of love 7 May 2024: Nandini transports Maitree to Triveni Sadan and summons everyone. Sona inquires of Maitree about Swayam’s health. Nandini says Swayam is fine and that the doctor discovered a means to treat him, which she tells the Tiwari family about.

Nandini declares her choice in front of everyone, stating that Maitree and Harsh will reunite. Maitree tells Nandini she will not do it and that the doctor will find another way. Nandini informs Maitree that she has also consulted a doctor and that there is no other option. Kusum and Sona try to persuade Nandini to reconsider her decision. Nandini refuses to change her mind.

Nandini says to Sona and Kusum that Maitree is legally Harsh’s wife and they haven’t gotten a divorce. Nandini reminds her family that she is only a responsibility for Harsh. Nandini breaks off her relation with Harsh with God as a witness. Sona seeing this tries to convince Maitree and asks Maitree to get back together with Harsh. Maitree reminds Sona that society is going to question them if they do this. Sona reminds Maitree that society is not helping them right now and asks Maitree to stop thinking about society.

Nandini clasps Harsh’s hand in Maitree’s and declares that Harsh is solely hers. Saransh notices everything that is going on. Nandini is unintelligent, according to Saransh. He likes the heated atmosphere in the Tiwari household.

Nandini clasps Harsh’s hand in Maitree’s and declares that Harsh is solely hers. Saransh notices everything that is going on. Nandini is unintelligent, according to Saransh. He likes the heated atmosphere in the Tiwari household.

Harsh apologises to Maitree in the room for not trusting her. He asks her to trust him once and promises to settle everything. Many things have changed in their life, according to Maitree, save her love for him. She claims he blamed her and abandoned her when she needed him the most. Harsh claims that he ruined their life. Maitree said she tried to stop loving him and thinking about him, but she couldn’t. Harsh approaches her and tells her that he, too, has not stopped loving her since he is incomplete without her love. Maitree embraces him.

Maitree has returned home. She notices Yash in the chair next to Swayam. She tries to wrap a blanket around him. Yash awakens. They step outside. Maitree expresses regret to him. Yash claims that everything is for Swayam’s benefit so that he can comprehend everything. Maitree thanks him for being sensitive to his sentiments. She gives Yash the engagement ring back. Yash claims it is simple to return the ring, but how do you handle Swayam? It’s difficult, according to Maitree. Swayam will be managed by Yash, according to him. They hear the sound of an automobile horn.

Maitree emerges and notices Harsh. Harsh tells Maitree that he can’t remain apart from her and their son and requests that she relocate to Triveni Sadan. Maitree says Swayam needs time to adjust to the changes, so give him some space. Harsh accepts and invites her to accompany him, stating that he wishes to speak with her. Maitree joins him.

Nandini becomes absorbed in her thoughts. She shuts the windows. Saransh says you stopped the outside toofan by closing the door, but how are you going to stop the inner toofan? Saransh claims Maitree used her emotions to take Harsh away from her. Nandini claims Maitree is not guilty. Saransh claims it’s a Maitree game, and you’ve been defeated yet again. Harsh’s car breaks down on the way. Harsh is unable to locate the problem and informs Maitree that he will contact the technician and that they can wait in a nearby hotel until the mechanic arrives. Maitree concurs. The thunder is frightening her. Harsh expresses regret to her.

Harsh and Maitree become stranded in the downpour. Hearing thunderous booms frightens Maitree. Harsh apologises for her tears and wipes them away. Saransh makes fun of Nandini’s circumstances, pointing out that she made a mistake by sacrificing Harsh for Maitree. Nandini asks him to leave her room and claims that as a demon, he doesn’t understand the significance of relationships. Saransh gets the message. Harsh and Maitree walk into their hotel room. Harsh informs Maitree that they must remain in this location until the mechanic repairs their automobile. Maitree is going to leave. Harsh grabs her hand and stops her.

Harsh takes a knee in front of Maitree. He shows her the mangal sutra and begs her not to leave him alone since he is incomplete without her. Saransh expresses his desire to assist Nandini. He tells Nandini that Harsh and Maitree are romancing in the hotel without thinking about her, and he provides her the hotel’s address. Saransh exits, asking Nandini to check it out.

Nandini wonders if surrendering Harsh to Maitree truly damaged her life. She’s conflicted. Harsh tells Maitree that he wants to be the old Harsh and asks for her help. He promises her that he will not drink alcohol again and that he will change for her. Maitree is on the verge of slipping. Harsh assists her. He asks her not to leave him alone. Maitree turns to Harsh and says, “She stayed the same, and he changed.” Harsh hugs Maitree from behind and declares that he will not change again. He has a romantic relationship with her. Nandini observes Harsh and Maitree’s passionate scene.

Nandini walks down the street by herself. She passes out on the way. She screams in anguish. Nandish mocks Juhi. He asks Juhi what he’s up to. Juhi displays the family portrait. Nandini arrives and expresses her guilt for forcing Harsh and Maitree to reconcile. Saransh approaches Nandini and tells her she is on the right route.Sona’s neighbours tell her that Maitree and Harsh are good, and Nandini did well. Kusum has sympathy for Nandini. Nandini is indirectly mocked by the Colony Ladies. Nandini regrets destroying her life with emotion and departs.

Swayam is persuaded to accept Harsh by Yash. Maitree shows up. She hugs Swayam and vows not to let anything horrible happen to him. Nandini sobs over her photos with Maitree. Saransh arrives and informs Nandini that she must eliminate Maitree from their lives in order to reclaim Harsh. Nandini inquires as to what he means. Saransh claims that if you want Harsh back, Maitree must die. Nandini is taken aback. They can hear the automobile approaching. Nandini walks away.

With Aarti, Sona greets Harsh, Maitree, and Swayam. Sona is grateful to God for reuniting their family. She fills Maitree’s maang with kumkum. Saransh informs Nandini that with the introduction of Maitree, she has become a supporting character. Sona requests that Harsh hoist Maitree into his arms and bring her inside. Harsh transports Maitree inside. Nandini is envious.

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