The Rules of Love update Wednesday 24 April 2024

The rules of love 24 April 2024: Maitree beseeches God to protect Harsh wherever he may be. That time, a masked assailant strikes Maitree from behind. Maitree collapses to the ground. A disguised individual drags Maitree to the bathtub and attempts to kill her by putting her in the water tub. When Harsh goes home, he is surprised to notice something.

Nandini receives a phone call some time prior. She is taken aback by the phone call. Nandini rushes family members to the hall. Everyone gathers in the hall. She informs Tiwari’s family that she received a call from Nandish’s school, who informed her that Nandish had fallen while playing.

Nandini advises the Tiwari family to send their children to school. Maitree tries to accompany them, but Nandini stops her and claims the faculty only calls family members. Sona requests that Maitree stay at home while the others leave for school. Maitree considers her options and phones Harsh. Harsh does not return her call. She requests that he arrive soon.

Maitree illuminates the diya in the mandir. She prays for Nandish’s health. She has the impression that someone is watching her. She looks around but doesn’t see anyone. Maitree asks Harsh to return home quickly. Harsh, on the other hand, is heading to the temple to bring prasad for his mother. He believes that once he returns home, he will reconcile with Maitree. Maitree wonders where Kamna is. A masked individual assaults Maitree and drags the incapacitated Maitree to the toilet.

Harsh caught in traffic. He notices 50 missed Maitree calls. He considers how he didn’t hear a ring. On his phone, he notices that someone has blocked Maitree’s number. When he sees Maitree’s message, he chooses to go home.

Tiwari’s family visits Nandish in school and discovers that he is fine. Nandini and Sona speculate on who may have made a prank call to them. A disguised individual emits gas and attempts to kill Maitree by putting her in the bathtub. Harsh has returned home. He notices smoke and smashes the bathroom door. He notices Maitree sinking in the water. He comes to her rescue. He apprehends a masked individual and inquires as to who dispatched him to murder his wife. When the Tiwari family gets home, they hear sounds from upstairs. Harsh removes the Mask and discovers that the person who attempted to murder Maitree is his mother.

Maitree is supported by the Tiwari family. Harsh confronts his mother about her attempt to murder Maitree. Harsh confronts Kamna about his infidelity. Kamna remains silent. Harsh urges Maitree to explain why Kamna attempted to kill her, saying he wants to know the truth. Maitree shows him Kamna’s true face and how she harassed her. Maitree claims, “I thought Mummy Ji would change, but she didn’t, and she lost everything today, including her son.” Kamna requests that Maitree stop talking.

Kamna requests that Maitree stop talking. Maitree is warned by Kamna to keep her lips quiet. Harsh is asked what happened by Kamna. Harsh is reminded of what Kamna has gone through to raise him, and she wonders how he can suspect her. Harsh questions Kamna, noting that he witnessed her attempting to take Maitree’s life with his own eyes. Kamna’s behaviour is criticised harshly. Madan tells Kamna that she can’t do it alone. Ashish concurs, claiming that his wife Nandini is also involved in the murder plot against Maitree. Ashish asks Nandini if he was correct or incorrect. Nandini remains mute. Maitree makes an attempt to stop Ashish.

Nandini begs Ashish not to kill her and claims she was not involved in the plot. Nandini begs Ashish to believe her. Ashish says something and proclaims his decision. Ashish informs Nandini that he intends to divorce her. Maitree tries to persuade Ashish to reconsider his decision, but Ashish refuses to listen and remains steadfast in his resolve. From there, Ashish departs. Nandini pursues Ashish.

Harsh informs Kamna that Maitree will pick her punishment. Maitree mentions how much Harsh adores Kamna. Maitree tells Harsh that Kamna is worthless without his help. Sona welcomes Maitree’s punishment, say ing it is the appropriate punishment for Kamna because she would be separated from her loved ones and no one will be available to care for her.

Harsh is on the phone with another lawyer about the divorce paperwork. Maitree delivers a snow globe to Ashish and breaks it in front of him. Maitree uses it as an example, claiming that once he divorces Nandini, they will never be able to reconcile. Nandini, according to Ashish, has no right to take someone’s life for whatever cause. Nandini just did this because she loves him, Maitree tells Ashish. Maitree claims that if she were in his circumstances, she would not abandon Nandini since Nandini’s love is genuine. Maitree then departs. Nandini is spotted listening in on their talk.

Harsh remembers what happened and feels bad about his attitude with Maitree. Harsh was unable to establish eye contact with Maitree as a result of what he had done. Harsh is consoled by Maitree. Harsh apologises to Maitree and promises to make things right. Harsh claims they’re leaving Triveni Sadan. Maitree instructs Harsh to make a decision calmly rather than angrily. Harsh claims to be making this decision calmly.

Harsh is mentioned by Sona. Harsh and Maitree arrive at Sona, their suitcases packed. Harsh and Maitree inform Sona that they have decided to depart from Triveni Sadan. Maitree requests that Sona bless them. Sona tells Maitree that she considers Maitree to be her daughter. Sona also tells Ashish that she considers Harsh to be her son. Sona asks Harsh if he will consider Sona to be his mother. Harsh recognises Sona as his mother.

In tears, Sona embraced Harsh. She tells Maitree that she become her daughter-in-law again so she may rule over her. Maitree beams. Sona’s blessings are accepted by Maitree and Harsh. Nandini arrives and takes Maitree with her. Nandini hands her an ice cream cone and apologises for her errors. They both start crying. Nandini requests that Maitree not depart. Maitree inquires as to where she has lost up to this point. Nandini apologises to her and asks Maitree to punish her if she so desires, as well as to not leave her. Nandini extends her index finger.

Nandini gives Maitree ice cream. She forgives Nandini, and they exchange their friendship sign, pleased to be reconciled. Ashish arrives and begs them not to forget him. Ashish joins in on the hug. Harsh appears and invites them to join him. Nandini greets him. They are all hugging each other. They emerge when they hear Madan’s voice. Madan hands Kamna the money bag and kicks her out of the house. He apologises to family members for his errors and departs. Kamna glares angrily at the Tiwaris.

The following day, Sona requests that everyone prepare their home wonderfully for Ram and Lakshman Darbar at their home. Nandini and Maitree greet visitors. Ram, Sita, Lakshman, and Anjaneya are returned home by Ashish, Harsh, and Om. Kamna enters Tiwari Sadan with a disguised appearance, a veil covering her face. Sona requests that Maitree apply tilak to idols while she holds the wrath. Maitree concurs and applies tilak to the idols. Sona requests that Maitree deliver the prasad. Nandini tells Maitree that she will assist her in preparing prasad. Maitree begs Nandini to greet the guests and promises to prepare Bhogh.

Maitree suspects that someone is spying on her in the kitchen. She comes out and sees veiled ladies and wonders who they are. Kamna tells her they come to do floral arrangements. Maitree delegated her tasks to them. She is preparing Prasad cups. She exits when she hears the bell ring. Kamna dispatches ladies from there, and poison is mixed into one cup of Prasad for Maitree.

Ashish is having difficulty adjusting his dhoti. Nandini arrives and assists him. Ashish makes an attempt to flirt with her. Sona summons Ashish and everyone others for puja. Kamna scribbles an identification mark on the cup and declares that it will be used to murder Maitree. Nandini arrives and confronts Kamna. She threatens Kamna with exposing her. Ashish looks for Nandini. Kamna knocks Nandini out and confines her in a room. Pandit instructs family members to offer prasad to God before distributing it to everyone. Kamna realises that there is no prasad in the kitchen. She emerges to see Maitree holding the Katori bowl to which she has added poison. Kamna is overjoyed.

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