The Rules of Love update Sunday 5 May 2024

The rules of love 5 May 2024: Yash asks Maitree whether she is prepared. He informs Maitree that Swayam is on his way. Maitree says she’ll be there. Sona informs Harsh that everything is ready and invites him to join her. Harsh says he’ll be there. Harsh appears behind Maitree. She takes a step back. Harsh wonders whether they can’t reconcile.

Harsh, on the other hand, believes Maitree is preventing him from reaching Nandini. Maitree requests that Harsh summon her close him. Maitree reaches out to touch Harsh, but he vanishes. Harsh notices Maitree and she vanishes. Harsh and Maitree are in tears because of their situation.

Swayam summons Maitree outside. Maitree says she’ll be there. Sona informs Harsh that everyone is expecting him. Harsh and Maitree reminisce about their times together. Nandini and Harshmake a prayer to God. Pandit begins the wedding ceremonies. The garlands are exchanged by Harsh and Nandini. Swyam showcases Maitree and Yash rings. He invites them to get married.

Yash proposes to Maitree by placing a ring on her finger. Swayam instructs Maitree to do it. Maitree places an engagement ring on Yash’s finger. The garlands are exchanged by Nandini and Harsh. Kusum is tied to Gathbandan. Saath pheras is taken by Nandini and Harsh. Harsh places a Mangalsutra around Nandini’s neck and applies sindoor to her mang. The weather is always changing. Sona prays to God for the power to conquer their difficulties.

Yash informs Maitree that Swayam is sleeping and that he will depart. Maitree thanks him for everything he has done for Swayam’s happiness. Yash informs her that they can become friends after working together. They both agree. Yash is made up of leaves.Nandini asks Harsh in the room if he married her to exact revenge on Maitree. Harsh responds, “I already told you that I’m marrying you for kids,” and he promises her that he will complete the responsibilities of a husband as well.

Maitree receives a phone call from an unknown number. Maitree answers the phone. Saransh congratulates Maitree on her third engagement and informs her that he has a gift for her and knows the ideal donor for her child. Maitree requests that he stop talking. Saransh claims to know everything about her and invites her to see him the next day at 10 a.m. to meet the donor.

Nandini urges Harsh to pledge her that he will never leave her side in any situation. Harsh is ready to make a pledge to her when he is interrupted by a phone call. Harsh answers the phone. Saransh wishes Harsh a happy second marriage and informs him that his son is still alive. Harsh orders him not to lie and threatens to kill him if he does. Saransh claims he did not murder his son and invites him to meet him the next day to learn more about him. Harsh informs Nandini that his son is still alive. Maitree phones Yash to inform him that the donor has been found.

Maitree is seated next to Swayam, who is on life support. Swayam will be alright, Yash assures Maitree. Swayam turns away from the scorpion and towards the woman to whom he handed the kid. Lady asks Saransh to save her from the scorpion and tells him she has no idea how the baby got to his mother. The lady is bitten by a scorpion. Saransh questions Lady about why she cheated on him for 7 years. He claims she is deserving of the punishment for deceiving him.

Sona advises Harsh not to meet Saransh believing his words because it could be his trap. Harsh claims he doesn’t want to take a 1% chance, so I agreed to meet with him. On the other hand, Yash questions Maitree about her continued faith in Saransh. Maitree claims she will do anything to save Swayam, thus she cannot take any chances. Saranshsends Harsh and Maitree a message with the meeting location.

Maitree and Harsh arrive at the same moment at the address. Saransh arrives and informs Harsh that Maitree will soon be Maitree Yash Thakur, as she was engaged the day before. Saransh wishes Harsh well and informs Maitree that Harsh has married Nandini. Maitree is taken aback. She challenges Harsh to speak the truth. Harsh confirms it and tells her that she is also engaged. Maitree explains she got engaged for Swayam, who has bone marrow cancer. Saransh mocks them.

Harsh requests that Saransh tell him about the baby. Saransh reports that your child is alive. Maitree and Saransh are overjoyed. Nandini recalls previous events while holding her mangal sutra. Nandini is noticed by Sona and Kusum. Harsh grabs Saransh’s collar and asks him about his son. Saransh advises him not to touch his collar. Saransh informs Maitree that he is aware of a donor who can save his son. Maitree requests that Harsh not make the same mistake again. Saransh, according to Harsh, is lying.

Saransh adds he’s also prepared for the live detector test. Swayam inquires of Yash regarding Maitree. Yash dials Maitree’s number. Maitree assures Swayam that she would take care of everything. She hangs up the phone. She requests that Saransh tell her about the donor. Saransh requests that Maitree withdraw the cases on him in order for him to identify the donor. Without listening to Harsh, Maitree agrees.

Saransh informs Harsh that if they allow him to stay at Triveni Sadan, he will inform him of his son’s whereabouts. Maitree requests that Harsh accept the deal. Saransh requests that Harsh contact Sona. Sona is asked to accept the deal by Harsh and Maitree. Sona accepts to the agreement for the sake of her grandson. Saransh commends Maitree and Harsh for persuading his mother. Harsh is Swayam’s donor, and Swayam is their son, according to Saransh. When Maitree and Harsh hear it, they are taken aback.

Saransh informs Maitree and Harsh that Swayam is their biological child. Harsh questions Saransh on how this is possible. Saransh claims Maitree discovered Swayam in the trash. He brings them to the trunk of his car and presents them to the chained lady who tossed Swayam in the garbage can. Maitree remembers the past and realises that Swayam is her son. Saransh claims he never intended to kill their child and entrusted responsibility for the child to this lady, but she fooled me by stealing money. Maitree informs Harsh that Swayam is their child. Harsh inquires about Saransh’s ability to believe his words. Saransh claims he is no longer lying and that he is telling the truth.

Saransh requests that Maitree and Harsh undergo DNA testing in order to discover the truth. Harsh claims Swayam was fortunateto reach his mother, but now you’re wasting time without saving him while knowing the truth. If Harsh does not believe in Saransh, Maitree suggests that they do a DNA test. Saransh then departs. Maitree hugs Harsh and tells him she doesn’t want to lose their baby again. Harsh tells her not to worry and promises her that they would be able to live happily ever after with their baby. Harsh thinks back on his vow to Nandini. Maitree recalls her engagement to Yash. They sever the hug. Maitree informs them that the DNA testing procedure must be initiated. They depart from there.

Maitree has returned home. Yash inquires of Maitree whether she has any information about the donor. Sona approaches Harsh and inquires as to what Saransh told him and where his son is. Yash requests that Maitree inform him of Swayam’s benefactor. Swayam, according to Maitree, is Harsh’s son. Harsh tells his family that Swayam is his son. Nandini clutches her mangal sutra in terror, and it shatters. Everyone is taken aback. Nandini gathers dispersed beads out of concern.

Yash inquires of Maitree as to her certainty. Yes, says Maitree, Swayam is my son, and Harsh is Swayam’s father. Swayam claims to be Yash Thakur’s son, not Harsh’s. Nandini walks away with her black pearls chain. Sona tells Harsh that it may be a hoax, and that if it is genuine, Nandini’s life will be devastated, and she reminds him that he is married to Nandini. Swayam embraces Yash. Maitree decides to acquire a DNA test as soon as possible in order to cure Swayam. Harsh tells Sona that he is unfortunate, which is why he labelled his son as illegitimate, and that he does not want to lose his son again. Sona says it’s fine if Swayam is your son, but consider Nandini.

Harsh enters the room. Nandini inquires of Harsh whether the DNA test results affect their relationship. Harsh remains silent. Nandini requests that he not betray his promise. She requests that he read the mangal sutra to her again. Harsh fastens the mangal sutra around her neck. Nandini claims she is confident he will not betray her confidence. Saransh dials Maitree and Harsh’s numbers. He advises doing a fast double check to save Swayam.

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