Vani Rani update Monday 6 May 2024

Vani Rani 6 May 2024: Scene 1Parkash says Kaviya forget what happened. Humans make mistakes. I am glad you realize your mistake. In real its my mistake. You had to go through all this alone. I am sorry. Kaviya says please don’t say that daddy. parkash says you are my daughter and you will always be. Everyone smiles.

Parkash caresses her face.Rani says to Ajay we should leave now. Ajay says we should go now. Parkash says i have realized my mistake. Forgive your brother. Prabha leaves in anger.Parkash says ma in anger. she will understand when she is calm. I have done so wrong with you all. Please forgive me. You are so kind that you gave me your daughter.

I could never undersstand you. Ajay says please don’t say that. Parkash says I am sorry rani. Mishti says you all are crying because I am going to hostel. Lets cut the cake. Vani says we will miss you so much.

They all cut the cake. Parkash makes sartak eat. Sartak stops his hand. He says I don’t depend on other people anymore. And my memory is good. You can forget but I can’t. You eat your cake. Parkahs says I know you are angry. He gets a call.Parkahs goes to a side and says I will call you back. I can’t talk right now. Everyone enjoys the cake.

Prabha says to Nandnai you couldn’t do anything. Prabha is very angry. Nandani says calm down. Have cake first. Rani is back time to celebrate. Prabha says I wont eat it. My son is going away for me. Ajay vani are back here. Nandani says don’t worry. This is not the end. Nandani says this is all because of your mistake. Your game is ruined.

Vani saays to parkash thanks you forgave Kaviya. Parkash says there is something i want to tell you. There is a secret I have been hiding from you. She says what is it about? He says it might shake our relationship and the love from our house. Vani says what is it? You are scaring me. Door knocks. Rani and Ajay come in. Vani says you two? Rani says I wanted to talk about something important about your wedding. Ajay says its a secret that can shake your relationship. Rani says after 12.. Its your wedding annivarsary. Vani smiles and says to Parkasht this was your secret? You scared me. Rani says we will go to temple and get you both married again. Ajay says we will go. Vani says thank. Rani gives her laddo. Vani makes parkash eat. Rani says good night and leaves.

Rani is worried for Mishti. She says will she live in hostel? Ajay says yes all girls live there. Ajay says you fix everything. Sartak comes in. Rani says what happened? Sartak says am I your son or not? AAjay says what are you saying? sartak says did you pick me from a road? Ajay says what are you saying? Sartak says you gave Kaviya to vani so I am asking am I your son or not? Vani says we wanted everyone to be happy. Sartak says i don’t trust you both. Rani says don’t you? You are my son. Don’t be so angry.

Parkash comes out of room and calls someone. He says i am coming form back door. Parkash opens the lock. A woman comes in. Rani sees him going out.

Sid collides with Nandani. He holds her hand and comes close to her. The song bolna plays. He says you are so pretty. She says thanks. Nandani’s phone rings. Its radhay. She cuts the call. Sid goes out. Nandani calls Radhay. He says I want to meet you right noww. She says I can meet you tomorrow morning its too late. SId is here as well.

Scene 2Next morning vani and rani do pooja. Rani says happy wedding anniversary. Vani says thanks. Ajay says Parkash is not in room. I think is went for a walk. Rani recalls him sneaking out at night. All kids with vani happy anniversary. Rani says lets wait for Parkash so we can start arti and cut the cake. Parkash comes and says I am here. All kids wish him as well. He says I went to bring these. He gives Vani flowers.Vani takes them and smiles. Rani does the arti. Rnai says stay together always. The breakfast is ready. Radhay texts nandani to meet.

She goes out and sits in his car. Nandani says yes? Radhay says rani and ajay are back? She says yes daddy stopped them. Radhay says you could stop them. Nanadani says I am tired. I can’t do all this anymore. Radhay says what.. Nandani says I mean.. Its been too many days. They are not that bad people. They really love me. And sid. Radhay says are you mad. They killed your bua. These sisters killed her. You have to destroy them. Nandani says you are right. Mom and dad’s anniversary everyoen is going to Kuldevi temple to marry again. Radhay says its a golden chance. Nandani says I should go now. She leaves.

Scene 3Everyone goes to temple. Parkash and Vani remarry. They do all the rituals. Ajay hugs Parkash. He sees a woamn. parkash sees her and is worried.Parkash goes after that woman. She is hidden behind tree. Vani happened? He says forgot my wallet in the car.He goes to that woman. He says I can explain you. Vani says explain what?He says I have misplaced my wallet. Vani says don’t worry. Why are you so worried? He says nothing. Ajay says newly wed is nervouse.

Everyone giggles. Anjali says lets go home. There is celebration in the evening. They all leave. PArkash says ajay you take everyone I will come with Vani. He says I want to talk to you about something. she says are you alright? He says we should have privacy. The kids leave.Parkash goes towards his car.

Parkash calls prabha and says we are coming home. The woman is standing behind him. Radhay’s man call him and tells his has sppilled oil on the road. The while faamily will be in the car and the cars will slip. Everyone laughs.Vani says hurry up everyone.Anjali says it was fun. Sid says yes really. He holds Anjali’s hand. Radhay calls her but her phone is silent. Radhay says I need to inform her not to take that road. Anjali says lets stop for juice.

Vani asks Parkash you look worried. He says I.. I want to tell you something. She says what is it?The kids stop for juice. Vani stops hers. Parkash says let them enjoy. We should go. Parkash says to adi we are going. They leave. Parkash says I want to say something. She syas nay business problem? He says no. I want to tell you truth. She says you scaring me. Parkash says therre is something that is happening since a few days. Their car is going toward the oil.

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