The Rules of Love update Monday 6 May 2024

The rules of love 6 May 2024: Maitree is examining Swayam’s hair for DNA. She informs Yash that the doctor has requested her to bring Swayam’s hair sample for DNA testing because Swayam is refusing to do the test. Yash concurs.

Maitree gives the Doctor a sample of Swayam’s hair. Doctor, on the other hand, collects Harsh’s blood sample and promises to return the results the next day. Harsh afterwards sips wine and reflects on previous events in his life. Maitree looks after Swayam.

Harsh is astonished when he reads the report the next day. Sona inquires about the contents of the report. Maitree and Yash arrive. Swayam is my son, according to Harsh. Sona is overjoyed and hugs Maitree. Harsh and Nandini are seen by Maitree. Saransh shows up. He warmly welcomes Yash into their family and congratulates him on his engagement to Maitree. He wishes Harsh and Nandini a happy marriage. He expresses his confusion over the new partnerships and mocks the pair. He requests that someone bring him tea. Sona slaps him across the face.

Saransh begs her to smack him harder and claims he is willing to die in her hands. Sona breaks down in tears. Saransh claims to have changed, which is why he reconnected Swayam with his parents. He embraces Sona. Saransh has a horrible vision of Maitree. Maitree takes notice of him.

Saransh assures Nandini that Harsh will not violate his word and will be with her for the rest of her life. Maitree tells Harsh that he accused her of murdering their baby, but Mahadev cleared her name by making her have Swayam, and now I have to heal Swayam of his condition. Sona and Om are curious about what happened to Swayam. Swayam, according to Maitee, has bone marrow cancer and need Harsh’s assistance to be cured. From there, Maitree and Yash depart.

Maitree and Yash return to their home. Maitre becomes uneasy when he notices Swayam is not in his bed. Swayam arrives with the nurse and asks Maitree why she is uncomfortable, explaining that he had just gone to the toilet. Maitree embraces him. Harsh considers how he harmed Swayam and Maitree. He is sorry for causing them pain. Nandini arrives and asks who he would choose. Harsh says he will not leave her and asks her to leave him alone for a while, adding that he is willing to go to whatever length to save his son.

Saransh decides to govern the Triveni Sadam by asserting his rights and forcing the others to depart one by one. The Doctor informs Maitree that Swayam’s health is failing and that if this trend continues, Swayam would die. Maitree, in tears, declares that she will not let anything happen to her kid. Yash tries to console her, but she walks away. Nandini notices Saransh in the kitchen and inquires as to what he intends to do by returning to their lives. Saransh makes Halwa and gives his thoughts on it. Yash requests that Maitree speak with Harsh about Swayam’s treatment. Maitree decides to approach Harsh.

The main door is opened by Maitree. She saw Harsh standing there and wonders why he didn’t ring the calling bell. Harsh expresses his sorrow for having injured Maitree and their son. Maitree attempts to speak. Harsh requests that she arrange for him to meet Swayam. Harsh is led to Swayam’s room by Maitree. Harsh approaches Swayam, who is sleeping. He kisses Swayam on the cheek.

Saransh informs Nandini that Maitree and Harsh will reunite for Swayam. Nandini adds Maitree is Harsh’s history, and I believe Harsh’s pledge to be Harsh’s present and future. Saransh inquires whether she is assuring him or herself. His statements make her feel insecure. Nandini walks away.

Harsh takes a knee in front of Maitree. He apologises to Maitree for causing her pain. He begs her forgiveness and the salvation of his son. Maitree tells him to calm down and that Mahadev has given him a means to atone for his wrongdoing by giving his bone marrow to Swayam. Maitree inquires about becoming a donor for Swayam. Harsh claims Swayam is his son and assures Maitree that he will go to any length to safeguard their son. Maitree expresses gratitude to him. They depart to meet with the Doctor. Nandini overhears their discussion.

Harsh and Maitree meet with the Doctor to find out what they must do to save Swayam. The doctor informs them on how to save Swayam, which surprises them. Maitree then departs.

Maitree has returned home. Yash inquires of Maitree about what the Doctor mentioned. Harsh has returned home. Nandini asks him the same question. Due to the age gap, Maitree informs Yash that Harsh cannot be a donor for Swayam. Nandini inquires of Harsh whether there is another method to save Swayam. Maitree tells Yash that she and Harsh must reconcile since only Swayam’s brother can save him.

Harsh tells Nandini that the physicians can take care of Swayam for a year by bringing drugs from outside. They won’t be able to do anything after that. Saransh is shown listening in on their talk.

Maitree speaks with a doctor on the phone about other options, such as IVF or surrogacy. Doctors inform Maitree that these operations will take time and that they cannot guarantee that she will become pregnant as a result of them. Maitree finds herself in a quandary.

Harsh screams at himself. Nandini comes to a halt and attempts to calm Harsh down. Harsh feels bad since he didn’t trust Maitree and often damaged her. Harsh begs Nandini to let him save his son. Nandini then departs.

Maitree considers how she may save her son. Yash advises that Maitree reconcile with Harsh. Maitree disagrees with Yash’s offer, claiming that she cannot harm her friend Nandini’s family in order to save her baby. Yash reminds Maitree that she is still Harsh’s wife legally and begs her to think about Swayam. Maitree is still opposed to it.

Maitree notices the nurse administering pain relievers to Swayam. Maitree cannot witness her son in suffering.

Nandini arrives at Maitree’s home. When Maitree notices Nandini, she hugs her. Nandini recalls their friendship and requests that Maitree do everything it takes to save her son’s life. Nandini states that she has no objections. Maitree inquires if Nandini is hearing what she is saying. Maitree claims that God will reveal her another path and that she is unable to take this step. Nandini makes a remark about Maitree and invites her to accompany her.

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