Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 7 December 2023

Strings of love 7 December 2023: Seerat gives a knife to Santosh and asking Santosh to kill her and end this forever. Santosh pushes Seerat away and Seerat falls on Karan. Karan says to Santosh that he will marry Seerat.

Jasleen questions Sahiba why is she defending Manveer and Angad when they are not even accepting her? Inder says this because Sahiba is desperate for their acceptance. Inder says to Sahiba that no matter what she does they will not get their acceptance and says she will not get any profit. Sahiba says she always does not do things by profit and loss. Sahiba says to Jasleen that she was able to do this marriage because Manveer is allowing her to do it. Sahiba reminds Jasleen that Manveer could have stopped this marriage if she wanted as Pamela is her friend and she could have said something bad about her to Pamela. Sahiba says by today evening it will be known to everyone who is more worthy Angad or Garry?

Karan says to Ajith and Santosh that he wants to marry Seerat. Karan says to Ajith and Santosh that he works as a junior engineer in his current office. He also reminds them that they know about his family and he loves Seerat from when they were kids. Seerat says to Karan she will not marry him as she never thought of him like that. Ajith says they would need some time. Karan leaves from there. Santosh scolds Seerat and asks her to marry Karan. Seerat decides to call Sahiba to stop this marriage but Santosh takes the phone away from Seerat and warns Kirat not to tell Sahiba about this as she doesn’t want to trouble Sahiba.

Manveer gives a dress and a necklace to Sahiba and asks her to wear this dress for today’s evening function. Inder asks Manveer what is she doing? Manveer says a lot of guests are going to come to the pre-engagement ceremony in the evening and says if Sahiba isn’t present there then they will question us about Sahiba. Sahiba accepts Manveer’s gift.

Sahiba tries to call Seerat but she gets a message that the phone has been switched off. Sahiba calls Kirat and asks her why is Seerat’s phone switched off. Kirat says to Sahiba everything that happened except about Seerat’s marriage. Sahiba says to Kirat that she has something important to talk to Seerat and asks Kirat to make her talk with Sahiba but Kirat cuts the call.

Santosh is shown to be doing makeup to Kirat and making her get ready for the marriage.

Angad gives a few wedding cards to Veer and asks them to personally give it to a few of their guests. Veer agrees. Sahiba brings coffee to Angad and Veer. Sahiba gives Veer and Angad. Sahiba mocks Angad. Angad reminds Sahiba that if she doesn’t prove the truth within this evening then she has to leave the house. Sahiba makes a comment on Angad. Angad leaves from there. Sahiba requests Veer to help her and asks Veer to give this envelope to Kirat so that she could give it to Seerat. Veer asks Sahiba that she said before that there is a guy in Seerat’s life and asks Sahiba what is the connection between that and Garry’s marriage invitation giving to Seerat. Sahiba says Garry is the one who took Seerat from the marriage. Veer gets shocked by the news and couldn’t believe it at first. Veer agrees to help Sahiba and leaves from there.

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