Strings of love Starlife update Friday 8 December 2023

Strings of love 8 December 2023: Garry walks into Sahiba’s room. Sahiba asks how dare he is to enter her room without her permission. Garry asks what will she do. Sahiba says she will call Angad. Garry sits on sofa and says he thought she is intelligent, but is more dumber than Seerat. He says she tried to expose him and will be punished for that. He accepts his crimes that he misused Seerat for his benefit and threw her out like a fly in a tea, soon he will kick her out of the house and will prove everyone that he is the real contender of Brar empire and not Angad. Sahiba says if he will betray Angad.

Garry says Angad trusts his brothers more than her. Sahiba says she didn’t know he can stoop so low, he want to betray Angad who can sacrifice even his life for his brothers, she will reveal his heinous plan to Angad. Garry says she cannot harm him a bit and whoever confronts him will destroy them. Sahiba gives him a tight slap. Angad enters and shouts how dare she is to slap his brother.

Keerat walks on street wearing a traditional girl’s attire fuming on Santosh for her challenge to get Seerat married within 72 hours. Boys taunt her that Keerat pehalwan is wearing girl’s attire today. Keerat angrily walks towards them to confront them when Veer walks to her. She asks what is he doing here. Veer says Sahiba sent a letter for Seerat. Keerat asks Kulcha to give that letter to Seerat and confronts eveteasing boys. Santosh performs Seerat’s haldi ceremony. Taiji informs her that confectioner left sweets outside. Santosh goes to get sweets. Kulcha hands over letter to Seerat. Seerat tries to go to her room. Neighbors stop her and perform ritual. They discuss that they came here to see if Santosh can keep her promise and get Seerat married within 72 hours as promise. Santosh returns and confronts them.

Angad shouts at Sahiba how dare she is to slap his brother. Sahiba asks if he couldn’t see Garry misbehaving with her. Angad refuses to believe her. Sahiba asks him to ask Garry why his brother came here. Garry says Sahiba called him here and says he had already warned him against Mongas who are both wicked and characterless. Sahiba tries to slap him again. Angad holds her hand and shouts at her as usual. Sahiba says he is doing a biggest mistake by trusting his cheap, swine-like brother who is betraying him since childhood and challenges Garry that Monga sisters will expose him. Angad continues his argument blindly trusting Garry. Gurleen walks in and asks Sahiba and Angad if they are not ready for Garry’s engagement. Angad says they will soon. Gurleen leaves. Sahiba refuses to attend function. Angad insists. Sahiba challenges to expose Garry during ceremony itself. She hopes Seerat reads her letter and trusts her this time.

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