His mistress child update Thursday 7 December 2023

His mistress child 7 December 2023: The episodes tarts with Yashoda breaking down after failing to gather 25 lakhs for Babuji’s operation. She tells a man that she is ready to donate any of her organ in exchange of money. Man asks her to control herself and leaves. Krishna watches that hiding. Arvind recalls Amma requesting him to give 25 lakhs for Babuji’s operation. A neighbor asks him about Babuji’s condition. Arvind asks her to go and question Yashoda or her children or Amma and not him. Neighbor asks how can he say that for his father and reminds how his father didn’t sleep for 4 days when he was severely ill.

Arvind asks if she is so worried for Babuji, she should give 25 lakhs for Babuji’s operation. Neighbor asks how can she.

Kamini joins Arvind and humiliates neighbor. Neighbor leaves. Kamini asks Arvind why did he mess with a neighbor. Arvind says he was going to a shop when neighbor stopped him and questioned about Babuji, he will not waste his 25 lakhs for an old man who will die in 1-2 years. He leaves for shop. Kamini cries that nothing should happen to Babuji. Bansal says if they are getting benefitted with someone’s death, they shouldn’t mind. Kamini grins with him.

Doctor informs Krishna that his blood group matched and he can donate bone marrow. Krishna feels happy hearing that. Doctor gives him a consent form and asks him to get it signed from his guardian. Krishna walks to Yashoda and hears Manoj discussing that they could arrange only a few lakhs. He says they will get 25 lakhs if she signs this form. Yashoda reads form and slaps Krishna for deciding to donate his bone marrow. She says his life would be at risk and his organs may not work properly after donation. Krishna tries his best convince Yashoda. Amma runs to Yashoda and informs that Babuji’s condition is deteriorating. Yashoda says Krishna wants to donate bone marrow to save Babuji and risk his own life. Amma says he doesn’t have to. Donee kid’s parents plead Yashoda to sign the form. Krishna takes Yashoda to god’s idol and says 2 lives will be saved if she signs the form. Yashoda signs the form.

Doctors take Babuji and Krishna simultaneously to operation theaters. Amma calls Arvind and informs that 25 lakhs are arranged. Arvind says that is a good news, he will come to hospital right now. Amma says there is no need to come, she called to inform him that Krishna donated his bone marrow to save Babuji’s life, their legitimate children betrayed them and illegitimate grandchild risked his life to save Babuji’s life. Arvind fumes hearing that and informs Kamini and Bansal about it. He says Yashoda and Krishna want to snatch his Babuji from him and get into Babuji’s good books. Kamini and Bansal as usual poison his mind against Krishna and Yashoda.

Amma and Yashoda rush outside OT and pray god to save both lives. Randhir calls Yashoda and asks if old man is still alive. Yashoda says they arranged 25 lakhs and Babuji will be saved. Randhir gets confused and thinks of visiting hospital and find out how she arranged money.

 Kamini telling Arvind and Bansal that their problems won’t be solved until Krishna is alive. Arvind asks what shall they do3 3now. Kamini says they shall visit hospital to meet Babuji and pray god to kill Krishna. Doctors perform Krishna and Babuji’s surgeries. Yashoda, Manoj, and Amma wait outside OTs. Bone marrow donee’s parents deposit 25 lakhs for Babuji’s surgery and give receipt to Manoj. Yashoda thanks them. Randhir calls from an unknown number to Yashoda and says he knows she will not pick her call, so he called from an unknown number and tricked her. He asks her about Babuji’s condition. Yashoda says they managed to arrange 25 lakhs and asks him to come and watch Babuji recovering. Randhir thinks he needs to find out how she managed to arrange 25 lakhs.

Kamini with Arvind and Vansal reach hospital and prays god to not get Krishna out of the OT safely. Randhir walks in and asks what is happening. Yashoda asks him to maintain silence outside OT. Babuji’s doctor walks out of OT and informs that Babuji’s operation was successful and they will shift him to ICU after some time. Yashoda thanks doctor and tells Amma that they will take good care of Babuji ad not let him stress himself. Krishna’s doctor walks out of OT next and informs Yashoda that Krishna’s condition is critical and he is still unconscious. Yashoda shouts at the doctor. Randhir says doctor just performed his duty, she should blame herself for risking her stepson’s life to save her FIL’s life. Doctor says Krisjhna may lose his life if he doesn’t get conscious. Yashoda runs to temple to pray for Krishna. Amma tongue lashes Randhir for his evil dialogues. Randhir warns her to calm down or else she may also need operation and family may have to gather another 25 lakhs. Amma runs behind Yashoda.

Arvind says Amma should be happy that Babuji is fine, but she is worried about illegitimate Krishna. Bansal hopes Krishna dies in the OT itself. Donee kid’s parents scold him not to say that and promise to pay for Krishna’s treatment. Kamini asks her not to bother about Krishna as he is an illegitimate child who is inauspicious to the people he meets. Yashoda and Amma pray god to save Krishna. Nurse informs them that Babuji is shifted to ICU and is awake. They walk to Babuji and show their happiness to see him normal. Babuji asks about Krishna. Yashoda lies that he is fine and must be somewhere outside. Babuji asks her to tell truth as he saw Krishna on a stretcher yesterday.

Amma informs him that Krishna begged on road to gather money for his operation and when they couldn’t arrange 25 lakhs for his operation, he donated his bone marrow risking his own life to save his grandfather’s life. Babuji recalls Krishna’s concern for him and insists to meet Krishna. Amma and Yashoda asks him to rest. Babuji says his legitimate children betrayed him, but his illegitimate grandson risked his life to save him and proved that he is more legitimate to him and is his true grandson. He insists Amma to take him to Krishna as he wants to see Krishna awake and punish him for his mistakes. Amma asks him to wait for some time. Doctor informs Yashoda that if Krishna doesn’t gain consciousness, it would be difficult for him to survive. Yashoda holds Krishna and pleads him to wake up. Krishna doesn’t respond.


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